Will Best Western Parkway Plus GM Paul Lefebvre Be Running For Mayor of Cornwall Ontario Next Election?

Paul Kilger
Paul Lefebvre in Black jacket

CFN –  Cornwall is a funny town.   The Conservatives like to hold their events at The Ramada while the Liberals  the Best Western.   Paul Lefebvre, General Manager of the facility; home to Winner’s Sports Bar, watering hole of Claude McIntosh and Mayor Kilger, has been heavily speculated to be the man to take over for Mayor Kilger from Liberal insiders.

The well spoken Mr. Lefebvre has been asked before about his intentions to run for public office.

His last foray into politics was part of the Pat Finucan run for the Provincial Liberal nomination.  Mr. Finucan lost to Mark A MacDonald who won on a first ballot to replace former MPP Jim Brownell.

What do you think Cornwall?  Would you vote for Paul?  You can post your comment below.

Milena Cardinal


  1. No more lying Liberals

  2. Nope. His brother is mean to fat people. I wonder if he is that simple and shallow too!

  3. I simply cannot fathom that Cornwall residents would not vote for change in the next municipal election. Change that represents a break with a stubborn tradition of electing mayors that lack long term goals or a clear vision of what would be compatible/best for the community at large. Change from the control of small special interest groups to a broader fairer system which is more accountable and transparent. Mr. Lefebrve could certainly throw his hat into the ring but if I were a betting man I would say the answer for Cornwall lies elsewhere.

  4. I will not support Paul Lefebvre running for mayor. He will not have my vote! I want change and then business cliques are not going to cut it. We need drastic change to make things better in Cornwall.

  5. Acutally I would like to see a few nurses on council this time around…..and you too Jamie. You have exposed a lot of the nasty underhanded things that have been going on. You deserve to have a chance to make change for the better. Good change indeed!

  6. Author

    City RN someone challenged me recently that if our Mayor, Bankrupt Bob, somehow made it to the election, and actually ran that I would have to run against him just for the debate. 😉

  7. Cornwall sure does need change but nobody who is affiliated with Bare Ass Bob. Jamie you are the best that hit Cornwall in a long time. There is no way in hell would I vote for Mr. Lefebvre because he is connected to Bare Ass and company. I would love to see a totally unconnected person of ordinary means get in. I would also love to see nurses get in as councellors as well like what City RN said. Cornwall needs to listen to people of different angles to know what is needed. Get rid of Bare Ass and his clique.

  8. Jamie I would LOVE to see you debate Kilger!!! That may be the only thing that could drive him out of Cornwall (well maybe a set of handcuffs might work too) LMAO!

  9. The picture above say’s it all. He (Paul Lefebvre) is sitting with Kilger, who will Paul turn too? Not getting my vote if he ran, but then again would he be that stupid to run for office after what Kilger left behind?

    Paul, keep an eye on your good looking wife. I am sure Mr. Mayor would take a run at her if you were looking the other way!

  10. I like, and even respect Paul, yet, somehow I have difficulty with the ‘collusion factor or the favoritism issues associated with business and political relationships.

    Let’s face it, Paul and all the Liberal associates have been friends as well. Pretty tough not to develop bias’s that would bring decisions into circumspection from the public. We can’t afford any more litigation’s here.

    Too much self-engrossment into ‘THEIR’ direction for the future of Cornwall.

    City hall literally needs a ‘get out of town mentality…….move out of the old square mile quadrant. Too many fingers holding the dyke that needs to be pulled to release the flood gates of business that until now has been majorly inhibited from coming here.

    We are light years behind the development of almost, if not ALL border and 401 towns/cities in this province.

  11. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. If you stop in and visit the downstairs bar on a Friday evening you may see many of current council and their associates sharing in a evening of fun and bantor

  12. What is wrong with an elected official having a few drinks in a local bar? Are they not allowed to socialize like any other citizen? By doing so, are they not helping local businesses?

    The Lefbvre family are smart business people, Paul would be an asset to this city as far as business issues are concerned.

  13. “What is wrong with an elected official having a few drinks in a local bar?”

    The problem is when they start making deals and spread misinformation after a few drinks. No good (for taxpayers) can come from business owners and politicians drinking in a quite bar together.

  14. “We are light years behind the development of almost, if not ALL border and 401 towns/cities in this province.”

    Sadly, how true!!

    Unfortunatley, we continue to allow the denial, apathy and neglect to conitnue, even when it comes at a cost. That cost involves everyone, every family and each tax paying citizen lin our community.

    Only “some” make it in, the others are turned away before they have the opporunity to begin. Even the Freeholder has made it choices, clamped shut those they wish to shut down or out and so it continues.

    The reflection of the city has become murky!!! Mired in one ongoing mess after the other. The innocent appear to pay a hefty price for speaking out and telling the truth.

    But, those who know them, know the truth!! Those who fail to support them are the silent majority that always want “things done” but never want their name known. They are never willing to pay the price. Again, a tainted reflection on a city known more for its toxic past than the possibility of its future.

    If only!!!!

  15. Those who remain silent may one day be in need of community support. When their turn comes they may find out that no one is there for them.

    When a harm or injustice comes to their loved ones or family, then and only then will they begin to understand the importantance of speaking the truth and supporting others in need.

    A famous quote says it all:

    “First they came…” is a famous statement and provocative poem attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller

    The quote ends: “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me”

    Food for thought Cornwall citiznes!! Food for thought!!

  16. Having spent a lot of time with Paul over the years, both socially & through business ties, I consider Paul to be a good, decent person. However, the question was, would he be a good Mayor ? IMO, no he wouldn’t, he will be tainted as Bob’s buddy, he also ran Bob’s losing campaign as MP, he lost as we all know to the “Clapper” & that really must hurt like hell ?
    His treatment towards CFN was troubling also ?

  17. “OneWhoCares” that is a well known poem indeed. I have seen that written down many times and I think that I wrote it somewhere as well. Yes when the need arises and people do not stand up for one another they will find themselves stuck where nobody came to help them when they are in need. Believe me life is like a wheel what goes around comes around.

  18. OneWhoCares
    June 17, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    The quote ends: “Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me”

    Food for thought Cornwall citiznes!! Food for thought!!

    So very well said OneWhoCares but sadly most do not care .We as citizens have been groomed for complacency and APATHY.
    Canadian Politics through Atrophy of change has only encouraged its citizens to be Apathetic as well as complacent.

    People have you ever heard a statement similar to this :
    1)Whats the point all the politicians are the same that’s why I don’t vote”
    2)Why should I bother to vote they don’t listen to us anyways .

    Apathy is groomed within us through political atrophy and our politicians are more then happy to silently encourage this.

    Politicians do not want their constituents to “actively” get involved as they may have to address those issues and often at times political correctness inhibits freedom of speech and therein democracy!

    Howard Zinn wrote :

    Voting is easy and marginally useful,but it is a poor substitute for democracy ,which requires direct action by concerned citizens.

  19. Christopher Cameron

    I agree with your thoughts. Apathy appears to be a state of numbed silence and action. It is like people living in a fog of indifference and the results are always tragic due to the fact so many suffer. In the short and long-term, everyone is affected by neglect, apathy and denial.

    Then what example does apathy set for our children and their future and generations to come? What does that say about us if we don’t act?

    We have that choice and in order to bring about change we must act and speak out against wrong and injustice. If we tell the truth we have nothing to fear!

    For those who do otherwise, they weave a dangerous web in which they are always trapped.

    If the people we trust in or hope will lead us as a society in a better direction fail us, they fail our children and future generations.

    A quote you may be familiar with :

    “The ultimate test of a moral society is the kind of world that it leaves to its children”

    What world will we leave the future generations if we do not stand up and take pro-avtice action when we see the need?

    The truth should lead our way and hopefully one day people will begin to understand that apathy does breed more apathy and change will never happen without action and a desire to do more to make the world we live in a better place.

    Where does that begin? It begins at home, in our community, in our own neighbourhoods and hopefully with our political leaders, the people we have voted into power.

    When we act, when we are sincere, we know at least we tried and trying remains better than being apathetic. Even if we fail, we know we did try to speak up, we did seek the truth, and we did our best to help othes understand why they must do the same.

    If there is truth and transparency there should be nothing to fear and nothing to hide.

    It remains also, up to the people. Remains silent, or speak out and be sincere.

    There are many good and caring people in our community, we cannot and must not judge all, by the actions of some.

    Those who do wrong, hurt others, but they also hurt themselves in the long run. When respect is lost and decency, it can’t be replaced and the damage is done. Not even damage control can restore tainted images once the harm has been sent forth.

    Hopefully, people will grasp the importance of taking action, in a good way and in a way that will better our community. It is long overdue and the time has come for change.

  20. OneWhoCares

    Thanks for the response .
    I appreciate this response in particular :

    “There are many good and caring people in our community, we cannot and must not judge all, by the actions of some.”

    But does the inaction of some when those others do wrong inadvertently condone this behavior and thereby continue to promote this behavior through apathy?

    George Orwell wrote:

    “In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act”

    Even our Parliamentary backbenchers are unable to speak up freely ,yet they were voted in through democratic process to represent their constituents.

    Yes I agree with you and hopefully people do understand the utter importance of taking positive action in the promotion and maintenance of a democracy.

    Democracy is not static ,it requires nurturing and maintenance and through citizen actions not politicians does this occur.

  21. Christopher Cameron

    Excellent comments!

    We must not condone any actoion that harms another. Not in any way is that acceptable.

    If we as a society don’t speak out, then who will?

    This can be achieved with resepct and with decency. I agree with you “Democracy is not static, it requires nurturing and maintenance and through citizen actions not politicians does this occur.’

    It is encouraging in times of trouble to hear words such as “nurturing and maintenance” there is a kindness and a concern within those words that offer hope to those who long for a better place in which to live.

    Your words have shed light in helping others understanding the necessity of taking action. Caring about our community is a positive energy. It is obvious that you care!

    Our community has journeyed through many difficult times, but for many of us Cornwall remains home. These struggles can weaken us or make us stronger.

    With nurturing, action and maintenance, there is hope! Thank you for lifting the spirits of our community in such a decent manner.

  22. OneWhoCares

    Thank you for the kind words.

    As nurses there were many opportunities for us and living in the United States was a great experience ,but we longed for home.
    We chose to move back home and raise our children among the community of family and friends.
    When my wife and I make a stand we have the interest of our children, family as well as our community.

    It is always easier to do nothing when you see a wrong ,but one must live with their conscience for this.
    In advocating for change my hope is that the citizens of Cornwall will take interest in their community and promote change that benefits all its citizens.

    Citizens you do have a choice and individually as well as collectively you can make a difference to improve our community .
    Never, ever think you as a citizen cannot make a difference.

    I leave you with another quote; by Margaret Meade a cultural anthropologist:

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,committed citizens can change the world ;indeed its the only thing that ever has.”

  23. A Quote from Hellen Keller

    “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.
    Helen Keller”

    We each have that ability to “do something that we can do” to make our world/community a better place in which to live.

    Taking action and speaking out is something we all can achieve.

    Many in our community are doing that!

    Hopefully, more will continue to take action by speaking out.

  24. And Jesus said unto them……go out and preach the good news!!!

  25. Am I reading future counsellors in the names of “One Who Cares” and ” Christoper Cameron”?
    You two sound like you would make the greatest cousellors for our city. I like the way you banter and BACK UP what you have to say, unlike most, if not all of the present ones.
    To answer Jamie’s question, I could see Mr. Lefebvre as being a great Mayor, if only he was not in any way associated or influenced by the current one. Notice that I did not call him by the title he possesses because I don’t feel they we have been done well by him and his cronies.

  26. @Steak

    They’d make great politicians because they’re only good for sharing quotes on inspiration and revolutionary ideology. Their fluff of a conversation can be distilled to be the same idea parroted back and forth: “We can change the world, together”.

    The verbosity has no depth and substance. The business owners meeting their elected mayor show their interest in maximizing their own benefit–idly speaking of change without any action is pointless

  27. @ smut

    What have you done lately for your community?

    Chris Cameron is a rights activist & a hero to many in our community!

    Thank-you Chris Cameron for ALL you do for our community & I hope you consider running for city councilor next election. you have my vote!!!

  28. @ SMUT

    Quotations merely add a certain ambience to a brief moment in time unless it stimulates one to act.

    If in fact the individuals mentioned are prepared to act, rather than continuing to deliver the typical lip service we have received for so long, than we should be prepared to vote should they run in the next election.

    Without action to back them up words become merely background noise of an annoying nature. The politician that dares to be different and break the feel good nature of election promises would possible get my vote.

    How about any of you?

    What do you want from the next municipal administration?

  29. Those who do know us, know that we do more than quote. We act and that is why we hope others will also take action and speak out when they want change to happen.

    It takes more than just a mere quote to get the job done, and that we have accomplised and contine to achive, but a quote can help put into perspective the thoughts we have that act as inspiration to us and hopefully others.

    We have many in our community who have taken action and added to the overall better quality of our community. Without their care, concern and good efforts we would have never experienced the multitidue of good things that have taken place within our community.

    The names are way to many to mention but everyone who has acted knows the work involved and the selfless giving it takes.

    Activists act!! In Cornwall, we are very fortunate to have many activists who truly care about our community and I am certain Chris Cameron can be counted as one who does care about his community.

    Our hours devoted to our community go way beyond words and to all those who gave in the past, give now, and continue to give to our community, I appluad their sincere efforts. They have acted!

  30. Yes the big C cares about his community and is a hero……oh ok!

    Most people usually don’t align themselves with troublemakers nor instigators, unless they are the same. That is a proven fact……ask galganov. You know the saying, birds of a feather…….

    Anyone who is an attention seeker, most times is repudiated by the general public. We need elected officials that have no personal agenda of their own, someone who is accepting of other cultures and beliefs. We need someone who is not seeking self aggrandisement nor one who is seeking fame by being in every photo op.

  31. stellabystarlight June 22, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    ” We need elected officials that have no personal agenda of their own, someone who is accepting of other cultures and beliefs.”

    I guess that counts you out Stella as you have pointed out with your 6 month stint in the most culturally diverse city (New York),that you felt very uncomfortable there with regards to the different cultures.

    ” Most people usually don’t align themselves with troublemakers nor instigators, unless they are the same. That is a proven fact……ask galganov.”

    So advocating for EQUAL RIGHTS is trouble making ?
    I would guess from your statement that the woman sufferages movement were trouble makers as well .
    If it were not for those “trouble makers “women would not have the same rights as men.

    They rightfully fought for equal rights as well!
    I guess by your statement that the civil rights protesters were “trouble makers” as well .

    The status quo does not nesetat equality,as evidenced by these movements.

  32. Well, I was going to comment in regards to Stella’s derogatory statements about Chris Cameron, but instead I will refocus on the good qualities Mr.Cameron has. I will not feed into Stella’s propaganda!

    Chris Cameron

    – Registered Nurse: The most highly respected & trusted profession

    – Born & raised in Cornwall,ON into a Scottish & French family

    – Advocates for fairness & equality

    – Advocates for our Constitutional Rights & Freedoms as Canadians

    – President of Language Fairness for ALL

    – Walks the walk & talks the talk, another words Mr.Cameron is a doer not a dreamer

    -Committed Father & husband to his children & wife

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world:indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
    Margaret Meade

  33. Hmmmm…interesting indeed!

    My comments were not directed to anyone in particular. It was a general comment in reply to David’s question, ” What do you want from the next municipal administration” Anyone seeking to present themselves at the next elections and has the qualities mentioned above, his/her chances of being elected would better. Nobody wants nor needs an elected official who has their own personal agenda.

    If the shoe fits……..

  34. Perhaps when our City Council meet this thought could be kept in mind and maybe even close at hand:

    “How can we develop the Moral Intelligence to do the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason”

    John Bradshaw : Reclaiming Virtue

  35. stellabystarlight June 23, 2013 at 10:01 am
    “Hmmmm…interesting indeed!

    My comments were not directed to anyone in particular.”

    _ stellabystarlight June 22, 2013 a 1:56 pm

    Yes the big C cares about his community and is a hero……oh ok!

    “Most people usually don’t align themselves with troublemakers nor instigators, unless they are the same. That is a proven fact……ask galganov”

    Now Stella how is anyone to believe your propaganda,when you blatantly lie as in your last posting .
    You must show at least some credibility if you want people to believe your propaganda.

    You can choose to attack the message (Equal rights) ,but do not attack the messenger.
    Propaganda is most times directed at individuals or groups and not towards a message.

  36. With those credentials, I would run for Prime Minister of Canada. Very impressive!!!!


    I am amazed at how quickly some individuals turn generalities into personal affronts.

    I have yet to meet the person who has no bias. Often considered synonymous with prejudice or bigotry it is also about perspectives.
    While you and I may not always agree the sharing of perspectives can break down the walls that bias can build. Provided that an open mind is present !

    I agree STELLABYSTARLIGHT we desperately need a leader in this community who embraces the greater needs of the community over their own personal agenda to better themselves and their individual situation. Photo ops need to slide to the bottom of the have to list for the next round.

  38. stellabystarlight
    June 24, 2013 at 7:15 am

    “With those credentials, I would run for Prime Minister of Canada. Very impressive!!!!”

    Sarcasm!Not surprised coming from you!
    Continue to attack the messenger not the subject!

    But don’t forget even with many credentials and experience the majority,that 83% of Canadians could not even run for Prime Minister because they are not bilingual (French).

    In a true democracy All peoples are considered EQUAL and their social standing is determined by Education and qualifications in particular fields of expertise -NOT IF THEY SPEAK A MINORITY LANGUAGE.

    But Government policy towards Social Engineering and
    assimilation to french remains legislated in.

    People :Quebec applies discriminatory legislation like bill 101 and bill 14 to protect the French language from assimilation ,yet in the rest of Canada all other cultures must assimilate to French to have opportunities.

    Legislation in Quebec to Prevent “apparent” assimilation at the cost of minorities rights ,yet Legislation in the rest of Canada to promote assimilation.

    Question is: If someone has a different heritage then French would it not be considered assimilation to have to learn French to work for their own government?

    You see there are 2 different sets of standards we have in Canada -one for Quebec the other for the rest of Canada .
    I have become increasingly aware of this yet still maintain that I want Quebec to remain part of Canada .
    But like many Canadians with this increasing “spoiled child of confederation” the thought of a free Canada without Quebec is rather enticing,perhaps the rotten apple must be removed for the benefit of the rest.

  39. That’s right today is the separatist day “Quebec’s National birthday”
    St.Jean Baptiste day ,welcome all to the separatist’s celebration ,but don’t you dare wear any Canadian flags ,t-shirts etc as there will be harm coming your way.

    Oh yes CANADA day is deemed as moving day there ,but the welfare state doesn’t mind taking the money from the rest of Canadians -But please ,they don’t want your Canadian Nationalistic PRIDE , but keep paying their tab.

    Yes the spoiled child of confederation.

  40. I said it once and I will say it again……my comment was not directed at any particular person…….ca-vas?

    Someone asked a question and I replied which is my own personal opinion on what qualities an elected official should have. The time for grandstanding and playing politics needs to stop……..if we want change.

    When a general comment is made and someone immediately responds…….that speaks volumes to me. Why the defensiveness?

    Somewhat taken aback, I responded to the wonderful credentials. Give praise where praise is due. **smile**

  41. Stella said,

    “Yes the big C cares about his community and is a hero……oh ok!

    Most people usually don’t align themselves with troublemakers nor instigators, unless they are the same. That is a proven fact……ask galganov. You know the saying, birds of a feather…….

    Anyone who is an attention seeker, most times is repudiated by the general public. We need elected officials that have no personal agenda of their own, someone who is accepting of other cultures and beliefs. We need someone who is not seeking self aggrandisement nor one who is seeking fame by being in every photo op.”

    So if as you say in your own words,”My comments were not directed to anyone in particular. ” Then who or what does the “big C” refer to???

    As usual Stella twists & lies about everything she says & what others say.

    You ask why are people defensive, well bc you spread propaganda & others feel obligated to speak the TRUTH!!!!

  42. Chris Cameron is a wonderful man and has leadership abilities and he cares a great deal for Cornwall and that I can see without a doubt. The man has one of the hardest jobs out there and sticks as a great family man and husband and those are great qualities since it shows what kind of a person he is. He is an activist and sticks up for what he believes in and he doesn’t back down on what he sets himself out to do.

    Chris Cameron has very little time to be a politician but if I were in Cornwall he would surely have my vote. I believe that more and more people should come forward. You cannot vote in the same monkeys year after year after year. Change is needed and I mean big change. We all want things but we cannot always achieve everything we want. Chris is a mighty good leader and it isn’t hard to see that.

  43. Time for new blood in Cornwall, the old blood is all dried up!
    Chris Cameron sounds like he would be a new set of fresh ideas for this town. I hope he considers running for council, he’s got my vote!!!!

  44. I would encourage everyone who has great vision to go out and present themselves if you care for our community. The town is only as good as its people. You have no other alternative but to get rid of Bare Ass as soon as possible and long before an election takes place. People have to wake up and see the damage that Bare Ass has done. I warned everyone and I am not one for mincing words when I come out with telling you that the “tax mahal” will put you under as well as Bare Ass’s fancy lawyers and that is only part of the expenses and you haven’t seen the full damage as yet. When you get the full picture then your eyes will pop out of their sockets and there is a great deal more to go. I wouldn’t be surprised that Bare Ass has Mrs. Adams stuck in a broom closet with the key in his hand so she won’t come forward to tell the real story that is going on behind closed doors. When I say wake up I mean wake up.

    As for Mr. Lefebvre I wouldn’t cast my vote for this man. I do not believe in any particular political party since they all smell like you know what to high heaven. You vote for the person and Mr. Lefebvre comes with baggage of being budies with Bare Ass and company – no thanks.

  45. CC2 I do not have to answer to you nor do I have to justify my opinions to you, nor to your buddies from the fairness club.

    Whether right or wrong, opinions are just that. In this country called Canada, public opinion is allowed, it’s called democracy.

    If calling me a liar made you feel good, I am happy for you. Name calling signifies a lack of maturity and intelligence.

    No bad feelings here, just sharing my opinion.

  46. @Stella

    No surprise from you, avoiding the question asked re: “The big C”,but that’s okay “we” all know her games!!!! *smile*

    A little side note, a little birdie told me, State side was inundated by Quebec “campers” last weekend…Funny, it was St,Jean Baptiste Day, do they not celebrate their “National” holiday in their own “country”,just askin…

    @ admin-OMG, NO!!!!!!!! I would never vote for Bare Ass Bob’s friend Paul, we need English Conservative blood, NO more French Liberal blood- thank-you very much!!!!!

  47. The only reason I refused to vote is cause over the years there had been no one and I mean no one who can separate themselves from the mere corruption we have been faced with in our own community. Same types of people, we seem to keep electing into office!! Who is at fault for that!?! We need change drastically and now before it’s too late. I believe as a community wanting change, to end the cover-ups, lies after lies, injustice to people who we happen to pay these a**holes to do their damn jobs and don’t!!! Instead, find means to waste our tax dollars, pay off more of their “clique” to shut their mouths, increase the level of poverty in our town instead of actually creating real resolutions and jobs to make this community better than what it has ended up turning out and only getting worse I may add. People like Chris Cameron are needed in this town to clean out the garbage and set truth instead of lies. I hate politics for the simple fact that no one has stepped up over many years to actually turn our city and area around in a positive way where I would happen to love to vote for someone of worth and for the people of Cornwall. As for Mr. Lefebvre goes, part of the same BS gang and I will continue to not vote unless someone of complete honesty and value to this community can step forward and clean up the damages and corruption we now have and need to get rid of once and for all. It’s more than time for a real change and we need it now more than ever. People of this city need to start waking up and if they want a change, then damn well vote for someone who can make that difference.

  48. I don’t vote over English or French candidate I want someone who is truthful and honest with the public. This clique that exists in Fossoli is really bad and is putting the town further and further down the rat hole. No political party is any good and just look at what Duffy the pig did as well as Pamela Wallen and even Mac Harb. Mac Harb is not who you think he is – he worked with my husband years ago. LOL LOL. If only you all knew who he really is. OMG you are all blinded very badly blinded. We met his cousin when we first came to Ottawa. Don’t be fooled by anyone and when I say the words “wake up” they have big meaning.

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