Cornwall ON Councilor Andre Rivette Refuses to Sign CAO Covenant – Defies Mayor Kilger Ridiculous Document

Cornwall ON Councilor Andre Rivette Refuses to Sign CAO Covenant – Defies Mayor Kilger Ridiculous Document

andre bernieCFN – Andre Rivette was flying at full speed as he showed his outrage at the farcical CAO & Covenant that was foisted upon council Monday night in Cornwall Ontario.

The most popular and populist councilor waved his framed original Declaration of Office from 1997 as council debated the toothless and pointless exercise that Mayor Kilger the Personnel committee ( Mayor Kilger, and councilors Carr, Thibault, Grant and added in Elaine MacDonald)  put to a vote which was recorded.

Mr. Rivette, Maurice Dupelle, and Gerry Samson voted against the ridiculous document that CAO Norm Levac admitted to CFN had no teeth or device to punish a signing councilor that violated many of the terms listed.  He also said that he was not the author of the document that was presented to him nor knew who was.  Mr. Levac also stated many other municipalities have a Covenant with their CAO but could not mention a single one when queried.

The body language of many of the councilors during the video show what must have been a very interesting rehearsal in camera meeting prior to open.

Bully no more

The irony is that the sessions that Mr. Cuff was brought to council for guidance on were issues arising from Mayor Kilger and council attacking, and attempting to bully  Councilor Rivette during an in camera session.  Councilor Rivette filed a complaint against the Mayor and council and was victorious.

Big FlushProtesters were blowing whistles prior to and during the council session in support of Deputy Chief Rob Hickley and Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Diane Shay, the two whistleblowers that the city has also bullied and refuses to pay their legal bills while the Mayor sucks the city dry using $1000 per hour Super lawyers to try and delay and hide the truth from the public over allegations of Conflict of interest.

CFN requested comment from several current and former municipal mayors and councilors.

Andre Rivette:

Good Morning Jamie
I think I was very clear last night in regards to this issue, I will not sign this document and will continue to serve the people who elected me… The residents of Cornwall. 
Former Councilor & Mayorlty candidate Mark A MacDonald;
This is just another item on the long list of things that has made this particular Council the biggest gong show ever.
This Council has not only wasted time, they have wasted millions of dollars on absolute nonsense.
Council resignations, firings, Municipal Act charges, employee pay offs, court cases, abuse of power, the list of foolishness goes on and on.
And now this late in their term a CAO covenant and strategic planning sessions, it’s a complete joke.
Former Mayor Phil Poirier:
I have not agreed with many of the decisions of this term; nor have the best interests of the community been served.
Former Mayor Brian Lynch was hesitant and then simply stated that he had other things that he was more concerned about than the covenant.  He did not share what those things were.
Former councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy said that he might finally be willing to grant CFN an on camera interview after viewing last night’s council and reading the document.  He did not sound impressed….

WE, as members of the Cornwall City Council shall:

 Carry out our responsibilities as set out in the applicable legislation,  bylaws and policies.


Make decisions which we believe to be in the best interests of the citizens of our jurisdiction.

 Review the background information and advice made available to us by the administration prior to rendering a decision.

 Seek further input from our CAO when we are unsure of the issues or  direction to be taken.

Refrain from making any commitments on behalf of the Council to individual citizens or groups.

Refrain from any public or private criticism of our administration wherein individual employees are identified.

 Act as good stewards of the City and as public servants of our citizens through ethical conduct.

Provide effective leadership through guiding the corporation of the City through annual or longer term goals and priorities (the Council’s Business Plan), through the budget approval process and by agreeing to reasonable policies which reflect, in our views, the best interests of a majority of our citizens.


 Ensure that we formally evaluate the performance of the CAO at least once annually and involve the CAO in this process.

We agree to respect the apolitical nature of the office of the CAO and to receive his/her advice as being in the perceived best interests of the community and/or organization. We will respectfully listen to  comments in response to questions posed at Council meetings and will ensure that the CAO is accorded a respectful audience. We will   not bypass the CAO in our search for information and will coordinate  any questions/concerns relative to the jurisdiction of the  administration through the office of the CAO.

 We agree to respect the apolitical nature of our senior staff and will  treat their advice and reports with respect. We will not knowingly or willfully interfere with their work and will coordinate concerns  through the office of the CAO.

What do you think amazingly perceptive and intelligent viewers of CFN? You can post your comments below.

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