Kilger Council’s Covenant with CAO Norm Levac to be decided at Cornwall Ontario Council Meeting Monday June 10

Kilger Council’s Covenant with CAO Norm Levac to be decided at Cornwall Ontario Council Meeting Monday June 10

council nov 14 2011CFN – Just when you thought our Mayor Kilger and his council couldn’t get any weird out pops this new document that’s to be signed by the Wild Bunch.


They are calling it a CAO Covenant, you know, like a pact or something a coven of evil Witches would do or some swiney dark cabal.


WE, as members of the Cornwall City Council shall:

 Carry out our responsibilities as set out in the applicable legislation,  bylaws and policies.

Was something stopping them up to this point?

 Make decisions which we believe to be in the best interests of the citizens of our jurisdiction.

See question above.   Does that confirm that they have not been doing so up until now?

 Review the background information and advice made available to us by the administration prior to rendering a decision.

That would be the Fitzy rule as executed in the Robert Menagh case would illustrate.   Again, councilors are allegedly elected to lead.  I would expect any responsible councilor to not only depend on administration; but do extra homework on their own too.

 Seek further input from our CAO when we are unsure of the issues or  direction to be taken.

Um, how did that work the last two councils?

 Refrain from making any commitments on behalf of the Council to individual citizens or groups.

And that’s your magic muzzle folks.  How could any councilor bring to  light any wrong doings of council if they sign this whopper?

Could this video have been shot if Councilor Rivette had signed such a ridiculous clause?  NOPE!

 Refrain from any public or private criticism of our administration wherein individual employees are identified.

I know there’s a lot of Chinese investment in Cornwall, but have we adopted their government?  Any councilor that signed onto that statement should immediately resign or be turfed.

 Act as good stewards of the City and as public servants of our citizens through ethical conduct.

You mean like withholding mail and persecuting Whistleblowers?

 Provide effective leadership through guiding the corporation of the City through annual or longer term goals and priorities (the Council’s Business Plan), through the budget approval process and by agreeing to reasonable policies which reflect, in our views, the best interests of a majority of our citizens.

Did whoever prepped this dog not read what the Mayor and Council have already signed? Their declaration of Office?

 Ensure that we formally evaluate the performance of the CAO at least once annually and involve the CAO in this process.

The CAO is only employed at the whim of council.  They only serve council and are only responsible to council.  They also somehow are there to check council if it goes awry.  Do you see the conflict yet? 

We agree to respect the apolitical nature of the office of the CAO and to receive his/her advice as being in the perceived best interests of the community and/or organization. We will respectfully listen to  comments in response to questions posed at Council meetings and will ensure that the CAO is accorded a respectful audience. We will   not bypass the CAO in our search for information and will coordinate  any questions/concerns relative to the jurisdiction of the  administration through the office of the CAO.
 We agree to respect the apolitical nature of our senior staff and will  treat their advice and reports with respect. We will not knowingly or willfully interfere with their work and will coordinate concerns  through the office of the CAO.

Head shake time.   It’s like a list of things done by this council in the last term.   Is this a Norm Levac letter trying to spell out how dysfunctional things have become under Mayor Kilger?

And what good is such a document if there are no teeth to any failure to comply?   After all the Municipal Act is near toothless.

The Mayor and Council have clearly not lived up to their oath of Office.  Has our current CAO done anything about that?

1. I will truly, faithfully and impartially exercise this office to the best of my knowledge and ability.
2. I have not received and will not receive any payment or reward, or promise thereof, for the
exercise of this office in a biased, corrupt or in any other improper manner.
3. I will disclose any pecuniary interest,direct or indirect, in accordance with the Municipal Conflict
of Interest Act.
4. I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second (or the
reigning sovereign for the time being).

And I make this solemn promise and declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.

Do you really need more than number one for almost all of the duties of council or mayor?   Number 2&3 spell out the conflict stuff for those who didn’t go past grade 10 like our Mayor.  Or was that 9?

Number 4 – well that’s boilerplate and of course missing from the new black and evil pact that someone at City Hall has conjured up.

What do you think of this new CAO Covenant Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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