River Kings vs Cornwall Ontario – We Shoot They Score LTE Steven Bergeron


Here we are Cornwall a small town population of a little under 46,000. Yet we have a good product that seems to be slipping out of our grasps once again. Why you ask? Why are we doomed to such failure? There are many factors needed to be taken into serious consideration.

First there is how the game is being played.  Followed by the turnout of the fans. Finally there is the product they put out every game. But let’s be real here, from people who been around town and been following our local sport for so many years  we simply know where the real problem lies.

It is something that is as old as time itself. Some refer it to as “The old boys club.” Consisting of eleven elected officials that gather around a table every other Monday night thinking of various ways to screw there citizens one more time.

The game of hockey has  been part of us, like all Canadian cities.  Our love of the sport started in the late 60’s once we introduced the Cornwall Royals to the Quebec Junior League. After winning our third memorial cup titles in ten years we seemed too good for the league. In 1981 they moved us to the Ontario League  where we remained  till 1992. If it wasn’t for Mr Wise dream of filling his pockets they would never had moved to Sarnia in the first place.

Then in 1993 we were given a second dose of the action with the unveiling of the Cornwall aces of the American hockey league. Again the product was there but the deal the council had made with the league became too much of a burden. In the end the team had no choice to fold following the 1995-1996 season.

Now we here we are again back to the same situation all over again with the River Kings. As they are slated to begin their second season their fate lies in the hands of the elected officials trying to work out a new deal at Mr Villeneuve’s expense. Sadly it’s the same old story, the product is there but the council has seemed to shut the doors on the owners.

What are we the hockey community left with is simply a junior rated Colts team until they decide it’s their time to be rode out of town.

In conclusion we the hockey community are left to shoot out our product, as they the elected officials capitalize on our success.

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  1. It seems you have forgotten one factor here :
    Our City had Two Arenas with seating capacity to handle adequate
    crowds , then we were told Not Enough Ice Surfaces, then this supremely intelligent group at City Council decided to Build the Benson Center knowing full well that the Water St. Arena would be torn down . My point is the City Screwed up royally we got short changed in this deal as one of the ice surfaces at the Benson Center should have had seating capacity equal or better to that which was torn down ( Water st Arena ) . Had this been done each of the Hockey Clubs could have been separated .
    This would also have positioned Cornwall in a viable position to seek a pro team here for training camp .

  2. Author

    That lack of vision again JFA. It’s very sad and if this team goes down Tuesday someone at City Hall should be held accountable.

  3. Very true Jamie & “JFA”, me thinks, we’ll have to wait till next fall to hold this present bunch accountable ? So sad !

  4. They may all be in that douchebag Lecky’s father-in-laws pocket to keep the Ramada busy, but that Ramada catered an awesome wedding last night. Hockey, who friggin cares, it’s foozball season.

  5. Which councillor was/is in charge of Sports and Recreation?

  6. Author

    Recreation Advisory Committee
    Councillor David Murphy
    Councillor Glen Grant

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