Trash Talk at Cornwall Ontario City Council – Tipping Fees for Condos & Multi Units Causes Stink for Residents VIDEO

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Mayor Kilger gazes as Councilor Carr speaks Monday night.

CFN –  Dick Aubry was guest speaker last night.  Mr. Aubry has a lovely unit in our Cotton Mill lofts and facilities like Condos and apartments are usually serviced by private service waste services such as Tomlinson.


The city currently helps offset the cost of these services by issuing a credit for the dump tipping fees.

I spoke with Mr. Aubry this morning and he shared that for his building it costs approximately $3,600 per year and that the city kicks in $1,600.

Of that $1,600 the city does not have to collect trash from any of the units thus reducing their collection costs.

It also means that all the owners in that facility don’t trundle bags to the curb which could impact the street with animals and people rifling through open garbage bags.

The city estimated it’d save over $200K with this measure that impacts several apartment complexes as well as the growing condo units in the city.   In Mr. Aubry’s building for example residents on all five floors simply dump their trash down a chute so that there’s less clutter in their units.

The issue at hand is the way that the city has handled this process.   There was apparently no real consultative process with building owners.  Mr. Aubry stated that his group only found out in April from  their waste disposal company and the city after it was all said and done.

He estimated that it’d cost about $30 per door per month which ultimately could be easier consumed by higher end condo buildings, but smaller lower scale apartments could end up with litter on the street and higher cleaning fees for the city.

Mr. Aubry at Council

Mr. Aubry, former mayor and councilor made quite an impression on some of the councilors, but the larger question simply is why the council and city failed to bring in those paying the freight into the discussion and debate before implementing the new Garbage policy that many condo owners and apartment dwellers feel is singling them out.

Likewise is Mr. Aubry’s “star power” at City Hall a factor in council opening the question again and perhaps changing course?  If that occurs how many tax dollars will have been wasted on what many consider a faulty process?

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  1. gosh, such passion, politeness and immediacy over garbage rights. too bad the same has been left on-the-curb over issues like elder abuse, free speech and human and animal rights. Mr. Aubrey did a good job with his presentation. of course, he wasn’t prevented from being on the agenda. and good thing he wasn’t wearing a t-shirt of some kind

  2. Here here JIMMY and just imagine if whistleblowers were given the same respect and defense as garbage rights, a better city no doubt.

  3. If it wasn’t Dick this would not have been allowed. He’s a decent guy BTW. Is Gerry Sampson {MODERATED}?
    Aubry for Mayor!!

  4. Jamie I found something that I spoke about some time ago but you didn’t post it so I have something that is from news that is of great importance that Cornwall could profit and make jobs out of this. I don’t know which spot to post it so I will let you do this for me. Thank you.

    This is about Toronto’s Mayor Ford want to burn trash into electricity. On the SF (Cornwall’s toilet paper of record) I used to see a man by the code name Itinerant and he said that he knows how to do this and I think another person does as well. There are some other cities and towns doing just that even here in Ottawa. I used to chat with a lady from Seattle Washington and she told me that they do that in her city.

    I will now give you the name of the article to read over and maybe you can post it and have someone bring it up to His Majesty Bare Ass.

    “From trash to cash: Toronto could get into the incineration business.”

    Thank you Jamie at least it is an interesting article and it is very useful and I bring that up here not just because of condos but for everyone whether single or apartments. People need to recycle, compost and have their garbage turned into waste. The dump stinks to high heaven and this would be a great idea to get rid of all of that and turn it into something useful. You can write up an article on this. I like to blog but I am no writer. Love your articles. I was in Cornwall/Fossoli this morning.

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