Friday August 9th – Holly Woods & Toronto @ The Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario CLICK FOR DETAILS

toronto poster (1)CFN is proud to sponsor Jeff Brunet’s  Alkaline Entertainment’s presentation at the historic Port Theatre in Cornwall Ontario of

Holly Woods & Toronto

Toronto sold out last time they hit Cornwall.

toronto cover

One night only!

Friday August 9th, 2013

This is a licensed LCBO show

Get your tickets in advance or at the door.

Melody Music  & The Port Theatre (from 1-4PM) in Cornwall


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  1. I have partied with Sharon Alton and Brian Allen when they lived together on Merrill Street in Toronto. All the neighbors used to meet in the middle of the street with cases of beer and it just went from there. My best friend lived across the road from them so I was just a visitor.

  2. It’s great to see the Port trying out new things to keep itself going.

    I think there would be a good market for marathons in this city.

    Pick a weekend day and play a few movies and it’s sequels in a row. Starwars, Batman Indianna Jones, whatever. Encourage the people participating to dress up as the characters. I really think that could increase some revenue. Not so much my thing, but there are enough Cornwallites into that kinda thing to fill the Port i’m sure.

  3. Author

    I tried to do that with the Port, but it seems that Mr. McGillivray doesn’t like myself or CFN…. I wanted to book the Artist for the 70th Anniversary of the theatre and wanted to do a movie even there recently but was rebuffed. It’s very sad when someone with my film pedigree and background has to look for alternative locations to do volunteer events….

  4. You really have that effect on people. Lol.

    That’s a shame though, you seem to have good intentions. Liftoff turns you a way, Port turns you away, chamber turns you away. You’re a patient guy Jamie. I probably would have told a lot of these people where to stick it.

  5. Author

    What makes you think I haven’t at times 😉 – honestly I think if enough people fail enough times someone will figure it out. It’s not a “Jamie” thing. Outsiders seem to be held off of most committee and group leadership unless brown is their favorite colour…. It’s called cronyism and it’s why our beautiful city is so behind towns like Brockville who in the 80’s broke the back of their old guard when a very young Steve Clark became the youngest mayor in Canadian history.

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