Sean Bray of Green Valley Ontario Upset at South Glengarry Switching Bulletin from Local Paper to Quebecor


As a taxpayer and SG resident, I am dismayed to see you move  advertising to a corporate-owned entity in Cornwall that is controlled in Quebec.  This demonstrates you are clearly out of touch with local
businesses and their employees.

We expect council to support local businesses, not threaten them.  The Glengarry News is my employer, and you are threatening my job! The Glengarry News is OUR community newspaper.  This isn’t Cornwall.  Or
has SG been amalgamated without my knowledge?

As an appointed mayor, it is frustrating that you have no accountability to the electorate.  Taxpayers and residents should have the right to elect their officials, rather than being told who will represent them.

You should resign and call an election immediately.  Perhaps residents and taxpayers believe in the direction you are taking this township (though I somehow doubt it) and will re-elect you.  But they should
have the right to have their voice heard.

Shame on you, and shame on the rest of SG council.

Dejected voter,
Sean Bray
Green Valley

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  1. Thank you Sean for speaking up,others may follow .This is not the first time that SG has let down its own residents,it refused to have a law that protects its residents from ever being forced to put the language of their choice on their own business…Shame on SG again!!!

  2. Well, Quebecor is a “Conservative” news company and your MP and MPP are conservatives. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately Canada has become hyper partisan under Conservative rule and big companies are reaping the advantage over small business.

  3. @ Mary. The sign resolution that Galganov and his freedom-fighters wanted passed was illegal under the Ontario Municipal Act. No council can pass a law that ties the hands of future councils. They refused to pass in illegal law.

  4. Mr. Bray if there was any amalgamation I can assure you that your taxes would skyrocket so high that your eyeballs would literally spin. Today it is big business unfortunately and no matter if it was Conservative, Liberal, NDP or any other they all kiss the same spot who runs all parties. This is very unfortunate indeed and I am one who supports small businesses above the big ones but unfortunately there are very few small businesses left and the big eat the small.

  5. @Mary, what does this article have to do with language?

  6. @ Reg. Spellcheck needed? Hyper partisan or Harper partisan?

  7. @ Stella. It seems that every problem known to humanity can be blamed on bilingualism. Especially in eastern Ontario. 🙂

  8. @ PJ. I think most people, even Conservatives, have tired of Dear Leader’s nastiness. If he sticks around for the next election (not likely) he’ll be at best reduced to leader of The Official Opposition, but more likely. the leader of the third party.

  9. A tempest in a teacup or should I say Coffey’s cup. I’ve always said that I cannot afford to buy local because local is OVERPRICED. South Glengarry has gone for cheaper pricing… cannot blame them for that! It has nothing Reg, repeat nothing, to do with politics and political parties!

  10. Hate to say it BUT, thinking that South Glengarry has went with a paper that has a wider audience, the paper that is wider read than The Glengarry News. A paper that is more likely to reach their taxpayer base. Simple. Thinking that supporting LOCAL in this case does not support the audience they wish to reach.

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