62,095 Unique Visitors & 3,085,391 Pageviews for CFN in June – Where are you Advertising?

CFN Panic Button 2013-05-13CFN – Thank you CFN viewers for your support in June!   It was an amazing month for us as we set CFN records with 62,095 Unique Visitors and 3,085,391 pageviews!

That’s a lot of clicks on our pages.   We keep listening to what you want to read about and you keep clicking.   As always you can email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com with your comments and tips.

July will be special for CFN as we just may finally unveil our new look and will be starting our Win with the Pin campaign.  If you’re seen wearing one of our CFN pins by our official spotter you get to win prizes!

We also will be having a special party on Sunday July 21st from 1-4 PM at the Air Force Wing here in Cornwall.   The Wing is one of the only Waterfront patios and there will be live entertainment.   More on that to come this week.

Over 94% of our visits came from Canada with over 75% in the Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal corridor .

Our Top 25 Cities for February!

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) New York, NY

6) Gatineau

7) Kingston

8.) Brockville

9) Morrisburg

10) Gatineau

11) London

12) Calgary

13) Mississauga

14) Austin TX

15) Hawkesbury

16) Alexandria

17) Edmonton

18) Vankleek Hill

19) Hamilton

20) Vancouver

21) Belleville

22) Brampton

23) Sudbury

24) Barrie

25) Guelph

Only 46% of visitors to CFN in 2012 were first timers!   We have a huge loyal following with a bounce rate in June of only 3.17% according to Google Analyticator!

Over 20% of you are using mobile devices and tablets.

Over 30% of you visit CFN 25 or more times per month!

Alexa Canadian Rankings of Eastern Ontario Media Online

1) CFN  4,392

2) Standard-freeholder.com   5,715 CDN traffic only 82.2%

3) theseeker.ca 7,764

4) thecornwalldaily.com  13,313

5)  Cornwallseawaynews.com  27,883

We at CFN  could not do it without you.    And if you love CFN as much as it looks like you do, and want to help please keep viewing.

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Without them our viewers and sponsors there would be no CFN.

They deserve your support!

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  1. Congrats and keep em’ coming CFN!!! 🙂

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  3. You are certainly #1 in my eyes CFN! Thank you for continuing to provide us with the real truth!

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