Cornwall Ontario Branding Problem? Facebook Meme Page Heckling City Goes Viral 1500 + Likes in 2 Days

Cornwall Ontario  Branding Problem?   Facebook Meme Page Heckling City Goes Viral 1500 + Likes in 2 Days

Cornwall SPRING 2012CFN – Ah the irony.  I get invited to check out this Facebook page that essentially is a celebration of all that’s not as good about Cornwall Ontario.   LINK

Yes it’s kinda high school.  And yes some of it’s funny.   For those viewers that don’t know Cornwall Ontario is a kinda unusual kinda of place.  It has immense potential and already has achieved some good.

1006349_511400548942564_535577669_nYes it’s a bit xenophobic and yes a bit of a closed shop; but the utter irony is that the locals trash it and view it more poorly than we latecomers to the party.

cornwall transitI contacted the page owner who stated;

My goal was to raise awareness for the ongoing visible problems in a community that could be striving.

gosling cwall

“I myself, am a member of the Cornwall community, my memes hackle a lot of things that I played a relative part in myself for example, I have memes about Citadelle High School yet I was once a student there, I joke about the facts of the working man not making enough in this town yet I work in this town and I joke a lot about Cornwall Transit yet I ride the bus to work 6 days a week.


My goal is for the city to improve these things and Memes grab attention, the Bold text, the sharp pictures. When you look at a meme, it’s fast, you read the title, you look at the picture, read from top to bottom, look at the picture again and then you laugh. All this happens in 1 and a half seconds. Teens and adults like myself all enjoy memes for that reason, it’s quick hilarity. If this is the manner in which is the most ideal for raising awareness of the surrounding problems in our community, then I will continue to create these memes.”

Asked about offending people with the memes:

I can understand why someone could find it offensive, I go on about Teen pregnancy, Parents who have teens that are pregnant or teens that have had a child could easily find those memes offensive, HOWEVER they know better than anyone else that they are offended not only by me but the fact that it is a problem in our community. Every time you read one of my memes, you can say “Its funny, cause it’s true”. In no way am i trying to offend, I am addressing the problems using Memes and Hilarity as my vehicle

CFN last year tried to have a three month contest where the public would write in letters about what was amazing about Cornwall with the top 100 as voted by the public would win local shopping prizes.

That effort was attacked by the City with the mayor even suggesting that it would be a “security” issue to have a link on the city’s website and facebook  page to the contest.   The Chamber of Commerce and Team Cornwall also refused to participate in a three month campaign on the most read newspaper in the city to cherish what’s best of our fair town.

As a matter of fact at the time people suggested we have a contest about how bad Cornwall is and now with this facebook page it looks like that would have been more popular?

Insanity, I know.    So reading through this meme page and seeing over 1,500 people like the page in less than two days I decided to throw this out to you the public to post what you really think of our fair city by your comments below.

So please have it .  Post the good and bad that you feel about your city.

And if you’re like me and want to make Cornwall a better place to live, work, and play please come out to our first Town Hall meeting on Sunday October 27th from 1-4 PM.   It’s free admission with live entertainment; community and political speakers, and tables for vendors, organizations, and artists.

Town Hall 300x250 2013-08-25

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