Rob Ford for Mayor of Toronto in 2014? Who do you think will Win? Vote in our Poll – June 28, 2013

Rob-ford-miami-mugshotCFN – Has any Toronto mayor ever had as much ink spilt on them as Rob Ford?   With all of the drama regarding the mayor alleged Crack video and antics there are strong rumblings of the October 2014 Municipal election and not only Mayor Ford running again, but having a chance of winning.

Please note video below has profanity and scenes of violence. Extra butter on your popcorn is recommended.

Like Tony Montana in the guy classic Scarface nothing seems to really hurt Mr. Ford at the moment.   Unless some metaphoric shotgun blast is a coming he will be a player in the next election.

Surely an election win would be quite the statement by the good citizens of Toronto.   Jack Layton’s wife, Olivia Chow is a front runner along with former Conservative leader John Tory.

A lot of names are being bandied about right now; but the big question is whether any one of them would get more votes than Rob Ford?

Potential candidates cannot enter the ring and starting raising cash until January 1, 2014 across Ontario.

We thought that we’d put out a poll and get some early feedback from CFN viewers.

Please vote below and you can post your comments as well.

Who do you think will be mayor of Toronto come 2014?


  1. Personally I think that the crack video hurt Rob Ford for getting in again as mayor of Toronto. Rob Ford has done a lot of good for Toronto keeping the expenses at bay but who knows what is hidden. Who knows what is true and not true about this crack business but it has hurt this man a lot.

    We are all tired of the corruption and the lies and the theft everywhere. I would prefer someone who would be honest. I like Olivia Chow but I am not one who likes women in the political field unless the men were not any good. That is my opinion.

  2. Apart from the crack allegations, I seriously would have to question the intelligence of anyone who cannot see that Rob Ford is dishonest. There are too many obvious indications of that … and with all the corrupt and dishonest mayors in this country of late, I hope the people will send a clear message that dishonesty and corruption will no longer be tolerated. At this point, he’s nothing more than a court jester … and a total embarrassment to Canada.

  3. ..and that court jester will be elected again in 2014 because he can run a city and maintain prosperity…the finger pointing and repeated allegations with lack of credible evidence from the left has only made Ford more popular amongst voters..Sue, the CBC is not the only news network on television. “Too many obvious indications of Ford being dishonest”? Really? Name one. Keep in mind the courts have already ruled in favor of Ford in his $3000 conflict of interest case…and despite international attention, solicitation of hundreds of thousands of public $$$ from Gawker with promises of huge rewards no one in the world has been able to produce the ever illusive crack film. So, name one proven act of dishonesty perpetrated by Ford that would make him worthy of being labeled a total Canadian embarrasment. I think we’re about to hear the toilet flush.

  4. Olivia Chow? 60%? She’s only there because of the accomplishments of the man she married and not by what she has accomplished. If not for her late husband, Chow would be using her limited education of the arts to draw cartoons for the Toronto Star…If not for Layton, Chow’s mother would be living in poverty in Hong Kong instead of living in poverty in Toronto.

  5. Author

    Luckily Devon the public doesn’t need the level of proof that the courts do. Remember Brian Mulroney taking $2M off of the taxpayer? If it smells like fish it’s probably Rob Ford.

  6. Au contraire, according to many Sun news reports and polls, Ford may be ahead in the court of public opinion..may even get the sympathy vote from the otherwise non voter. What people really want is a steady job, money in their pockets and a promising future..Ford has provided this and more to the city of T.O. and it’s ticking the Libs and NDP off. The swing voters don’t care what a man does in his past time. They care about the bottom line, not scuttlebutt.

  7. Author

    Well we’ll find out for sure in 2014 🙂

  8. Yes, looking forward to it. It’ll be “one to watch” either way. Always a pleasure Jamie.

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