What do you think the Friendliest City in Canada is as I contemplate my Journey Across Canada to Finish Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge

Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – So what do you think the friendliest city in Canada is?   I will be taking a well deserved break and travelling across Canada this March.

As some of you know I have this little project called “Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge” and I will be travelling across Canada leisurely and finishing the first official draft of the screenplay as it looks like there’s an awful lot of buzz and interest in the project which I wasn’t expecting before the damn thing was finished.

I’m going to be looking for fun places to hunker down for a few days at a time, and want to soak up some of the nicer places in our amazing country!

I’m going to start my way from the East Coast with Fitzy in tow (he thinks he can drive a standard!) and work my way to BC, while makingFitzy Jan 16 2013 a documentary of my journey and the completion of the epic screenplay which I’m kinda happy about so far.

CFN was never meant to be a five year journey for me(February will be our fifth anniversary).  It’s surprised even myself.  It’s been highly educational.  I’ve learned a lot about people.  I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’ve even learned bits about Dachshunds…

I’ve made far more friends than enemies on this journey that has been CFN.    It’s not quite over, and other than this vacation it’ll still be business as usual, (there will be a full time guest editor or two while I’m gone) and thanks to our new subscribers Seaway Radio will be returning with a talk radio format before October 1!

And yes I’ll be sharing more about the process of DTUCB especially once the casting starts.

So smile Cornwall.   The world is watching!  And I know you Cornwall cliquesters and haters will miss me while I’m mostly gone 🙂


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  1. Moose Creek

  2. I’ve traveled 8 provinces,and Kingston is by far the most friendliest place. I had more hellos and greetings in one afternoon then I’ve had in 25 years in cornwall. You won’t need to travel very far.

  3. Moose-creek is friendly also cause everyone is smoking the weed all the time. Just ask 420

  4. Do not forget NL. Beautiful and wonderful people

  5. I was most impressed by the people in Charlottetown, PEI

  6. Cornwall, if you are on welfare.. where else could you collect welfare, not have to work, use a food bank cause your welfare was used up on drugs and booze? oh yeah, and collect welfare from Quebec too.

  7. St. Boniface Manitoba.
    Why March? Pretty iffy traveling at that time of year.

  8. Author

    Scheduling Furtz. It’s hard to get away for a day, never mind a near month. Last time I tried to get away for a week it only lasted 3 days before emergencies dragged me back.

  9. Sounds very exciting Jamie. It will be a wonderful experience.

    Caraquet New Brunswick is a pretty and friendly town on the Chaleur Bay. (Baie des chaleurs)

  10. Jamie very honestly it would be the east coast of Canada both Newfoundland, PEI and New Brunswick. My son’s former teacher here in Ottawa of elementary school left Ottawa for Summerville PEI and he loves it. He is formerly from Pembroke and lived in Ottawa for years and owned a house here and sold it. My husband and I met a man two years ago who lives in PEI and loves it and used to live in Vancouver and other places in Canada and says that PEI is the best. I guess each one to his own but the east coast would be my favorite place to visit. The people down there are very friendly and remember 911 these people brought in American people that they never knew into their homes that is how hospitable they are. The best Canadians are on the east coast.

  11. Today marks 39 years of marriage and my husband and I popped into Cornwall briefly today. We saw some changes that we haven’t noticed before.

    Jamie all the best to you on your trip in March and to that sweet little dog Fitzy. You are a very lucky man indeed with that cute little fellow by your side.

    My husband and I have made quite a record of being married this long for this day and age. How did I do that well I guess by the grace of God and a good sense of humor.

  12. Author

    Jules how bad can Cornwall be if you chose to visit it on your 39th wedding anniversary? Congrats!

  13. Jamie (Admin) my husband wanted to go to Cornwall to visit and it is my hometown but it has not always been that good for me. I miss it in some ways but not in some other ways. I can honestly say that Cornwall has not treated the vast majority very well either. People have no other choice but to leave. The situation is going to get even worse overtime. Yesterday I saw a former public elementary school gone and in its place is a Wesleyan church put into that former school. I have seen other businesses gone. I sure do feel sorry for the people who live in Cornwall and my husband says the same. He says that the little people are pretty good and mighty strong willed to put up with what they do. Yesterday we went by highway 31 and a nice scenic route but mighty long. We stopped at the Upper Migratory Bird Sanctuary before going to Cornwall to rest a little. The people of Cornwall have to be strong and stand up to the “bullies” that think that the town belongs to them – that is what I hate about Cornwall are the “bullies” the “clique” in other words. People are kept down and not able to get ahead just like what happened to you Jamie. Otherwise I think that Cornwall would be a good place if people learned how to stand up to those bullies.

  14. I am with STAN STALK. Another vote for Charlottetown PEI. Shawville PQ would find itself on my list as well, fond memories.

  15. Bountiful, British Columbia

    So friendly they won’t let you leave

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