Protesters to Whistle Their Support for Whistleblowers at Council Meeting in Cornwall Ontario Monday Night 7 PM

baby protester Kilger signCFN – Protesters are hoping that Mother Nature lets them do their bit to change Cornwall Monday night prior to the Council meeting.

They have a new twist as per their release;

Please join us Monday June 10 6:15pm, Cornwall City Hall 360 Pitt St, to show our disdain towards city council for the despicable treatment of  the 2 whistleblowers; Diane Shay & Rob Hickley.
Council meeting to follow @ 7 pm.
Big Flush
Bring your signs,whistles & friends!!!!
The city has spent nearly $3M in litigation and settlements over allegations from Whistleblowers that have now seen two senior managers retire, two others given near two years of salary to go while the Whistleblowers have been abused and beaten to the ground by the Mayor, Council, and their high end legal sharks.

Will you be at council Monday night?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. This will be something to see tomorrow night. The only way to get Bare Ass out is to have him removed by the province or physically removed. He is as corrupted as they come.

  2. So how is this being orchestrated?

    Blowing whistles outside during the meeting?

    Someone inside texting to the outside to indicate the best moments?

  3. I welcome those of you that want change in our community to join us tonight @615pm prior to council meeting in support of our whistle-blowers at City Hall .

    Bring your spirit and your whistles ,these people have done their service our community now its your turn to support them.

    Take care my fellow citizens.

  4. I wish I could be there tonight for support of our whistleblowers but I am working until 7:00 Helene will be there though and her hollering on the bullhorn will be loud enough for both of us.Have a great protest guys. KKO.

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