Big Wind Shortens Long Sault Farmer’s Market by Reg Coffey July 20, 2013

Rubicon Farms 19Jul13

CFN -Rain or shine the Long Sault Market will still go on but high winds and the threat of a tornado sends us home early. The market closed at 4 PM instead of the usual 6 PM. The wind was so strong yesterday that much of our time was spent holding down our tents. Unfortunately three vendor’s tents suffered damage from the high winds and had to be taken down.

The good news on this blustery Friday afternoon was that Rubicon Farms was there with the first locally grown blueberries of the season and we had two new vendors from the Summer Company, Crystal Primeau with “Crystal’s Bowtique” and Victoria Cotnam with “Little Bird Sewing”. All three vendors are welcome additions to the market.

You can still see that in spite of the big wind and tornado warning people still came out to buy all the fresh local products that they have come to appreciate and depend on. I will admit though, not a lot of people were lined up for a hot cup of coffee in the 32°C temperature with a humidex reading of 44°C. Actually the only thing that made standing in the heat and humidity bearable was the high winds.

Avonmore Berry Farm 19July13

Swiss Farm Bakery 19Jul13

Ingleside Tomatoes 19Jul13

While the wind may have dented our resolve to keep the market open we will be back next week with the latest fresh locally grown produce available and other locally produced goods for sale. I can’t make any promises but the long term forecast says that next Friday will be sunny and a high of 26 degrees and there might even be some fresh corn.

Make the trip to Long Sault on Friday afternoon and you won’t be disappointed. I’ll have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you.

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  1. Reg: you might want to think about offering Iced & Frozen Coffee’s to the crowds in hot weather.

  2. Stan, too much equipment needed and not enough power. I don’t want to make a crappy sugary coffee-like flavored beverage. Timmy’s is just on the corner and they don’t like competition.

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