Cornwall Ontario Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistle Blower Diane Shay Tells Her Story by Anonymous

Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistleblower Diane Shay
Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistleblower Diane Shay

CFN – Because this story has multiple layers and spans five years, here are the basic facts:

  • A man was physically assaulted then tied to a table by his personal support worker (PSW) at a senior’s home called Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge.


  • That was on May 25th, 2008.


  • The Lodge is a municipally owned, long-term care facility in Cornwall, Ontario.


  • There were witnesses to the PSW’s crime.  Coworkers saw everything.


  • Nurse Donna Derouchie, who was the top manager at the Lodge, issued a letter to the PSW, in which he was informed he had “failed to keep the resident safe.”


  • Derouchie suspended the PSW for one week, during which he was free to work with seniors at other residences in the city.


  • However, Derouchie failed to comply with her lawful reporting obligation.


  • Lodge protocol dictates that when abuse occurs, the police, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and the family of the victim must be notified.


  • Enter nurse Diane Shay.  She learned about the incident only after the PSW was suspended.


  • Shay was the City of Cornwall’s health and safety officer and had responsibility not only for Glen-Stor-Dun but the fire department, public transit, public works, emergency medical services, environmental services, and others.


  • Shay was also responsible for training employees at the Lodge about the zero tolerance for abuse policy.


  • Nurse Shay dutifully reported the incident of abuse to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on June 9th, 2008.


  • The Ministry’s investigation began on June 20th when inspectors went to the Lodge and told Shay there were two findings:  (1) Late reporting, (again, a failure by nurse Donna Derouchie) and (2) That abuse had occurred.


But beyond these facts, there is a much bigger story, a strange and shockingly surreal five-year odyssey, dramatically unlike Camille Parent’s.  He’s the man who secretly videotaped his mother’s abusers at a long-term care home in Peterborough a few weeks ago.


Some facts about what happened after Mr. Parent blew the whistle.

  • The abuses committed by employees at St. Joseph’s at Fleming captured national media attention.

  • As a result, there is broad public support for Mr. Parent for having done “the right thing.”

  • In addition, the four perpetrators of the crimes were fired from their jobs.

  • Their terminations send a clear message about what zero tolerance means.


Too bad that facility didn’t have its own “Diane Shay.”  Perhaps Mr. Parent’s mother would never have experienced a feces covered cloth being shoved in her face, or other terrible indignities.    LINK


In contrast to the Peterborough case, Diane Shay says that from the moment she first put her hand on the file about the incident at Glen-Stor-Dun, harassment by city managers and isolation by her peers, began.


Even Diane Shay’s sister – a physio assistant – who provided care to residents of Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge, was allegedly threatened by Donna Derouchie.  In essence, Shay’s sister understood she was to stop working at the Lodge or the organization she worked for could lose its contract.  Shay’s sister complied and stopped working at the Lodge.

The combined effects of the harassment and isolation, over a sustained period of time, only exacerbated the health problems Shay began to experience, including: Insomnia, fatigue, weakness, inability to concentrate, tightness in the chest and torso, and chronic pain.


Diane Shay was fired on March 2009, less than one year from the date she reported the incident of abuse.

…to be continued

Editor’s Note; The author of this story asked that they not have a named  byline, and be listed as Anonymous out of fear of retaliation by city officials and their tentacles.

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  1. I was sickened to read this article and Mrs. Shay this should go really far to prosecute all those responsible. If this is the same Camille Parent that I went to elementary school in Cornwall and I know his mother if these are the same people. OMG how Cornwall is mighty small indeed. None of these things should ever go on and Mrs. Derouchie should be standing trial and all her benefits and everything else should be taken away from her along with the one who did the horrible crime. The same goes for Fitzy (not the dog) but the horrible thing and exuse for a man. I am literally shaken and sick over this. I sure can see how Mrs. Shay would be in the condition that she is in just now. This has to be taken to court and something has to be done about all of this. Take care Mrs. Shay and Mr. Hickley as well. I am looking forward to Tuesday’s court date for Mr. Hickley and sending him my prayers and best wishes and to you too Mrs. Shay.

  2. Hat’s off to Diane Shay for doing the right thing! It discusses me to think that someone who blows the whistle on Senior Abuse, must fear City officials! I say get rid of any officials who think that they can bully anyone who protect their loved ones… We all have them, they’ve built what we take for granted! Not only is Diane Shay an AMAZING person, but she is a HERO!!!! God bless her.
    Camille Parent
    Peterborough On.

  3. Please more ,people need to understand how their elected officials and their management behaved.

    This Cornwall story could be a best selling novel; sex,lies ,political corruption,threats ,intimidation,media silencing,media and politicos coherence .

    A best seller indeed.

  4. Sad story.
    On a bright note I can confirm that the Lou Gramm show sounded like a throat cancer patient playing with a childrens band.

  5. Diane Shay sure is a hero. I went to bed very sick after reading that story and had a hard time to sleep over this. The hell that Mrs. Shay went through cannot be explained in words. I thank God that my parents died the way they did and never went to suck a place. They wanted to die than to go to a place like that. We hear a lot of stories and they are all true. Even child abuse, sexual abuse and the list keeps going on and a mighty corrupted mayor and councel along with the upper management. The whole system has to change or else God help what is next if these things are not delt with now – not later but PRONTO!

    I have my prayers going for Mr. Hickley for his court date and want that to be a success and to have that paid for. Get rid of then entire corrupted gang of thieves, liars, and every dirty, low life thing that I could ever think of about any of that heap of garbage from the bottom of the garbage pail. I am really truly disgusted with Bare Ass Kilger and all of his gang of cliques and councel.

  6. A man was physically assaulted then tied to a table by his personal support worker………………………………………………………………

    This made my stomach sick. There needs to be criminal charges laid against this PSW.

  7. Kudos goes out to Mrs. Shay for reacting to what no one should ever have to face. We as citizens rely on facilities to care for our loved ones and in a normal world, abuse is not tolerated!!!! Cover ups upon cover ups, makes me sick that so many got away with this and who knows what other elderly people may have endured by that caregiver!!! Shame on you!! I hope justice gets served for the victim’s family and put that woman behind bars for awhile!!! So we put our tax dollars and trust in these places, for what!? So they can get away with bloody murder!!?? This is devastating. People need to wake up on who they vote in for our city next time around.. there is way too much corruption and lies happening and at what cost!?!? It’s people like Mrs. Shay who did the right thing so again, I hope no one ends up cleaning someone from city hall’s dirty butts when that time comes for them!!! Wake up and start opening your eyes and see wth is happening to our city!!! I feel sorry for the victim and his family. Again, the cover ups to try and shut them up will once again be a paid out by our city officials on behalf of yours truly, us taxpayers!!!! I wish the mayor would step down now cause this is getting insane. Wonder why he isn’t trusted or respected anymore??..blame yourself Mr. Mayor!!!! :/

  8. It’s wornderful that there are people still out there that stand up for those that cannot. I do wonder how was it this person was able to assault and tie a man up without someone intervening? Someone or people must have witnessed it so how did it ever get to that stage?

  9. Who would you like caring for our elderly? Give me an army of Diane Shay’s and all would be good. They would definitely know right from wrong and would never allow bullying, harassment, or threats to get in the way of their duty and their moral ethics. WOW, that lady has to be one strong individual–but at what cost. This in itself is proof that there is truly evil in our world. To think that a CAO, 2 high level Managers, the Mayor, Council and all of these silly law firms put so much effort into just destroying her instead of openly admitting obvious fault to the highest degree makes no sense at all. Stay strong, Ms. Shay. You have more supporters than you know.

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