CFN Interviews Rik Saaltink as Opening of the New Northern Section of the Seaway International Bridge Approaches

Bridge HIGHCFN – Rik Saaltink has spent 15 years watching the new Northern section of the Seaway International Bridge move forward from idea, to plan, to reality.

And now the bridge is in the home stretch and will hopefully be ready to roll in the Fall.

Rik shared about the bridge and new temporary customs location as we did a walk and talk video interview.

The project looks lovely, but this scribbler is going to miss the old bridge. There’s something majestic about it and I have always enjoyed looking out at Cornwall as I arrive from the South which is how I first gazed down at the River City all those many years ago.

Old bridge going up.  One of the pillars will remain.
Old bridge going up. One of the pillars will remain.

What are your memories of the old bridge Cornwallites and what do you think about the new one?

You can post your comments below.

The Bridge people have also released an status update.  LINK

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  1. I will look forward to walking the bridge when It’s done and I get back home to visit.Great job and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great story brought back memories of going across the Roosevelt bridge which had a span that opened for shipping,I believe there is still cement blocks in the water from it

  3. I sure do remember the bridge going up and the Seaway back in 1957-58 and it was made for the big boats going through the St. Lawrence River. I always was afraid to be in a car or anywhere on that bridge but it will be surely missed for sure after all those years.

    After looking at the lower bridge it is a better thing for Cornwall since there are no more ships going through except for small boats. The scenerie is beautiful for sure like what Jamie said and now it can be much more appreciated than the huge bridge where you dreaded to look down. We have the low level bridges here in Ottawa and they always need yearly maintenance but a great deal less costly than the huge bridge. Nice job that I see so far.

  4. The Dam was built between 1954 and 1958.
    There was nowhere for ships to go when the bridge was built.
    The bridge was a FUBAR from the start.
    What were they thinking, they would open the dam for shipping?
    Bureaucracy and politics at its best and still shines.
    Good one though as people still don’t realize this.

  5. They should keep the pillars standing!

    Maybe create a park among them following the route of the old bridge?

  6. Ah Mariah
    the old roosevelt or railway bridge…where we learned to skateboard and almost lost our lives flying down the closed section with no helmets..and no fears..silly us
    I liked those days when had no worries of seems real close and scary..

  7. No one is wondering why so much money is being spent to remove the old bridge pillars?

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