Russian Leader Saves the Day as Syria Chemical Weapon Solution Agreed on – Obama Eggfaced Day Before 9/11

PutinCFN – The weirdest thing about writing about World Politics is you never really can tell the spin from the spin.

The whole concept that the World could possibly even end up in war over Syria allegedly using Chemical weapons against its own people was insane and now; a day before the anniversary of 9/11 comes word that the former head of the KGB has diplomatically resolved the issue by finagling Syria into an agreement involving Chemical weapons leaving a much weakened and surely embarrassed US President, Barack Obama.

In the meanwhile oil prices spent the last several months including the spike of the last two weeks at high levels that benefitted which country whose whole economy floats on resource prices?

I digress.   The geo political restructuring of the Middle East is epic to watch; horrible to be living near; but surely this drama isn’t as critical as the entire Pacific Ocean being contaminated by nuclear tinged water from the Fukushima plant that’s been leaking in Japan??

Will you eat Sushi ever again?

It seems around the time that the Berlin Wall fell that somehow the CIA and KGB decided that working for the “man” was less fun than being “the man.”

It led to the US having the former head of the CIA become President and then a few years later his son for a redux that during his term has changed the planet forever.

As 9/11 dawns on the world tomorrow many are breathing a sigh of relief that the planet won’t enter it’s 3rd World War, but at the end of the day isn’t just more business as usual?

Syria will most likely fall; sooner, if not later, and then it’s Iran’s turn.   And for what when we already have the technology to not rely on fracking, natural gas, and oil, clean or dirty.

But for today; September 10, 2013, the last laugh is on US President Barack Obama at the hands of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Are you joyous and happy at this turn of events?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Obama has been egged faced since the time he took office.

    His lack of knowledge in foreign affairs and lack of leadership skills is more evident then ever before.

    To think that Syria will give up all it’s weapons of mass destruction to prevent an attack by the US and it’s allies would be foolish indeed. It just won’t happen. Putin deep down knows this.

    The USA in no longer the super power of the world. Putin is calling the shots.

    As for the US attacks……you either attack with a purpose or you don’t attack at all. No boots on the ground and firing 100 missiles just won’t cut it nor solve the real issue which is the killing of civilians with sarin gas.

    Nobody wants nor likes wars but by the same token when one is commander and chief he must be decisive and direct. He drew the red line as a warning and painted himself in a corner…….he must act or lose face. Which will it be?? Nobody knows for sure.

    He created this mess by speaking out, the follow up should be interesting indeed.

  2. I am somewhat impressed that STELLABYSTARLIGHT is attempting to pull her head out of the sand pile and look at the world as being more than just her own back yard. However to use her own repeated and tiresome response thrown in the face of so many commentators to CFN articles, it is not your business STELLA what happens in other countries. Unless of course you are willing to accept that by having an opinion or concern about some issue outside of your home province you acknowledge that you are possibly the foremost hypocrite of our times.

    Since I doubt that you can handle the truth about yourself STELLA you will more likely have either a true to yourself smart ass reply to offer coupled with a SMILE or you will remain quiet and not touch this simple truth with a ten foot pole.

    Perhaps you could take the high road STELLA and accept that all of us while not necessarily right do have the right to voice our opinions just as you yourself have done here without being unjustly ridiculed. Perhaps now is the time to grow up and move forward. We could all then co exist peacefully and exchange with civility and respect. Just a thought.

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