Cornwall Ontario Holds Off Setting Up Heat Shelters as Temps Hover Near 40 Celsius – July 15, 2013

strokeCFN – Heat Stroke and other conditions can afflict those, especially seniors in this actual spurt of Summer.

CFN contacted City Hall today but sadly with temps hovering over 40 C with the humidex at least until Thursday Cornwall Ontario officials are refusing to take action.

So CFN is sharing a list of places that you might wish to visit to get out of the heat; especially if your home isn’t well ventilated or cooled.

The public library is open during the day.    The local mall; the civic complex can be strolled.   Most stores and restaurants.  The next three days might be a good time to play afternoon Bingo as well.

The Benson Centre is also air cooled.

Of course compounding the heat, rain and Thunder storms are predicted starting Wednesday.

Some signs of heat stroke:  MAYO CLINIC LINK

Heatstroke symptoms include:

  • High body temperature. A body temperature of 104 F (40 C) or higher is the main sign of heatstroke.

  • A lack of sweating. In heatstroke brought on by hot weather, your skin will feel hot and dry to the touch. However, in heatstroke brought on by strenuous exercise, your skin may feel moist.

  • Nausea and vomiting. You may feel sick to your stomach or vomit.

  • Flushed skin. Your skin may turn red as your body temperature increases.

  • Rapid breathing. Your breathing may become rapid and shallow.

  • Racing heart rate. Your pulse may significantly increase because heat stress places a tremendous burden on your heart to help cool your body.

  • Headache. You may experience a throbbing headache.

  • Confusion. You may have seizures, hallucinate, or have difficulty speaking or understanding what others are saying.

  • Unconsciousness. You may pass out or fall into a state of deep unconsciousness (coma).

  • Muscle cramps or weakness. Your muscles may feel tender or cramped in the early stages of heatstroke, but may later go rigid or limp.

Remember to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.  It’s always best to stay away from Caffeine and soda in these temperatures as well.

And stay out of direct high sun if you’re sensitive or have any medical conditions.

Fitzy March 29 13Please remember pets suffer from the heat too.  Make sure they have plenty of fresh water and remember hot pavement on paws can burn too!

We will update if the City decides to show some compassion to those that might need refuge during this mini heat wave.


  1. I saw a certain daycare centre had the children outside and 2 of their staff taking a walk with the babies. Shame on them!

  2. Jamie and folks it is mighty hot here in Ottawa and even my daughter who has hypothyroid is having a very difficult time with this weather and was talking to people on line about it. Drinking plenty of water and staying inside where you keep your place cool is the right thing to do. Keep babies, children pets and the elderly out of the heat. This can be mighty dangerous for everyone. Take care.

  3. @Judy…Name the day care center.. I hope it was not the one that was closed down?

  4. Thank you for caring enough about the well being of many of the Cornwall citizens who are suffering during this heat and humidity advisory by providing this update.

    People also suffer from woodsmoke permeated air from wood burning fire pits that smoke up entire neighbourhoods causing harm to those with heart, lung and other conditions.

    The Health Unit suggests that people open their windows at night, but in many areas that is impossible if smoke from fire pit burning pollutes the air they breathe.

    Shame on this city and shame on the neglect that happens on a daily basis while people try to maintain their health and quality of life.

    Both become a stuggle in a heat wave when the air at night is polluted with Woodsmoke. Cornwall continues with it’s toxic legacy when other Canadian communities have already banned/ended/prohibited the use of all outdoor open air burning devices and appliances. Cleaner and healthier alternatives are available for people to enjoy without harming their neighbours, and our envrionment.

    As always, this city lives in a state of denial and neglect when it comes to serious matters that concern our health and the air we breathe.

    Hopefully people will find some relief from this intense heat and humidty and maybe one day when Cornwall catches up to the rest of the Province, people will be able to oepn their windows at night for some clean, woodsmoke-free air to breathe.

    In the meantime, don’t hold your breath!!!

  5. Thank you CFN! I’m sure Kilger’s Bare Ass is mighty cooler than many of the elderly or others that don’t have air conditioners in their homes.

    …..but then again we have a Mayor that only cares about hockey and himself.

    Great info on heatstroke and areas that are cooler to send people in need. I know that you really care about our community Jamie!

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