Cornwall Ontario Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistle Blower Diane Shay Tells Her Story by Anonymous

Cornwall Ontario Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistle Blower Diane Shay Tells Her Story by Anonymous
Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistleblower Diane Shay
Glen Stor Dun Lodge Whistleblower Diane Shay

CFN – Because this story has multiple layers and spans five years, here are the basic facts:

  • A man was physically assaulted then tied to a table by his personal support worker (PSW) at a senior’s home called Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge.


  • That was on May 25th, 2008.


  • The Lodge is a municipally owned, long-term care facility in Cornwall, Ontario.


  • There were witnesses to the PSW’s crime.  Coworkers saw everything.


  • Nurse Donna Derouchie, who was the top manager at the Lodge, issued a letter to the PSW, in which he was informed he had “failed to keep the resident safe.”


  • Derouchie suspended the PSW for one week, during which he was free to work with seniors at other residences in the city.


  • However, Derouchie failed to comply with her lawful reporting obligation.


  • Lodge protocol dictates that when abuse occurs, the police, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, and the family of the victim must be notified.


  • Enter nurse Diane Shay.  She learned about the incident only after the PSW was suspended.


  • Shay was the City of Cornwall’s health and safety officer and had responsibility not only for Glen-Stor-Dun but the fire department, public transit, public works, emergency medical services, environmental services, and others.


  • Shay was also responsible for training employees at the Lodge about the zero tolerance for abuse policy.


  • Nurse Shay dutifully reported the incident of abuse to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care on June 9th, 2008.


  • The Ministry’s investigation began on June 20th when inspectors went to the Lodge and told Shay there were two findings:  (1) Late reporting, (again, a failure by nurse Donna Derouchie) and (2) That abuse had occurred.


But beyond these facts, there is a much bigger story, a strange and shockingly surreal five-year odyssey, dramatically unlike Camille Parent’s.  He’s the man who secretly videotaped his mother’s abusers at a long-term care home in Peterborough a few weeks ago.


Some facts about what happened after Mr. Parent blew the whistle.

  • The abuses committed by employees at St. Joseph’s at Fleming captured national media attention.

  • As a result, there is broad public support for Mr. Parent for having done “the right thing.”

  • In addition, the four perpetrators of the crimes were fired from their jobs.

  • Their terminations send a clear message about what zero tolerance means.


Too bad that facility didn’t have its own “Diane Shay.”  Perhaps Mr. Parent’s mother would never have experienced a feces covered cloth being shoved in her face, or other terrible indignities.    LINK


In contrast to the Peterborough case, Diane Shay says that from the moment she first put her hand on the file about the incident at Glen-Stor-Dun, harassment by city managers and isolation by her peers, began.


Even Diane Shay’s sister – a physio assistant – who provided care to residents of Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge, was allegedly threatened by Donna Derouchie.  In essence, Shay’s sister understood she was to stop working at the Lodge or the organization she worked for could lose its contract.  Shay’s sister complied and stopped working at the Lodge.

The combined effects of the harassment and isolation, over a sustained period of time, only exacerbated the health problems Shay began to experience, including: Insomnia, fatigue, weakness, inability to concentrate, tightness in the chest and torso, and chronic pain.


Diane Shay was fired on March 2009, less than one year from the date she reported the incident of abuse.

…to be continued

Editor’s Note; The author of this story asked that they not have a named  byline, and be listed as Anonymous out of fear of retaliation by city officials and their tentacles.

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