UPDATE – Langlois Funeral Brawl Police CCTV Video Non Conclusive – CLICK FOR DETAILS Cornwall Ontario

langlois familyCFN – Cornwall Police have confirmed that after viewing CCTV footage no conclusive proof was seen.  The cameras are not fixed in one spot and only part of the area was covered.

CFN can also confirm as of print time that there have been no charges issued by the police, but that the investigation is continuing.

I met with Mr. Nicholas Dougan who is sporting stitches over the bridge of his nose incurred by the sister of Kevin Langlois after his ear had a chunk bitten off.   It was not found at the scene and there was no confirmation if it had been swallowed by Mr. Dougan who is an attorney practicing in Cornwall.

Kevin Langlois ear

Mr. Dougan was clear that he would not make any comment to media at this time as well.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. The more that I think about this….Why didn,t funeral home supply a car & driver for the family, I know that I would have been in no condition to drive during my son,s funeral procession or that of both my parents. Presidence had been set long ago to proceed slowly through red lights, a average or normal person would not object to this, I remember clearly to this day a woman on the sidewalk who never knew us or my son, she stopped & bowed her head in respect .I think of her kindness often,she appeared to be an immigrant,maybe that,s how its done in her home country

  2. mariah.. I think it is to stop at the red light and I guess you mean the same thing.. if nothing is coming go if something is coming well stop.. Cost probably figured into the car and driver following the hearse
    Apparently there were not even flags on top of the cars..

    I always pull aside if I see a funeral in precession but I have never been a pedestrian in the middle of the road neither trying to get across on my green light..

  3. Does not matter if there was a funeral procession or not ..traffic law prevails to which everyone is subject ..except “emergency” such as ambulance, fire dept., police etc..what matters is Langlois got out of his car and confronted Dougan in an agressive manner..Langlois’s sister also took it upon herself to assault Dougan..The man may very well have been fighting for his life. You think losing a tiny piece of his ear was uncalled for? Many States in the U.S. would have found shooting Langlois and his sister within legal boundaries.

  4. I sense a huge lawsuit coming!

  5. I hear you Ferris… A neighbor last night told me he would have ran Dougan down.. Wow.. what kind of people do we have here? I am not sure if this is true or not same neighbor told me that Dougan was an African American.. not sure how much of that is true as I said…Does this play into it.. I would certainly hope not!

  6. Funeral or not, no one has the right to attack another, plain and simple.

    When looking for trouble, one will usually find it.

    When grieving one is usually passive………

  7. Come on here a red light is a red light and the left turn should not have been made funeral or not for the simple fact of right of way, however, both parties should have not acted out the way they did period. In my view both were wrong, law suite..lol but then again I would not be surprised, anything for quick cash in this town.

  8. If someone spit on me I would do the same thing.

  9. mariah, you are so right, its about respect, respect for the deceased,and respect for the family. JaneDoe there were flags on all of the vehicals, and please dont try to turn this into some sort of hate crime against black people. That comment is low, uncalled for, and makes you sound toxic. If you dont know the whole story its best not to speculate, and comments like that cause things to be blown out of perspective. Cannibal dude first got into it with the funeral director then turned on the deceased son. What kind of person does that, If I were to answer that question myself, I would have to say somebody who has no respect for anyone or anything, somebody who thinks they are above everybody else, somebody who is self centered, and self absorbed. Definatly not anybody that I would want around me or my community. Ferris listen to you spew the law, you probably work with the Cannibal. Hey look at me speculating. HA.
    {MODERATED}That comment about he feared he was fighting for his life is bogus {MODERATED} as for bitting somebodys ear off thats disfigurement. This happened in broad daylight, down town, with tons of witnesses. Mike Tyson was charged when he bit an ear off, although he did not go to jail, he was sentenced with a permanent suspension from boxing and his license cancelled, maybe Cannibal dude needs to have to same thing happen to him lose his license to practice law because he broke 3 of them.

  10. Interesting I was moderated, I wonder if thats what happened with the 6 cameras that are on that corner

  11. Author

    Sassy you were moderated for making statements of fact that could be litigious. You were also moderated because you are posting anonymously. On CFN you can’t say certain opinions of people unless you are out in the open. It’s only fair. We could’ve simply just deleted your entire comment, but didn’t.

  12. There are rules in boxing Sassy..not for street fights like this one..Langlois was lucky that def, cauliflowered piece of meat was’nt bit right off and fed to his sister. They are both also blessed that they are not living in Texas or L.A. where we would have been reading their obituaries. Sassy, you haphazzardly call for Dougan to lose his license to practice law and make a living…in turn, should the entire Langlois family have their Social Assistance taken away? Just “speculating” Sassy.

  13. Seems like a general lack of respect and wrongs on both sides. We all will have to wait for the investigation to be concluded but regardless of the findings the situation is a sad comment on how we have digressed as a civil and caring society. Sad.

  14. Sassy.. you seem to have misinterpreted my post.. Reread it there is not a word in there about my trying to turn this into a hate crime…. I think you are a bit hot headed with these remarks you made to me… As for flags there have been conflicting comments made here about no flags and even if … a red light is a red light..
    Chill Sassy!

  15. It really is hard to judge a situation that you were not part of.

    I find it quite entertaining how there are so many people referring to the funeral procession and if you read everyone’s posts there are so many different stories. FYI no matter the reason, turning left on a red is illegal, ask any law enforcement officer and they will confirm that. Pedestrians always have the right away on green!

    Everyone is making a big deal about Mr. Dougan not waiting for them to pass; why couldn’t the car wait… it wouldn’t be very hard for a car to catch up with the procession.

    Mr Dougan should have never spat and neither should the Langlois family. Better yet if it was so important to them to follow the procession why did they get out of the car to attack Mr. Dougan?

    Seems to me that everyone is siding with the Langlois family when they were just as wrong as Mr. Dougan. Also people are forgetting the part that the Langlois family tackled Mr. Dougan to the ground and possibly his only way to get free was to attack Mr. Langlois. Maybe in the heat of the moment the only thing that came to mind to free himself was to bite a part of the guy’s ear or he would have been beaten to death, maybe that was his only choice of self defence. We just do not know the whole story.

    Most people are not irate or violent unless provoked. People need to stop judging them without all the details and all the proof. Unless you were there and were part of it you shouldn’t be saying anything at all.

    Unless you know all the facts no one should be judging either side. It does not matter that it was a difficult time for the Langlois family. As I mentioned before you cannot judge the situation and speculate as you were not there. It’s all about he said she said… not clear cut facts!

  16. First off …no family should go thru this on a good day much less a day that is full of raw broken hearted emotions like that…this lawyer is to be held to a higher standard in our community ..there is no room for such careless and selfish behaviour that’s the bottom line here ..people should seriously think about what they post because a man was being laid to rest and there was flags on the 4cars …red light green light should not be argued about it is about respect plain and simple..where I lived before here people would stop on the sidewalks and cars going in the opposite direction would also stop older gentlemen would tip their hats ..I am appalled to the core that this so called lawyer who defends criminals has to resort to such behaviour..Kevin will live for the rest of his live with a piece of his ear missing plus his wife has to see it also..let us not forget that this so called lawyer was disgustingly rude to a highly respected man in the community Mr.John Sullivan a man that takes care of our loved ones once they have passed away…shame on the people that are bashing this families whole ordeal and belittling the fact a good man was going to his final resting place to be with his beloved wife…

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