BREAKING – Hanging Chad & Paul Fitzpatrick – Mayor Kilger Lawyer Throws former Cornwall Ontario CAO Under the Bus – July 16, 2013

autobus Transit CornwallCFN –  In a startling revelation before the lunch break at the Hickley Whistle Blowing funding hearing, the Mayor’s lawyer appears to have thrown former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick under the bus!

Fitzpatrick Under the bus

After Super Lawyer Will McDowell’s methodical reasoning as to why the court should toss the request out over Mr. Hickley waiting too long to file and any other loophole he could throw at the court, the mayor’s discount TV  lawyer Mr. Cameron woke up out of his stupor, begged the judge for ten minutes to speak, and then went into a wild and animated sermon from the mount suggesting that it was Mr. Fitzpatrick and not the mayor that really was the issue and that it was incredulous for Mayor Kilger or his son had anything to gain thus why Mr. Hickley’s assertions via lawyer Fay Brunning should be punted on 2nd down.

We at CFN call this “A Lumley”.

More in detail at the end of the day with full coverage of the war of words.

What do you think Cornwall? Is there any amount of money and people our mayor won’t burn to try and save his skin?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Go figure.. matter of time that the Mayor is feeling the heat burning his ass, so next best thing, blame Fitz, right?? Oh, but how can he cover up the hiring of his own son, Chad Kilger?? You can’t Bare Ass!!! Everyone knows this so you’re just a tad bit too late for that!! Again, more eyes will open to the truth, the real truth Mr.Kilger!! I can only hope justice will be served on Mr. Hickley’s behalf and put an end to this corruption and scandals that there is only one person behind making those mistakes and that’s the damn Mayor!!! Kick ass Mr.Hickley!! There should be more people like you to come forward. Best of luck and put those who are to be blamed to pure shame!!!

  2. Like someone said in an earlier post about Bare Ass “the dick-tator is exactly what he is and a mighty crooked and corrupted dirtbag. He will go to all extents to protect his own ass and to hurt others. None of the above to ever be elected again should be the motto and get rid of all of them. None are worth our thoughts and should be gotten rid of a long time ago. Now taxpayers are on the hook from here to high heaven with Bare Ass “the dick-tator’s” high flying expenses that are unaffordable.

  3. …all quite confusing. but do people recall the mayor’s famous quote that he (Kilger) trusted Fitzpatrick with his political life? hmmm

  4. “He’s got my full confidence,” said Kilger. “I trust him with my political life. He continues to challenge me, he gives me sound advice.

    I think he’s a very strong leader along with the rest of the management team that he’s surrounded by.”

  5. So now Bobbyès lawyer is saying that good old buddy bot Paul was using his office to process a favor, perhaps one he owed to his pal Bobby by hiring his son Chad and that all this time Bobby was taking the hit for the hire?

    Tell me more, like could Bobby have said ‘no no’ Paully, it wouldn’t be right to circumvent smarter people than my muscle bound T.D and H.H.P. (tall, dark and handsome hockey player fast on his skates son) over all others who overall tested higher on all the score boards for the position.

    Now Mr. Hickley sir, you’ve got the wrong man?

    OMG. Do tell us more.

  6. I am thinking of the old saying that my parents used use and that is: “there is no honor among thieves” and how very true indeed. We sure see it in Bare Ass’s case that is for sure as wel as Fitzy and all the rest of the crooks. Bare Ass is a coward and one of the worst kind and he isn’t a man either but a low life piece of a scum bag.

  7. i would like to know why there no bus service on a sunday. I work on sunday and it very hard to fine someone to drive me to work and home…. i shouldnt have to pay 22 dollors or 61 dollors for a buspass and can’t use it on a sunday… please if u can have a service in the morring and when i finish work. or do what u guys do on a saturday every hour. Im trying to make money not spending on a taxi. which it cost 14 dollor to get to work and back…… hoping in the near furter we can do this, i beleave you will have more happy people out there then being piss off because they have to spend money on a taxi’s……

  8. Well, where were they ? That was the BIG question at today’s hearing ? Where were they ? Maybe it was the heat ? Maybe, they had another, last minute meeting ? Maybe, they were ordered to stay away ? Maybe, they all slept in, most of them are retired, can’t blame a work schedule ? O.K., got the picture, not one elected official was present at today’s hearing ? One would think, that at least one of our distinguished councillors, would have attended, so they could enlighten themselves about some of the goings on at City Hall ? Isn’t that why YOU were elected ? YOU, are supposed to be looking after, how our City spends our money, well, I can report back to you, that, were spending a ton of $$$ down at the Court House, and not one of you (except Andre) has said “BOO” ?
    So please, councillors, where were you ?

  9. I personally do not know Mr. Hickley, and sincerely sympathize with his situation, however, I am somewhat at a lost in understanding what effect the outcome will generate.

    We, the tax payers, complained and rightfully so, that our mayor’s legal fees were paid by the tax payer.

    On the other hand, we are hoping Mr. Hickley wins his case by having his legal fees paid by the city.

    Should he win, are we not setting a precedent and shooting ourselves in the foot?

    Are we not opening the door for all city employees who have a complaint and who seek legal council have their legal fees paid by the city at the tax payer’s expense?

    No matter how one looks at it the tax payer is once again on the losing end.

    Mindboggling to say the least

  10. Re: stellabystarlightJuly 16, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    If I may answer, stella, It would be my thinking that Mr. Hickley’s cost would be born by the city, and all others who sue for costs, ONLY if he/they win their case(s).

    Perhaps I missed something, accepting you have a valid concern, then yes, we would be shooting ‘our own feet’ as it were.

  11. My goodness, stella…where have you been. This has nothing to do with mere employee complaints. It has to do with employees who have been harassed, belittled, bullied and made ill because they dared to report wrongdoings (elder abuse/misuse of power to hire the Mayor’s son) and the fact that the City refused to comply with laws, their own policies, and the Municipal Act, etc., etc. These employees had to seek protection under the City’s very own Whistleblower policy with regards to retaliation. They had to retain their own lawyer while the City hired law firm after law firm to bully them even more. These employees are expected to go on reduced salary while the offenders continued to work with no guilt and now have all gone their own merry way with big settlements and a smile. AND all of their legal fees were paid. The City’s Whistleblower and Conflict of Interest policies ARE NOT AN OPTION! They are a duty and responsibility of every employee. As a result, if they are retaliated against in any way, there is a presumption that their having to get their own lawyer out of necessity should be paid by the City just like the guilty offenders. The bullies continue to refuse which in itself is continued bullying and harassment. Should any of this ever have gotten this far? Hell NO! But the power and arrogance of these individuals just don’t allow them to back down. It’s that old “we are above the law” scenario.

  12. Author

    Actually the power was in the hands of the cabal of councilors that allowed this to occur.

  13. pizoli…….you completely missed the point….but that’s ok

  14. Here’s another thought with regards to costs. Do we not think that, if employees who report legitimate wrongdoings are totally protected by being allowed to submit for legal expenses to protect themselves when retaliated against, the City officials would be so carefree and arrogant in dealing with the problems or individuals causing the problems? I think not. Things would be handled in an entirely different manner and we the taxpayers would actually save a tonne of money. It would be a win/win situation.

  15. Cornwall Council is a waist of our tax dollars and a waist of our time. Mr. Levac, you took this position to make change yet nothing has been done. Why don’t you be man enough and tell Kilger to go to hell? You sir owe the city, you get paid enough of our tax dollars in salary so be a man and do the right thing once and for all.

    You sir know full well who the people are that work for the city who caused and still causes us trouble at what point do you Mr. Levac start clearing the trash out and show that there is someone who will be accountable?

    Kilger, you sir have shamed this city, you sir and your best bud Fitzpatrick have shamed Cornwall into a state that may never clear itself. What a legacy to leave behind.

  16. You are so right Jamie. This never should have happened in the first place.

    The citizens need to hold council accountable for their actions.

    Covering the cost of Mr. Hickley’s fees is money well spent to put an end to all this corruption. Somebody higher up MUST now hold Kilger and his corrupt clan accountable in the hopes that this NEVER EVER happens again.

    The Cornwall Whistleblowers are all heroes in my eyes. A big thank you for putting everything on the line in fairness and protection of others in the future. I hope that Mr. Hickley will be able to take this all the way!

  17. Admin I fully agree with what you said and I said it above that I would not vote in any of them in the next election. One other thing is that I think that the councellors were told not to show up because Bare Ass, Fritzy and all the other corrupted crooks would do some relatiation on them. Those are my honest feelings.

  18. City council should hang their heads in shame after they pull them out of the sand…Not one showed up today to actually see what was going on…are they going to wait so Bob can tell them the outcome?

  19. Stella I know that this is going to costs big time but we have no other alternative but to prosecute Bare Ass, Fitzy and anyone else involved in all this fiasco. Mrs. Shay has been going through hell on earth as well. Can you picture your parents in a nursing home being abused or even yourself? I would not put up with any of this and believe me Stella and everyone the person who would hurt my parents would have me to deal with since I don’t give a rat’s behind for this earthly law. This law can be bought and that is how corrupt the system is. Bare Ass and Fitzy and all the corrupt, thieves and liars – the scum bags of the earth are all narcistic and think that they can get away with what they do but they can’t. There is a mighty big power beyond humanity that is going to punish people something awful for what they do to others. Life is like a wheel – what goes around comes around and a lot of times much worse than what you dish out to others. They are all going to get their day yet.

  20. The mind boggling part would be if the taxpayer did not pick up the tab should the complainant be successful with their suit. Should the the court find against the defendants than if the evidence revealed that the principals in the case acted outside of the law than they personally should be accountable for their legal costs and not the city (taxpayer). The mayor, council members and city staff are bound to act in the best interest of the taxpayer, this does include lying, personal interests or personal gain.

    We only lose if we do not hold offenders accountable. What motivation would a whistle blower have if the law is not enforced?

  21. I second Admins last remark.

  22. Maybe the problem is, that Councillors have been PROMOTED!

    Kilger may be suffering from PTSD from having served
    as Liberal WHIP.

    He’s reappointed COUNCILLORS as MP’S and he’s running City Hall as a the Caucus Room. He’s delusional and convinced himself and others that the in-camera session records are sealed. No accountability required.

    What else can explain such ARROGANCE and IRRESPONSIBILITY from Council?

    No RESPECTFUL Elected official that acts in this such a DECEITFUL way should ever expects RE-ELECTION.

    Got to go now, my Sand box is waiting!

  23. Of course throw Fitz under the bus…..he will never work again, he is earning most likely an $80,000+ a year pension. Hell, throw him to the wolves and down the St-Lawrence River as he dances over to the bank each month. It really doesn’t matter what they say about him now….call him what you want.

    Don’t forget the Mayor Kilger made sure to look after his buddy in the last 7 or so years of Paul’s career. About 7 years ago, they the city clowns and his (horseshit) oops!!, his worship decided to give him a whopping raise of approximately $50,000 or so a year more, as they were afraid that he would leave town and go elsewhere, ya right….They looked after each other, and both got want they wanted, so the little people can keep paying
    I just pray that the judge finds justice and rules for Hickley and the People of Cornwall

  24. Well, well, well, I am with you PIZOLI. You got it, you spoke and that is the truth and common sense here. Thank you for sharing this with us, I appreciate your comments and I totally agree with you. Great reply and hope 46000 + people get to see it this way. You are right on the fact.
    All employees are expected to conform and obey the laws, ontario laws, human rights, criminal code, code of ethics, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, employer standards act, bill 168… Councillors, mayors, or business owners should not break the laws just because they own companies and think they are above the law and are up there just because they have a Title. So many employers break laws, don’t conform, and take it upon themselves to forge, commit fraud, rip people off, lie, bully their staff, blame them for their wrong doing, and get away with this nonsense and do it over and over again. It is time for good samaritans to be commended. The bare butt people, have to stop using their position, stop spending hard earned money on unneccessary lawyer fees…and stop using city of cornwall’s profits for their lawyer fees too…
    Whistleblowers, also known as perfect record staff, as they disclose an illegal act, a criminal act, or any non conforming acts that their employer has done, once they are caught, charged, and are guilty, employees should not be penalized at all, they should not be paying anything for their lawyer fees for defending themselves, the costs should all be covered by the law breakers & shisters personally… insurance for them, it should be zero coverage. After all, the law breakers and shisters are the ones that put everyone in this predicament…not the loyal honest hard working employee.

  25. Perhaps a ‘Whistle Blower Law’ should be institutional via the Ontario Legislature over all municipalities as being similar to the
    bystander who voluntarily saves someone from a drowning or being killed by risking their own life.

    Costs incurred for these life saviors are picked up by the province if a case goes to court. Whistle blowers on construction sites save lives, save major costs in many ways. In the work place people who make suggestions (similarities here) can save companies thousands of dollars and perhaps potential injuries or possible crimes being committed in the work place. The name of a person giving of themselves alludes me right now…can anyone come up with it?

    All of these are related in that upright, thoughtful, brave persons see wrong doing or situations and want to correct them. Many are rewarded financially or with peer recognition. All of these have commonalities to what Mrs. Bray and Mr. Hickley are doing.

  26. ‘Samaritans’…that’s the word I was looking for… in my above comment….. Thanks Diddly..only I had already sent the comment….. you numbskull….. :=_).

  27. An analogy here should be considered by Ms. Brunning by drawing on the ‘whistle blower’ as a true ‘Samaritan’ in every sense of the word.

    Samaritans are brave, upright, quick thinking, honest and kind…….just like a conscientious person who wants truth in advertising……as in politics, our elected officials are to hold to certain rules of the game and one way we can ensure they do is to stand up and take call them out.

    Often it is too late and or too far down the road to hold off until the next vote…… NOW is when impeachments happen…….in effect, that is why whistle blowing is so important to the process.

  28. I would just like to clarify one issue: of the aprox. 1000 City employees only 80 are non union and would not have access to legal advice. All unionized employees do have access to legal advise though their the various unions.

    To deny us access to legal advice is opening the door to allow these issue to go on without accountability.

    I guess, as tax payers you will have to decide what kind of leaders you want for your community.

    Diane Shay

  29. Good info Diane. Thank you as well for having the courage and fortitude for all that you have put your self through…you expense of time and stress were NOT warranted…should have had common sense avenues in place initially.

    I am one who believes all citizens should have access to this type of assistance (when/ where they have been found correct in their accusations). Your pay if time off has been required and all legal costs within reason, should be taken care off via Ontario Government requirement unless such claim is found to be frivolous or grossly negligent.

    Regarding unions having such access, their contract details should be used for the Ontario legislation for all employee’s, everywhere.

    How much do you feel that would eliminate liars, abusers, bully managers, sexual harassments, false dismissal cases to actually shrink, knowing they won’t be able to bully based on victim ability to sue with support in place.

    I think this would actually make the a&^ holes of our work environment think twice….but also the victims knowing they could go up on charges if they are proven wrong in their charges, PLUS costs.


  30. Let’s not forget, a PSW tied down and assaulted an elderly patient at Glen Stor Dun Lodge, as stated by anonymous. Were there any charges, if so, who paid the legal fees, if not, how can this person remain at large in the community,

  31. Mrs. Shay you are right where the people have do decide what kind of leadership that they want for the community. As long as Bare Ass “His Horseshit” as someone put it continues to hold office I guarantee all of you that Cornwall will be bankrupt. If you look at Fox News as well as news Detroit is under Section 9 Bankruptcy Protection and I knew about this about 3 or 4 years ago and Obama was going to bulldoze 1/3 of Detroit. If things are not handled properly in Cornwall and get rid of the entire gang and their clique the same thing will happen to Cornwall and I kid you not. I am mighty serious about this even with my jokes in hand. Bare Ass and his council have to go and like someone said don’t re-elect any of them ever again. I wouldn’t even elect one to be a dog catcher let alone a mayor nor council. All of them have to go pronto – not tomorrow but NOW.

  32. If I may, Stellabystarlight, I respectfully do not agree with your comment about setting a president regarding having city employees request that the tax payers foot the bill for court services. In Ms. Shaye’s and Mr. Hickley’s case, it is most warranted that the city pay their legal fees. They have suffered at the hands of city council and therefore, are entitled to have this huge cost covered. I know Mr. Hickley and I am alarmed that his health is being affected by the stress and the run a round he’s getting from the Mayor and city officials, Shame on them!! Mr. Hickley and Ms. Shaye are hereos and positive role models in our community and it’s a crime how they are being treated. Like I said before, lets vote the Mayor and his henchmen out of office. I can not believe that the seaway news had the nerve to feature and promote the Mayor and the existing council with regards to who might be running yet again in the upcoming election. Are you kidding me? Vote the bums out!!

  33. Newsworthy…….I truly and sincerely sympathize with both Mr. Hickley and Mrs. Shay. What they have done is commendable and takes great courage and yes they deserve some type of remuneration for legal cost.

    The only point I was trying to make is this:

    Mrs Shay said they are 80 non-unionized employees. What would happen if sometime down the road, another would file a complaint for wrongful dismissal as an example……then another for something else…..etc etc.

    Do you not think, depending on the outcome of these two cases, that the judge’s decision won’t set a precedent. It certainly will.

    That being said, the tax payer once again will be at the losing end. This doesn’t mean to say, I do not support them, far from it. They both deserve the financial help for trying to correct a wrong and for coming forward.

  34. Excellent breakdown, Ms. Shay. That simplifies and clarifies so many of the other comments and should help all who don’t understand. Gee, 80/1000, only 8% have no legal protection–probably all of the non-union and Management. Yup, and who do Council bully the most. Interesting for sure. They say that silence breeds corruption. With the exception of Andre and Leslie, all remaining Councillors are thus guilty. Cowards to the max. Shame.

  35. Mr. Hickley and Mrs. Shay I offer you both my best regards and I know that you have both gone through and going through hell on earth. Stay as calm as you can because being upset will make your health much worse. There is no price for good health.

    Every one of us here knows that Bare Ass and his gang of thugs have to be taken out and long before there is an election. You deserve to have your legal bills paid for but Bare Ass should pay for his since he is a multi millionaire and has gotten his own self in a terrible stew that he made and deserves only the worst from all of us.

    I just want to say stay in the fight and never ever give up. Keep as calm as you can and keep up your brave selves. Bare Ass, Fitzy and all the rest of that clan are all corrupted to the core. Do not vote for any of the mayor and councel ever again – none not one – boot the whole crew out of office as fast as you can. You are doing a great job and a mighty hard one to boot.

  36. Diddlyscwat you are not a numbskull but a mighty bright and humourous person and I have been laughing all day at some things that you posted which are very true indeed.

  37. Jules, July 18, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    You and I do not always agree. That being said, I have no choice but to agree with your last post. With that I feel obliged to say thank you for saying so much with only two lines….:-)

    I am sure all readers were amazed by your honesty and simplicity of comment too.

    So many of us, yes, that includes me and my dear(if I may), you as well. Jamie has been very tolerant with all of us who are long winded (probably because he knows we are long in the tooth as well).

    In the matter at hand, Diane and Mr. Hickley’s need of our moral support is paramount. Your empathy and most comments are in the right vain.

    Kind regards….despite the possibility of opposing views on other matters down the road.

  38. The only question before the Court is “should Mr. Hickley be allowed to have his legal fees paid UNDER THE WHISTLEBLOWER POLICY to fairly proceed with the Conflict of Interest charges against the Mayor and Fitzpatrick. Again I say, this City policy mandates all employees to report or face disciplinary action which may include discharge. If retaliated against, they can then invoke the Whistleblower Policy (signed by the Mayor and Fitzpatrick) to seek protection. All should be fine except it is these two individuals that are the subject of these employees seeking protection in the first place and the policy is heavily flawed because Council has refused over and over to establish a procedure in such a circumstance. Wrongful dismissal would be fought through our courts and if the employee is successful all legal fees would be covered or negotiated. Entirely different scenario. The only precedent that would be set is that legitimate whistleblowers would know that they can fulfill the mandate imposed on them by their employer (the City) without having to totally deplete all resources as McDowell suggests. In these two cases the OFFENDERS don’t have to deplete any of their personal finances. Only when pushed did the Mayor see fit to get his own lawyer. Before that, he slithered under the invoices of the City lawyers

  39. Stella,

    Please understand that no one, and I mean no one would ever voluntarily put themselves in such a horrific situation without an overwhelming belief of a serious contravention of the law/ethics or principles. I have lost my career, my health, financially, and many friends who are city workers who to this day fear being associated with me because of the fear of retaliation.

    Regardless of the outcome, I do hope that in the future those in power never contemplate such actions again.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  40. Diane……thank-you for responding.

    I sympathize with you and fully understand.

    A female friend of mine went through the same treatment by the city and quit. There is a group there that think they are invincible, that they are superior to every employee and do not recognize good performance unless one is part of the elite club.

    One has no right to an opinion, and if an opinion is brought forth, the employee certainly will pay for it one way or another like you and Mr Hickley are now.

    So…… yes I do know for sure what you are going through. Like you, she lost friends because she was tagged as a trouble maker, insubordinate….etc etc.

    Unlike you, she never pursued it because she felt it would be a
    losing battle because of the way the Big BOYS never did wrong and stuck up for each other whether they were right or wrong. Also the stress involved in fighting the BIG LEAGUERS.

    She is sorry now they never pursued but alas….it is too late.

    I would love to elaborate on my friend’s situation to give you a clearer picture, but I think you got the picture by now.

    My thoughts are with you and your family, but let me say this.

    First, your friends that abandoned you when you needed them most are not true friends. No great loss.

    Second………You need to be commended for coming forward and paving the way for justice and respect.

    Third… sought fairness and brought things to light and by doing so, you have changed the pattern of how the BIG BOYS CLUB will treat and respect their “subordinates” in the future.

    STAND PROUD!!!!!


  41. Dear Mrs Shay,

    How difficult it must be for you and your family to be entangled
    on centre stage, in what has turned out to be a horrific nightmare?

    You have courageously defended what you believed to be ethically, principally wrong and Illegal. You did so on behalf of a vulnerable person who’s care and Well being had been intrusted with confidence by an unsuspecting family.

    As a child of ageing parents, I’m comforted in knowing that we are blessed to have in our Community a CARING and unselfish person as yourself. Your actions have not only helped one vulnerable Senior. Your actions have risen the level of awareness to a hole new level in our Community.

    Families, Staff and Management whose care for Seniors have been intrusted, have been CAUTIONED by your actions. As a result of this increased awareness, it will encourage more vigilance and attentiveness going forward. I believe your actions will have a lasting and beneficial impact on those involved as Caregivers and Institutional Authorities.

    As a result of your courageous efforts, you have empowered others to possibly become more assertive in condemning and reporting these type of treatments, on the most vulnerable Citizens.

    You have lost allot as a result of these malicious, self serving individuals that have inflicted abusive sanctions and attacks on you. Be assured that their actions and choices in responding to your legitimate concerns, have exposed the real despicable selfish nature of these individuals. They must remember that
    on Election day we are the Judge and Jury.

    Your WILL to do the right thing should never be regarded as anything less than HONOURABLE and COURAGEOUS.

    This community is a better place as a result of your Leadership
    and determination at standing against this type of victimizing and corruption.

    Be courageous going forward and know that your actions will be remembered as an act of unselfishness in an attempt to improve the quality of all our lives, in this City we call home.

    May an abundance of good health, comfort and peace come to you and your family.
    Our thoughts are with you in this taxing and trying time.

    I remain,

    From my family and myself,
    Citizens of Cornwall.

  42. Diddlyscwat we do not always have to agree and that is impossible for anyone not just about me but anyone. We all have our own opinions and that is what is interesting. I sit here and laugh a lot of times at things that everyone would come out with including myself.

    One thing that we can all agree on is that Mrs. Shay and Mr. Hickley need our support and that we need to get rid of Bare Ass and company as fast as possible. I am really shocked at how Bare Ass became and that is what happens when one strays from the good and into corruption.

    It is good to listen to different opinions and we all learn from them.

  43. So Jamie, what updates do you have for us, in particular for when the next court dates are for decision time or any other follow ups?

    This person, this community are very interested that fair and appropriate treatment of its citizens is recognized by our judiciary.

    Jamie, we can not thank YOU enough for bringing these episodic highlights out in the open for us to provide ‘public opinion’ so we can take it to the poles when the time comes.


  44. Author

    Hi Dukers1

    We are working on updates constantly. Sometimes though timing is everything 🙂


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