Cornwall Ontario Convicted Under Age Sex Offender ALERT – Stephen Martin – July 4, 2013

CWP JULY 4In the interest of community safety, Chief Daniel Parkinson of the Cornwall Community Police Service, under the authority of the Police Services Act of Ontario, discloses the following information regarding Stephen Neil MARTIN.

Stephen MARTIN was recently released from custody after having served a 114 day jail sentence for luring a person under the age of 16 for the purpose of facilitating the criminal offence of sexual interference.  He has convictions that date back to 1982 for a variety of offences, none of which involve children.

He is described as a white male, 5’7”, 169 lbs, balding with short brown hair, brown eyes and glasses with eyebrow and ear piercings.

He is subject to numerous conditions as a result of a court ordered Prohibition Order and a Probation Order that include:


  • Not to attend a public park, public swimming area where persons under 16-years-old are present or expected to be present, or daycare centre, school ground, playground or community centre.

  • Not to be in the company of any children/child under 18 unless a parent who is aware of his charges and conditions is present.

  • Not to possess any device capable of texting or e-mailing including computers, tablets or smart phones.


Stephen MARTIN will be residing within the community and the Cornwall Community Police Service is advising the public to use caution at all times and to practice sound crime prevention and safety measures at all times.  Information on crime Prevention is available on the Cornwall Community Police Service web site at


The Cornwall Community Police Service will continue to closely monitor the conditions of this release in an ongoing effort to ensure public safety and security.



There are ways in which you can reduce the risk of being a victim:


  • Walk assertively and in well-lit areas.

  • Avoid being alone if you can.

  • Exercise caution when communicating with anyone using an electronic device.

  • Walk in the centre of the sidewalk, away from alleys and doorways.

  • If you suspect you are being followed, cross the street, go to the nearest home, a service station or a business and call the police.

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid areas that increase your chances of being a victim. ( Unlit areas of parks, vacant land and parking lots)

  • Report problems to the police, we welcome the information and can advise you on prevention methods.

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  1. I am afraid for my niece, Jasmine Joubert

  2. Put him back in jail. He’s going to re-affend.

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