A Chilly Day at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market by Reg Coffey – Sept 14, 2013


CFN – The weather went from oppressive heat and humidty to downright chilly this week but the market was still hot. The shoppers were still a little confused about how to dress for the weather. Some came with winter coats on and leisurely walked around the market taking their time and buying what they needed and more. Some came with shorts and sandals on and shivered in the cool breeze while waiting for their Friday Thai fix. All in all it was a good day for a hot cup of coffee.


We’ll never guess what the weather will bring us next week but whatever it is we will be there on the grass in Long Sault. Only the greatest of calamities will keep the vendors away……which includes Tornadoes.

The Long Sault Farmer’s Market will be open every Friday afternoon from 2 PM to 6 PM until October 11. Come out and shop local on the grass in front of the Long Sault Shopping Centre.

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