South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Announces New Board & Initiatives August 26, 2013

SSCClogoSOUTH STORMONT Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the election of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors at their Annual General Meeting held August 20th, 2013 at the South Stormont Community Hall.  The Executive Committee is as follows:

Donna Primeau, Showcase:  President

Kim Stewart, Stokefire: 1st Vice President

Dave Duprau, Coldwell Banker: 2nd Vice President

Connie Charlebois, Connie Charlebois Bookkeeping Services:  Treasurer

Carol Delorme, Farran Footwear:  Secretary


With the current economic climate, the possibility of a minimum wage increase to $14.00 per hour and the growth South Stormont is experiencing, the businesses of our Township need a united voice.  We are looking forward to working with all the businesses in South Stormont, Township Council and other Chambers in our area.

“We have a good, strong, energetic group of people who have worked together with the Ingleside and Long Sault Business Owners’ Association for a number of years. Add to that the continuity of the incumbent Treasurer along with two previous directors. Top that off with a handful of new highly motivated, diverse individuals and I’m confident we have a recipe to succeed” stated President Donna Primeau.

mcgillis-OF-571x800Mayor Bryan McGillis said, “We encourage the newly elected Board as they move forward to advocate for the business community. On behalf of the Township, we also wish to convey our support for Chamber initiatives. This local organization has the capacity to further the interests of businesses in South Stormont and the region; congratulations.”

Some of the items on the top of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce “to do” list include but are certainly not limited to, a review of the by-law and memberships fees and the development of an information package. Once these items are completed, a membership drive will become the priority.

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