Cornwall Ontario St. Felix Street Search Warrant UPDATE One Man in Hospital SIU Confirmation

CFN –  SIU spokesperson Monica Hudon confirmed some details about the ongoing investigation that occurred after Cornwall Community Police executed a search warrant on a St. Felix Street address Friday May 31 that landed Steph Leclaire (38) in hospital with a soft tissue wound to the abdomen after police used flash grenade(s)  during entrance.


Stun grenades are constructed with a casing made to remain intact during detonation, containing most of its explosive force and avoiding shrapnel injuries, while having large circular cutouts to allow the light and sound of the explosion through. 

While usually not fatal, in February 2011, a North Carolina SWAT police officer was injured at his home when a stun grenade accidentally detonated while he was attempting to secure his equipment. He underwent emergency surgery, but later died of his injuries.

cfn-submit-480Ms Hudon could not confirm whether any gun shots were discharged during the incident citing an ongoing investigation.    No charges have been laid as of press time.

We will be updating this story as the investigation unfolds.

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  1. it is not true hes got more then a soft tissue injury why did he had to have surgery plus goes and get bandages change evry day for a whole month nees to get your facts right beore you talk to media cause i sure will talk to media and show pictures that i dont think peopel you like to see ty

  2. Author

    The guy someone also said they’d send us a photo – they never did. We reported what was confirmed by police. If someone knows otherwise and presents evidence we would cover it.

  3. i dont think it a soft tissue the person had surgery plus goes to get his baddages change everyday i have picture i can post tehm and say my view on it but dont think it would be to nice to see the wound that is teh size of a grapefruit and is only pack and will have to wait to heal inside before the person can get staples so maybe you need the real facts before talking

  4. Finally a news website worth reading.a website with courage! You broke this story first.
    Keep it up.
    If this website could inform me about all drug busts,search Warrents, what’s happening in our courts, i would gladly pay $30 a month.

  5. At least we get to comment and not have our comments deleted, as long as we’re civil with CFN.. Freeholder deletes 2/3rd of my comments which are always civil. I’m sure there is more to this story, but Jamie can only report facts backed up wit proof. CFN is not a rag mag. CFN is fair and objective. If you have facts and pictures , Lets see them.

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