Driver Kills Cow on County Road 12 Between Finch & Berwick Ontario – June 21, 2013

cow towCFN – A chilling crash around 4 AM near Finch Ontario left a mashed Mazda 3 and one dead cow.

cfn-submit-480The accident occurred on County Road 12 between Finch and Berwick. ย The driver was uninjured.

cow crush mazdaIt was not reported if they were Vegan or not. ย  The male driver was not charged at the scene. ย We will update if more information becomes available.

Cornwall Motor Speedway



  1. Thank goodness no one was injured.

  2. For one, whats with showing the pic of the dead cow? And 2, whats with the Vegan comment? What does that have to do with anything??

  3. Not sure if posting a picture of the dead cow hanging off the tow truck straps is a great idea. Also not sure what being a vegan has to do with the guy hitting a cow? If you we’re trying to be funny it did not work. Glad the guy is ok though ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. thats so sad poor cow. just cause its 4am stop speeding and watch the road ahead.

  5. Cows having a picnic or playing are poker great fun and full of comedic entertainment. Dead cows hanging from a hook on the back of a tow truck? Really bad taste and really unnecessary.

  6. Very Poor Taste…..

  7. Yup I agree you should never ever post photos of reality in the media as some may find it offensive!!!
    However I don’t find this one so bad!
    Now down to the real perpetrators of offensive material………
    THE GROCERY STORE chains, Advertising color photos of MUTILATED COWS in there weekly flyers & sending them directly to my door!!!!!! Now that’s offensive don’t you think? (Sarcastically speaking of course)

    I mean really people! Give it up. How about complaining about pressing issues that really matter & not the petty crap and Stop staring threw rose coloured glasses.
    That is all, I gotta go & flip the rather large chunk of mutilated cow I have searing on the BBQ before it burns!

  8. Oh.. ?
    Well, in that case Reg, i’d like to buy an argument…

  9. Holy cr@p BooHoo.
    What are you suggesting? Must be careful. If people actually pay attention and CARE, they “may” just have to do something tangible about it.

    And speaking of flipping chunks of cow. I have to admit. I don’t like thinking about how the animals we eat have to live and die just for us to consume them but, i doubt i could be a vegetarian.

    Seriously, i salivate every time i walk past the meat counter at the grocery store. Beef tenderloin being up there as one of my favs but admittedly, so darn expensive.

  10. Just slightly off topic, it was nice to see the picture, of a fully operational undamaged tow-truck ? We have become somewhat accustomed, to seeing pictures of the charred remains of these vehicles . Sad ending for “Elsie” & real luckey for the driver.

  11. I will admit that the situation is indeed sad. Sad that a cow died, sad that a farmer has lost his property and sad that the driver had to go through the trauma of an accident and lose of his ride.

    But as the great British comic philosophers have said on occasion:

    “Always look on the bright side of life”

  12. Darn, can’t even purchase an argument around here. BIG smile ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually, another look at that picture and it’s amazing the driver was unharmed. I am glad about that. And yes, to your point Reg, it MUST have truly been traumatic. I can only imagine.

    Also Reg: I don’t get out that way often but i just saw your ad on CFN here and in the spirit of supporting both you and CFN, if i ever do get out that way i will be sure to stop in and check out your coffee.

  13. First time I ever take the time to write.
    I couldn’t help myself. This is in such poor taste!
    How old are you? 12?

  14. If you are talking to me Diane, I am 12 going on 63. You are never too old to have a sense of humour.

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