Tomlinson Concrete Plant in South Stormont Ontario? Mayor Bryan McGillis pitches after Brockville Rejection

Mayor Bryan McGillis of South Stormont

CFN– South Stormont Township has made a pitch to R.W. Tomlinson for them to locate a Concrete plant that was rejected by Brockville Ontario on a property that they feel would meet the company’s criteria and is already zoned appropriately.

concrete plant
concrete plant 

South Stormont is always focused on bringing strong economic development to our growing community.

In talking with Mayor McGillis he shared that South Stormont had some choice locations for growth and expansion.

The plant and the approximately 40 jobs that would come with it don’t seem to be exciting to Cornwall Economic Development officer Mark Boileau according to media reports.

The Tomlinson Group applied to have a 44 acre parcel in Brockville rezoned, but was met with community activism in rejecting the proposal which ideally would be near or on the waterfront.

Ralph Tomlinson founded R.W. Tomlinson Cartage in 1952 with one single-axle dump truck. Incorporated as R.W. Tomlinson Limited in 1969, the company is now a prominent player in quarrying, construction, trucking and environmental industries, with a large fleet of company-owned vehicles in Eastern Canada.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. We have Tomlinson right here in Ottawa and they sure do a lot of contracts. They are a very big firm. Long Sault would be lucky to have that company. You never know maybe there would be more jobs for the area.

  2. I congratulate Mayor McGillis and he is a good mayor from what I gather. Tomlinson is a very big company and much bigger than Grant by a long shot. Tomlinson also picks up garbage here in Ottawa, they do construction and a lot of things. This would be great if they can bring business to Long Sault. Keep Long Sault small Ottawa has gone nuts with the traffic. It would deafen everyone to hear it. I came back with my daughter and we are both completely exhausted. We walked very far and I am trying to see if I am still alive. LOL LOL.

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