Fall Fest 2013 Flat as Fans Flee Is the Kinsmen Brand Tainted in Cornwall Ontario? by Jamie Gilcig

kinsmen cornwallCFN – I was bewildered when I got a missive from Terry Muir last winter or so.   After all I’d had to issue suit against Ribfest for reneging on our promotional contract.

CFN had been first media sponsor in for the travelling pigfest, a professional show that you really would have to screw up to fail.   The public really seems to like to  lineup for over priced pork slathered in sugary sauce munched out of styrofoam containers.   I get that.

Terry was upset with Phil Shorey, which I can get because Phil frankly is a detestable little toe rag.   Terry had all sorts of juicy allegations; but without him stepping out into the public or providing hard evidence there wasn’t much we or any media outlet could do.

The piggly wiggly Lion’s club or whatever Phil is running broke with Terry or vice versa.

Lift Off meanwhile, responded to the success of Ribfest by cutting their talent roster.   They were smoked, cooked, steamed, and served in styrofoam containers themselves as they drew the lowest crowd in a decade and stand on the precipice of folding in time for their 20th Anniversary this year.

I actually contacted Jason Jesmer prior to this year’s LO and asked if they wanted our promotional assistance which if Mr. Jessmer is to be believed, and why not, he’s got that stoic manner, has tattoos, and likes live music, his board rejected our offer which was the same deal as we had in 2010 when we helped Lift Off have their biggest crowd ever.

After this year’s disaster I officially offered my experience of having run over 200 live events including being co-promoter of the 1994 NHL All Star Game event at the Palais des Congres in Montreal.   So far I have not had a reply.  (am not holding my breath, but at least some of the drattier members of the kool aid drinkers can’t say I didn’t sincerely offer to help)

Back to Terry Muir.    I was apprehensive when Fallfest was announced because of that Kinsmen thingy.   Our local group are a swiny clique with Rick Shaver and his snout leading the way; but it’s my job to try and support the community I call home no matter how discombobulated some of the poobahs can be.

A sheepish Terry suggested I could write free stories about Fallfest if I wanted and then signed up with Corus radio, and of course the Rick Shaver managed Seaway we don’t really cover news because it could upset Bob Peters who then won’t give us $20K per year to produce Cornwall Living which only the clique read  News .

So I ignored Fallfest, as most of Cornwall and the area did.  (Contrary to some lies and rumors I don’t write bad things about people just because they refuse to advertise or work with CFN)   The weekend event drew about 3,000 people with a high total suggested of 5,000, far less than the 10,000 that Mr. Muir hoped for.

We live in a town, ney world even, where for some odd reason charities and groups seem to have zero understanding of why things work.  I mean the Children’s Treatment Centre gives exclusivity to the Freeholder.   It’s kinda insane if you think about it…

If you want a community event to work you have to reach out to all media; not just one outlet.  You really do have to be inclusive or be really really good at faking it.  But mostly you have to offer someone more than cover bands in the rain on short notice.

I know Terry had issues; for example we had reports come in that Ribfest told its vendors that if they did Fallfest they could not come back to Ribfest.    Phil Shorey refused to answer our queries on this one.

Either way hopefully one day people in this wonderful city will learn that you get more by playing nice with each other than trying to feel superior to others when you yourselves really are inferior for the most part (don’t believe me?  Check out the VIP tent at Lift Off!  Who dresses these people?).

If you are asking people to volunteer to help your event.  If you are claiming to represent the community.    If you are trying to look cool; why on earth would you exclude any group that wanted to help?

See, the Kinsmen and some of their silly cliquester friends don’t like myself.  I get that; but what do they have against our 60,000 unique visitors per month, the most of any media in the region?   Foot, bullet holes, shot…I know you smarter viewers shake your heads and get it and the cliqsters just froth at the mouth and giggle.   Like I said, it’s a silly world, and sadly not just Cornwall.

Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters (and stop emailing me asking what Vienna Sausage means) They’ve already sent me one threatening legal letter about pinchy cheeks above.

Will a 20th Lift Off happen?  Will it be any different than the 19th?  Will Bob Peters get a hair piece?   I just don’t know…

Will these rocket scientists trying to run events figure it out or will we have more Cornwall duds?  Is there any hope for a city that draws more facebook likes in two weeks to a page that utterly trashes itself and should we change the slogan of Cornwall from “a City of Possibilities” to perhaps “a City of Possibilities if you get along with the corrupt cliques?”

Things can and will change.  The question is will they happen in our lifetimes or not….

In the meanwhile the Kinsmen have attached their name to another dog event.   Another failure at the hands of Rick Shaver and his friends.   It’s kinda sad….

You can and I know most likely will post your comments below.

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  1. wow Jamie I couldnt have said things any better . Here we are Cornwallites trying our best to bring out the best in this city and still we have the top citizens thinking there better the rest of the citizens acting for the best of the community. I still dont get this town we try our best to help out to promote our events yet we have the organizers turning their heads at us. It is as if they are puppets with the higher ups pulling their strings. All we can do is keep at them keep on trying to do our best till finally they understand .

  2. Author

    Steve people need to step up. They need to vote in change. They need to let businesses know that the status quo has to change. Until that happens I can write all sorts of clever pieces, but not much will change.

  3. Jamie for MAYOR?

  4. We didn’t go to Fall Fest. The only reason we knew it was going on was because Switch Gear was promoting it all over Facebook. But honestly, the weather wasn’t all that great. Obviously many other people felt the same way about not wanting to bundle up, drag chairs down and sit in soggy grass.

  5. LOL LOL. ROLF! Jamie you described him as “Vienna Sausage” and that was the cleanest thing that could be printed. I was thinking something else but you cannot print it. You know very well what I mean.

    I have been saying it for years now and that dirty clique is what is taking Cornwall down to the sewer. Soon nothing will be left in that town at all. The people themselves will have to change for the better and get a real backbone and go against all this clique or it will literally die a permanent death and that is going to happen very soon. Businesses are shunned away from Cornwall and that is why everyone leaves. Until people rise up and get a real backbone and take control then nothing will be done. The ordinary people have to take over as mayor and council and not 10 councellors which is mighty ridiculous for such a tiny place.

  6. Jamie, this piece does media a huge disservice. If you have an issue and you want it to be given consideration, present it with less-obvious bias (‘less-obvious’ because I recognize that all media outlets have some sort of bias, but many do better at hiding it).

    You lost me a third of the way in because I was so distracted by the pointless and overly-wordy side remarks that (I think) were supposed to explain why there were issues with various people.

    What were you trying to accomplish with this piece? a public humiliation of Bob Peters? a trashing of Lift Off? or an actual critique of how city organizations run their public events and how they might be able to improve?

    If CFN is to be taken as a viable media outlet, the articles need to be written with more content and less TMZ-like gossip.

  7. Author

    Angie we don’t program people. Here is a link to our Mission statement. LINK

    You might not be aware, but I have now for nearly five years practiced what is known as Gonzo journalism.

    Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative. The word “gonzo” is believed to be first used in 1970 to describe an article by Hunter S. Thompson, who later popularized the style. The term has since been applied to other subjective artistic endeavors.
    Gonzo journalism involves an approach to accuracy through the reporting of personal experiences and emotions, as compared to traditional journalism, which favors a detached style and relies on facts or quotations that can be verified by third parties. Gonzo journalism disregards the strictly edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for a more personal approach; the personality of a piece is equally as important as the event the piece is on. Use of sarcasm, humor, exaggeration, and profanity is common.
    Among the forefathers of the new journalism movement, Thompson said in the February 15, 1973 issue of Rolling Stone, “If I’d written the truth I knew for the past ten years, about 600 people—including me—would be rotting in prison cells from Rio to Seattle today. Absolute truth is a very rare and dangerous commodity in the context of professional journalism.”[1]

    Some people get it, some don’t. Some take it personally. The piece clearly showed no such sentiment as you attached to it; but again, perception is in the eye of the beholder, but we do live in a world filled with people who need corrective vision tools.

    Thank you for reading CFN and for taking time to post your opinion. Diversity is good and all opinions have value.

    Frankly I wish that people all worked together to make events a true success that all of us can be proud of so that stories like this would never be written. Until people stop this negative behaviour CFN will out them and expose them each and every time.

    The only way to change things is to…..change them.

    That’s what spotlights are for.


    PS! CFN is taken very seriously by more people that you might realize….

  8. I will begin this response by saying there is a lot of mish-mashing of information that is taking place and I am not going to try an separate every inaccurate point you have written but I will address what is on my mind and closet to my heart.

    The Kinsmen Lift Off is an entity unto itself. The title is afforded through payment to help the committee that runs it to execute on the decisions they see fit to execute on. The Lift Off event is separate from the Kinsmen Club altogether. This is similar to the Canadian Tire Center in Ottawa.

    I will put it this way. If the Ottawa Senators lose a game, you don’t call the Canadian Tire Center to complain, you call the Senator organization. I know the Kinsmen name confuses the heck out of you but you need to understand that are two separate operating entities.

    You insinuate throughout this article that a variety of parties have a hard time working with you. As a “reader” (not be confused with a follower, subscriber, or supporter) it indicates to me that you are the common denominator amidst all of these problems and it only leave me to question the content of your character if you have so many people refusing your time.

    The greatest need of our community is that it needs confidence in itself. It needs hope. It needs to be infused with possibilities and platforms to see these opportunities transform into success. That success becomes a part of our identity and so too do our failures. Here and abroad. What good does an article like this do for in the hands of a would-be business investor on the other side of the globe? You should recognize that point and use your paper to support the community and build it up. Not tear it down. Where is your value to us? This does not provide credit to all of the people that gathered to put this on.

    If I decide to read any publication, I am hoping for information and facts related to making me more informed and intelligent, in fact, for the most part I demand just the news. Not your personal view. The same goes for your content. “Piggly wiggly” only serves to discredit you as writer and even worse, an editor. I know 5 year olds that have better literary prowess than this. What am I, “the reader” supposed to understand from this??!

    The Cornwall Lion’s Club has a storied history in our community. How dare you go after service clubs in such a distasteful way? I am a benefactor of service clubs. I was an impoverished youth growing up and I benefited from the efforts of food banks, breakfast programs, gifts at Christmas, and more importantly, they filled gaps in my life growing up that afforded me the chance to succeed. I believe in any organization that is intent on furthering the community it resides in. The Lion’s Club is one of them. I am not privy to all the noise you are available to but when I decide to cut through that noise I see the value of the service clubs of Cornwall.

    You continue to mention Lift Off…! What are we talking about here?! The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall are a body of men (and women) that convene regularly to determine which events we can support and supply funds to organizations that support our community’s greatest needs. That is Cornwall by the way and a free event makes things a little easier for families in our community of Cornwall by the way.

    Come at me bro…Ask me what it takes to put on a free event for the community? INTENT. DESIRE. SUPPORT. RESOURCES. FAITH. COMMITMENT.

    This article begins with a Ribfest reference. If you have a gripe about Ribfest, wait until next year to bring it up or keep your personal issues away from public eyes as all it does is take away from the central message that this article attempts to convey.

    When you say “you get it” in reference to Ribfest, you don’t. You really don’t. For a city with the demographics that it has, do you think it is fair for citizens to leave town for everything it needs? Including its’ entertainment needs? Is it not possible for accessible, fun and interesting events to exists here at home, in Cornwall? If you are indeed a champion of this city why are you not building it up? You of all people should know what it means to be on global stage. Why are you not building up Cornwall with your publication? Why are you not highlighting the hopes of the city? How does a C.E.O. in Japan, who may contemplate an overseas venture look at your article and see Cornwall as viable when in Cornwall’s very own publication it written that we shouldn’t even support ourselves. Shame on you Gilcig for poisoning the well.

    You don’t have the right to put a personal slant in your media to taint people’s perception. Isn’t the purpose of media to provide us, the public, with information, not a “Dear Diary” excerpt? “Phil frankly is a detestable little toe rag.” Is this a fact? If not, it shouldn’t be in the publication. That’s journalism 101 baby.

    Why is your personal life so evident and repeatedly occurring in this article? Is this a narrative or a news piece? I do not recall anywhere in the article someone asking you what your past experiences are. Never name drop and even worse, place drop. If you are so grand in your experiences, how are you lending that experience to the betterment of Cornwall? Name something you have touched in this city that is even close to the success you saw in Montreal? I therefore question your success in Montreal sir.

    “Back to Terry Muir”…This reads like a 1980’s Disney villain character’s dear diary entry. Let me tell you a little something about volunteering. It takes time. Time away from family or from frivolous things that make life worth living. It takes time to coordinate a swath of people in one direction for one intended outcome. It takes desire to want to see something through from an idea to an end result. It takes support. If people believe in you they will get behind you and a heck of a lot of people got behind Terry. Resources are required. In this Fall Festival not all resources were present. We worked with what we had and ran it on what we could all afford to give. My personal contribution was my time. So when I read this, please forgive the bite in my words if I am not impressed that this is the thanks I got. I think we should feel blessed that it is a group of people getting together trying to put something great on for their city opposed to group of guys getting together to blow things up and destroy societies.

    Other people brought their business. For example, one food vendor in particular travelled from Toronto, after cancelling 2 other events to be here to support Terry and that is because of the success that came from Ribfest by the way. Faith is also required to make something like this happen. People can be fickle (case in point). Life can be fickle but that doesn’t mean you do not continue to try. As it pertains to pretty much any event you put on, you take a chance in believing that those that are aware will come out and support. It doesn’t always happen and you don’t always win but you don’t stop trying (a lesson for the kids, as your article doesn’t offer any of that either). 12 years ago our park did not have this many activities coming to it. Look at where we are now. We are taking chances. We are trying to change how we feel about ourselves. Commitment. This value stems beyond a “moment to moment” outlook. It is what causes a person to provide 30 hours of their time to a weekend activity in hopes that the city (The people. Not the people you enjoy tearing down) will say “I want to see more of that” or “I have an idea that I think may work too.”

    Your actions set precedents for what is possible for the future so live accordingly. It is not easy in the face of the success of Ribfest to think you will achieve the same success but that is not what the objective is. The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall’s final and most important mandate is to support the community’s greatest needs. This community needs mutual memories. Moments we can all share in and be excited to share. It must be accessible to as many people as possible. When an event in the park is free, what financial compromises do you think take place to pull that off? How many additional hours do volunteers have to put in to bridge that gap? What gives you the right to use your publication to shat on the people that are happy to give their time for these evnets? What does your publication say to kids about community service when they read your words towards that idea? Granted, there are many ways to serve your community but today I am addressing service clubs.

    When you say that “Kinsmen thingy…” address it properly. It is called the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall. We say it with pride and so should you. Go ask the local library about its’ history. Go ask the hospital about its’ history. Go ask the fire hall about its’ history. Go ask the college about its’ history. Go ask all of the people that turnout for the Christmas parade year after what their favorite memories are.

    Ask me, why as a young male, I decide to give up my weekends and time (and at times sanity) to be in places most of my peers have no inclination to be. I do it because this city needs to know someone cares.

    This “Kinsmen thingy” is not perfect but neither is anyone else. Period. Yet despite its imperaction it still sets out on trying to help the community out. I never see you where I am at? I never see you helping the community. I never see you being an example for the next generation and that is the scathing difference between you and all the names you list, for all of their faults, I still see them and nary a time do I see you.

    These are men and women of our community that are trying to further Cornwall. You simply report on the doings of men and women. The former group has more value to me as they make the world go round. Show me where you are a part of the equation of providing solutions in this community. The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall celebrated 80 years in the community this year. You do not get that old by being all of things that you have said and it does not do the legacy and tradition of the club any sense of honor and respect to write about it in the ways you have written about it. 80 years deep sir while you have been 10 years in this town asleep.

    I value any group of people that put their heads and hearts together to benefit those around them, not among them. Again, I repeat, your article and your publication often takes the opportunity to point out the flaws and yes, failures but in doing so you alienate and discourage people from wanting to do things of valor. As the cost of being alive goes up more and more you will come to appreciate the work that people do for free.

    As a “younger” person I am well aware of that this line of thinking is going to go away as the concept of service is really congealed within the Baby Boomer generation stemming out the great world wars. This idea of service was an understanding that permeated back into communities that working together for the greater good can only be good for community. The issue with it is that it is a line of thinking that is very prominent among the baby boomer but not among my generation or younger. It is more than just getting 40 hours to get your diploma. It is about having values to see others as you would like to see yourself. It is a way to circumvent the bad in life. It is away to access things that are not available through traditional outlets. It is a good way to grow as a citizen. It is so integral to communities. And it is my hope to preserve these kinds of platforms. Without them you wouldn’t have events to make fun of.

    Furthermore, how can I hope that the kids on the come up will be willing to even help their community if no one shows them how.? So please, if you plan on insulting the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall, use the full name because we live here and we are proud of our city and our legacy.

    I know there’s an ongoing disconnect between this idea of “them and us”. There is no “them and us” anymore. I felt that way before I could vote, when I had a child’s mind. As an adult I have the right, privilege and obligation to get involved so I can be the change I want to see in my community.

    There is only Cornwall for me. Good and bad. I take it all. Things need time and space to sort themselves out not constant stirring. We vote people in. We live with those decisions. If you don’t like something get involved. That is why I do what I do. When my peers say “Cornwall has nothing to do…”, my response has grown into, “It is not a matter of there is nothing to do in Cornwall. It is matter of who you do nothing with in Cornwall.”

    What I have decided to do is get involved, in a positive way, within the community so I can be a part of the clubs, organizations, groups that have say on what our community has the ability to do. The old guard is changing folks and when it does happen will you be the citizen that shat on Cornwall or will you be the kind of citizen that says I was a part of that change and I am proud of who we have become. You can’t afford to just point at problems. ACTIVELY Change them into solutions.

    “A sheepish Terry…” The sheepish Terry you write about has more mangoes than you give him credit for. The next time this family man volunteers or chairs an event should I tell him to go home to his family? It takes courage to believe that time spent away from your family for the sake of the community is worthwhile.

    For whom else, except those that we love, are we doing this for? Our family and friends are our community. Oh and by the way, Terry, thanks for picking Cornwall over your newly born granddaughter (obviously not but how else to drive this point home to you). I know she will be proud. I know I am. A sheepish Terry this guy says…

    Again…why are your failures in this article. I don’t know what I am supposed to take away from this article? The deficiencies of the last event? The short comings of Liftoff? Or your personal gripes and frustration? This is not the Cornwall tabloids. No one cares about the latter. I will reference The Tragically Hip if it helps you, “No one care about something you didn’t do.”

    You ignored Fall Festival because you are of the mindset that this is not worth your time. You and many others subscribe to the same mindset but what you fail to see is you are Cornwall’s shortcoming. That line of thinking is/was debilitates this city. The reason why these events are not “cool” is because literally you (the reader of this) are not there. In order for things to grow there needs to be engagement. Engagement requires people. I would welcome the observation from people that actually attended the event opposed to those that have an idea but do not want to actually have a conversation about improving things for the better.

    Do you proof read your work? According to you, “Contrary to some lies and rumours I don’t write bad things about people…” This whole article is bad news. (Do you like how I didn’t finish the quote? That is Gilcig 101. Only take the part that hurts the most to read).

    I will agree that there are a lot of problems in this city that predate both of our times here, however your approach to it is not conducive to unveiling the trouble it only create more trouble and disenfranchisement. When you have long hair and it is tangled, you don’t cut the whole head of hair off to solve the problem. If you have pride in your locks, you take the time to get the knot out and you do not point your finger at the person suffering. The human thing to do is help.

    As you point out, if you knew Terry has had issues and really gave a damn, why didn’t you you reach out to your 1994 NHL All Stars contacts and lend your contacts and bountiful resources to making this an event that we could all be proud of.

    When Terry approached me about the loss of the Midway, I could have taken your stance but I didn’t. I pulled up my socks. I pulled out my contacts and I committed myself to seeing it through. That is character. That is where I put my mangoes.

    In the face of a problem, provide solutions. I will admit that what I attempted to put in place of the Midway had plenty of shortcomings but the kids didn’t mind. They enjoyed themselves and that was the point of the kid zone we put up. You can go back to park and report on the worn down area of grass where the kids were playing. (Hey there is story for you. “A Child’s Imagination Overcomes The Midway’s Shortcomings).

    When you say “…people in this community will learn that you get more by playing nice with each other…” are you including yourself? As I read this article it is clear you play nice with no one. There is nothing positive, good, no upsides to the down side, no indication of the amount raised, nothing positive what so ever. You are pretty much a bully with a voice and I can tell you that it is not welcome.

    If I had to answer your second last paragraph, personally, I would say the only group that I would exclude from helping would be the one that poisons the well.

    The only thing I can say to you directly, as both the writer and editor of this article is I am sorry for whatever past grievances you have suffered; truly I am as it is evident in your work and I can feel that you are hurt. I am sorry for the disconnect that exist in this city but I ask you to separate your facts and figures from people that are trying to be positive in this community. It does not do my soul well to wake up in the morning and see that this is the response you have for an event that you didn’t even attend.

    I ask you politely to build up our community. I ask you, as an outside like me, to see the best in Cornwall and things it has to offer and celebrate that in a way that puts the spotlight on the good of the community without stirring the pot. I too aspire for a community that operates perfectly but it won’t. So I have to ask myself, with the tools I have available to me, “What can I do to make things better? I challenge you to do the same.

    I do not want you to respond to me. You are not on my level and until I hear that you are no longer a destructive force in Cornwall I am not interested. I am ashamed of this article and I am glad I have never read your publication until now. I want you to be aware I am aware of the potential harm you can (and have caused) this community and consider this as my cordial request to be a better person for this community.


    Oh Gilcig, I dedicate B.D.K.M.V. by Kendrick Lamar. This is my town and I feel good doing good. So stop the rubbish.

  9. Bare Ass, Bob Peters, Latour and all the rest of them think that they are better than others and the “best kept secret is” that they are not better than anyone else. Cornwall has a very strange mentality and this has been going on far too long and even before these bozos appeared on site. The only difference is that it has worsen over time. There are plenty of things that people wish that they could say but cannot. No newspaper, TV or any other form of media says the complete truth. The big media moguls put out bimbos to give the news so as people would be more distracted in the one saying the news than the news itself. Real truth is always hidden from the public and if people knew the real truth they would literally string up every politician and every other person in positions of authoritiy to every lamp post in town.

    It is up to the people of Cornwall to have a real backbone and come forward to make the changes. If these changes are not met then expect the worst to happen. If you are not a strong person then people will walk all over you and I know that from experience in my own life. I used to be shy but no more. I learned to stand up for what I believe and I don’t take no abuse from anyone and that is how to live. Get a real backbone and stand up for yourselves and have self respect and dignity. That is what Cornwall lacked all these years are people willing to stand up for themselves and self respect and dignity.

  10. I’ve read this article, in which you put down my father, Terry, (amongst so many others that you’ve put down) and I’m amazed. There are so many things I’d like to say but won’t as my father taught me better; that’s the kind of man he is. I’m not sure how it is helpful to put down our community and those within in that put forth such an effort to create these wonderful events. I’m not sure if you, or others who are also being quite negative and judgemental, have been involved in the creation of such an event. You might not be aware of the incredible effort required, and the dedication to helping others. Volunteer work comes from the heart and you have to have a pretty big one to constantly give to others.
    The most impressive piece I’ve read on this page is Lee’s comment. Lee, I couldn’t have said it any better. You sure know how to make a point, maybe you should write for this paper instead! Also, yes Lee, my newborn son (not daughter lol) would be very proud of his papa, as am I. I always have been. He’s an amazing man.
    I would hope that when individuals/clubs/organizations in our community are willing to put forth so much effort, time, heart, and dedication just to create fun for us, that we would appreciate it, not put them down. As if this is the thanks they get.
    This article, as it appears to me, serves to show that you are feeling rejected because you were not chosen to play with everyone else and out of spite you are trying to take down anyone and everyone and get some publicity for your paper. I think that it really speaks for itself. I hope that you are able to resolve these negative feelings and move past them, maybe you could become involved in your community in a positive way and use your gifts to help others, not hurt them.

  11. Author

    Robby the only questions you really should be asking are those of the actions of your dad and the entire mess. The failure of Fall Fest had nothing to do with CFN. As for discussing it or writing about it; it’s the only way to make change happen.

    Btw, I have now tried calling your dad three times in the last month including today. Maybe you can also ask him why he’s not answered.

    I think it’s awesome to see a young man defending his father. Kudos to you Robby.

  12. Author

    Btw Robby we did confirm that your dad filed a complaint with Police against Phil Shorey.

  13. Hunter S. Thompson admitted he was high on LSD while writing
    That was shortly before he blew his brains out while his son was in the house
    My question..What are you on Jamie???

    and why..as I travel around Cornwall..Do so many mild mannered people from all walks of life say..They wished they had punched you in the snout???

  14. Author

    um, could it be because more of them clicked on our story about Fall Fest than attended? The utter irony is that if we wrote how wonderful it was less than 20% would have clicked. Not that it was a factor in the story; but we humans are very funny and odd creatures sometimes.

    I stopped writing on LSD freak. It’s hard on the fingernails…..

  15. A lot of the mild mannered people in Cornwall have been trained to believe that ignorance is bliss. They simply don’t appreciate having their heads pulled out of the sand to see the light of day.

    They firmly believe in shooting the messenger.

  16. Lee,

    The Lions Club that sponsored “Ribfest” was the Cornwall Seaway Lions Club. The original Lions Club in Cornwall, is the Cornwall Lions Club. Two totally different Lion Clubs, both run totally separate by their own board. Their seemed to be some confusion in your essay. Just for clarification.

  17. Jamie, kudos to you for having an opinion and having enough self conviction to stand up for it. Everyone has a right to free speech, just as everyone has the right to form their own opinions. I read this and enjoyed it. The comments perplex me. “Chosen to play in the sandbox”??? I’m sorry, but it the sh*tbox- I mean “sandbox” you are referring to is Cornwall, well we all have equal rights to it as citizens, and the fact that you can say “chosen” means that you obviously are a “cliquester” -and advocate “choosing” to be allowed to play in the “sandbox” (I picture a sad childhood touched with rejection, feeling the need to impose that “feeling” on others…). The “sandbox” should welcome ALL of it’s “members”, with different opinions and perspectives equally to benefit from the diversity and to grow and be more because of that same diversity. And “punch you in the snout”??? It’s kind of hard to respect your opinion with utterances like that. When did people stop listening to the crap that comes out of their mind??? Wake the F up people, the only ones you are hurting are yourselves. At least someone cares enough to actually put their “snout” out there. Keep up the good work Jamie! Provoking is part of the battle!

  18. When will people start being accountable for themselves, their words and their actions and also holding others to being accountable instead of helping to “try” to bury each other’s messes under the cloak of “business”. Whatever happened to the common good??? The common bad that is everywhere is despicable.

    *I say “try” because time and history has a way of exposing people for who they really are. I look forward to finding out Cornwall’s Hitlers.

  19. Well done Lee!!!

  20. RightReverendThohmasJJNewTOWN

    Well THE BOSS LEARNED…mess with the baby jesus and they flag your post LOL on Standard Freeholder

    really….he mentioned (CFN)fedoraboy…and they took down his comment but using retarded is OK?????..sunnews..cfn…its gettin hard to tell

    THE BOSS This comment was flagged for review

    all he said to the rev was if u want news go to cfn..and they flagged it..

  21. Jane…do you get out and around your city
    I wasn’t threatening to Jamie…just found it so very surprising that his CONDUCT..not his words on this page…have so many people upset…that MOST say they held back from hitting him was surprising

  22. Thank-you Stella,

    Gee, I hadn’t noticed that the Freeholder had censored my comments ! Pretty sad, I must say ! Their was nothing vulgar, obscene about my comments whatsoever. I didn’t realize that they had enough employees there, to do this ? Even, their “ol buddy” Mac, made mention of their small numbers.
    I guess, that’s the difference between the two outlets (CFN & Freeholder), case in point, the thesis that “Lee” wrote yesterday. Very well written, giving his personal opinion in great detail, basically giving Jamie a series of jabs, reminiscent of the “thrilla in Manilla”, but Jamie allowed the entire article, didn’t sensore any part of it. The article was not complementary of CFN at all ! But , that was Lee’s opinion, and obviously Jamie treated it as such.

  23. A smart man looks at all sides of a problem or controversy and reads between the lines he then draws his own conclusions based on the preponderance of evidence Bravo Jamie for creating the controversy and bravo to the readers who agree or agree to disagree.

    Domtar’s stink has gone and now there several different stinks to replace it CFN is a needed source as a checks and balance replacing those little building with snorkels in the air like the one by the bridge and the one behind the cenotaph on 3rd street guarding against dangers .

  24. Great letter Lee Theodore, you said what so many of us are thinking…Jamie most people come here to laugh at what you think is truly going on in this wonderful city, there’s one way to make yourself look better & that’s to knock others down..and that’s exactly what you do.

  25. I gotta chime in here.

    First off Lee, don’t point out peoples grammatical errors when your essay is full of them as well. I actually found a spot where you forgot to close quotations as well as some very obvious redundancies.

    Another thing is that though your premise is sound and I agree with what you are “trying” to say but you are going about it the wrong way. {MODERATED BECAUSE THE POSTER IS TALKING OUT OF HIS BUM BUM} The CFN network is driven by its traffic and its advertisers that benefit from the high volumes of targeted Cornwall and area traffic. {MODERATED BECAUSE THE POSTER IS TALKING OUT OF HIS BUM BUM}

    Now I do have to say that not all what is written in the article by Jamie is total shit. Sure their are some Bias remarks but its like that in all media outlets, {MODERATED BECAUSE THE POSTER IS TALKING OUT OF HIS BUM BUM} The fact is that there is an issue in Cornwall with groups of people not wanting to help each other for the common good of Cornwall and yet these “groups” claim they want the best for Cornwall. Until people in this city bind together and work together there will be no change and that is what I believe the point of this article is.

  26. @Terry…. well said. One important correction however… Ribfest was sponsored by Cornwall SEAWAY Lions Club and NOT the Cornwall Lions Club… although both do good work and dedicate themselves to community service, there is a world of difference between the two.

    I absolute agree with your comments regarding the Kinsmen Club and have relayed such similar comment to Jamie and CFN in past.{MODERATED BECAUSE THE POSTER IS TALKING OUT OF HIS BUM BUM}

    Regarding Lift-Off, the Kinsmen Club simply pay a sponsorship fee, so as to financially assist a community event that is a positive benefit to Cornwall. The Kinsmen Club do not involve themselves in the organizing, financials nor running of Lift-Off… just as Canadian Tire does not get involved with those aspects of Ottawa Senator’s or running of the Canadian Tire Centre. The reference I conveyed with CFN last year was the Benson’s and the Benson Centre. A sponsorship fee or ‘naming right’ is simply that! It’s a simple enough concept to grasp.

    {MODERATED BECAUSE THE POSTER IS TALKING OUT OF HIS BUM BUM} As a former member of the Kinsmen Club, I take great exception to CFN’s snide comment the Kinsmen Club a ‘swiney clique’…. nothing could be further from the truth! Portraying snide bias against stellar service organizations doing community good and helping others, does no justice to CFN.

  27. Author


    To date:

    Lift Off have not answered as to what happened to monies from 2010 that resulted them in having to beg the city for an unsecured $30K loan.

    The Kinsmen have not answered about individual members who played roles involving cash at Lift Off. IE, Volunteers handling admission gate dollars.

    The Kinsmen President met with me; asked a favour, shook hands like a gentlemen, and then reneged on his word which he was representing his organization regarding.

    Kinsman Michael Galvin and LO board member at the time posted a malicious and false attack at CFN and myself on this very site.

    Founder of Lift Off and Kinsmen Chris Savard has never answered for his role in the 2010 mess. He has since left town.

    Kinsman Rick Shaver was chair of Lift Off for a brief period of time.

    While you may wish to split hairs over the “legal” separation of the Kinsmen and Lift Off there are many in the public that feel that it has been a cash cow for individual Kinsmen; a factor that has also led to the events decline. The lines of Kinsmen on the LO board also defeat any splitting of the lines as well.

    Again, opinions are great. Facts are better though. And as long as some of the answers to those questions remain in the shadows and protected by silence or as many are prone to do; lie, then the results are as seen by Fallfest which in my opinion was simply the Kinsmen giving up on Lift Off and hoping to have Ribfest in the Summer and Fallfest in the Fall.

    And how the heck do you have a Fall Festival in “CORNwall” without a Corn eating contest? Or Corn roast? Or Wall of Corn?

    Again, how does CFN connect to the utter failure of 2013 Kinsmen Fall Fest?

    And finally without outing you I think your own personal integrity is in far more question than my own or CFN.

  28. Jamie moderates..as is his right
    SF moderates..but very strangely

    The Boss

    They took down your post ..and your right…it only
    said look to cfn for news..but they left up
    a guy claiming xxx were taking payoffs

    So saying C..F..N is now officially..a SF flag offense
    BUT..this is fine and remains up


    u can read the correct version at the link..i don’t want to give this thought any more credibility

    Tkkn Coon

    Who’s to say the “POLICE” aren’t already on the XXXXX

    It’s not hard for the XXXXXX to get rid of it for a good profit cuase all the info is in his computer about the players who’ll buy, he just send one of his friends kids or relative to make the sell and everybody gets their cut , who knows how much. Exotic vacations , cottages , cars for family members , paying their kids tuitions etc, etc.

  29. I like how you moderate stuff that you know is true but you don’t want other people to know. You are just as bad as any other news outlet with censoring information you do not like. You talk about being a free news network and yet when someone (who was on your side) posts their opinion about the matter you censor it because it had cold hard truths . You really should have not have censored my post cause you have now turned a powerful alley into a someone who can crush you.

  30. Author

    DA we are very very consistent in our moderation. I’ve moderated 39,572 comments as of this post. In case you don’t know the basics here goes.

    If you are posting using a pseudonym (anonymously) you are very limited in what you can say. If you want to be a hero and attack people; post with your full name.

    Anything that could possibly get you or even worse us sued isn’t allowed.

    Trolling or banal attacks. Nope.

    We are here to inform and entertain. We are not people’s therapy post. We are not here for you to fart out whatever comes into your head.

    Posts should actually be related to the topic. Debate the principle; not the person.

    Hope that clears that up for you and others. It’s not perfect, but compared to many other sites I think we have a good thing going. It’s up to you to enjoy and partake or not. We’re really not interested in complaints.

    And a hint, the longer the comment the more likely it is to be deleted instead of moderated. Remember a live human has to read what you write too!

    Whining also gets you flushed quick. Whining is for babies and losers.

  31. Lee Theodore September 16, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    “If I had to answer your second last paragraph, personally, I would say the only group that I would exclude from helping would be the one that poisons the well.”

    “Shame on you Gilcig for poisoning the well.”

    If this really is what you believe, why not put the BLAME where the blame belongs.

    It was long before Jamie Gilcig arrived as a Citizen and Entrepreneur in Cornwall that the well was poisoned. CFN nor Jamie should not be made to bare responsibility for others protectionist attitudes and selective inclusion practices that have contributed to low volunteer participation and involvement in this Community.

    “The old guard is changing folks and when it does happen will you be the citizen that shat on Cornwall or will you be the kind of citizen that says I was a part of that change and I am proud of who we have become.”

    The “Old Guard” may be changing but judging from your valiant effort to castrate Jamie I would say the legacy of protectionism is being well taught and is alive and breading well. Your sense of belonging and active inclusion, is blinding you from seeing the existence of the already contaminated and poisoned well. It is not CFN nor Jamie that “shat” on Cornwall.

    For years this City has been run by the same clique. They have used the same selective inclusion practises and protectionism long before you came about. This is not about one individual or one group. It’s about the historically entrenched practises that lead to harmful and destructive results.

    “I too aspire for a community that operates perfectly but it won’t.”

    I think your desire to help your Community and be active is commendable. I also think that you’re views are a bit rose coloured tainted. I can’t speak for anyone, but in my opinion I don’t believe that CFN’S objective by reporting the truth is to have a City that operates perfectly.

    Having a City that would pride itself on it’s ethics, transparency, inclusion, professionalism, vision, and Citizens would be a good beginning. Many in the the “Old Guard” of the do good groups
    Executive’s positions, are held by individuals that award themselves a sense of self-entitlement and contribute to the demise of it’s membership. Then blame others for their own fabrication.

    “The sheepish Terry you write about has more mangoes than you give him credit for.”

    Well, I’m not sure that you have given Jamie or CFN much credit for his mangoes. The very man that you publicly verbally, castrate and name call, in the face of a problem has provided a solution. If change is to happen it starts with knowledge of the problems.

    In order to have an opportunity of changing practises and behaviours they must first be brought to light in order that a corrective strategy and creative solutions can be developed.

    “You can’t afford to just point at problems. ACTIVELY Change them into solutions.”

    Having been raised in Cornwall and worked in this City I can personally say that the poisoned well has nothing to do with CFN or Jamie. His efforts should be equally elated and applauded as your assertions of praise for your group and individuals.

    To ACTIVELY point out a problem, is very much part of the SOLUTION. Especially in a City that has been deprived of the TRUTH from overly bias reporting medias.

    You may disagree with Jamie’s Style of writing, but it will not change the FACTS. This City needs a check-up from the neck up. And the only way to improve a deplorable situation is to get to the TRUTH as uncomfortable as it may be.

    This City has much to offer. It’s not the City of Cornwall that is not fitted for success and development, it could be the Developers that are not fitted to the City.

  32. CFN – keep on shining that light! I can only laugh when reading the angry responses to your editorials. Believe it or not folks, service groups sometimes error in judgment (it’s a human thing). Should same service groups be above the scrutiny of the public who help fund the entity’s philanthropic gestures – I DON”T THINK SO.

  33. Author

    Michael service groups are made of very well meaning people from a cross section of life. Like most groups, the Alphas end up in charge usually. Sometimes these groups follow the wrong Alphas 🙂

  34. LEE THEODORE I waded through your rather plodding discourse and give you the respect of having an opinion. You quite obviously do not grasp the nature of this online forum judging from your sensitive and passionate critique. But please consider in your thought process regarding this forum the simple truth that your voice was heard and not censored as it probably would have been in other forums.

    I may be in the same boat as JAMIE, your analogy between the Senators losing a game and the Canadian Tire Centre suggests that if Lift Off does not meet the grade one should not mention that the Kinsmen Club backed a loser.

    You state that you read to become better informed and more intelligent, herein lies the problem. Intelligence, LEE, is a constant it is the basis of ones ability to interpret the world around them. Your intellectual capability simply allows you to manage and comprehend the information that you receive. Information makes one more knowledgeable not more intelligent.

    I certainly agree, LEE, that the “old guard is changing” and personally I see a positive benefit for Cornwall as a result of this liberation from the past mind set. My concern going forward is that the concept that something is better than nothing takes root. I am not so critical about the concept of FALL FEST it is more a concern that certain parties are equating quantity to quality and that mediocrity will rule rather than proper planning and implementation that would ensure success rather than failure.

    I am not a negative minded individual I am a realist. I applaud your desire to make a positive difference for your community, but desire has to be paired with capability to produce the results most would like to see.

    You bash this forum, you bully JAMIE and come across as a extreme hypocrite by indulging in the same action that you are being critical of.

    Lastly LEE, Jamie has alluded in the past to the feel good group that pretends to have their interests in Cornwall and not just their own selfish need for recognition. I sincerely hope that your motivation is pure and that you disassociate yourself from this fraudulent group of insincere hypocrites that pretend that they are making a difference when in fact they are part of the problem and not the solution.

  35. So many have put Jamie down here and nobody remembers what Jamie posted not very long ago that he and his wife tried to volunteer and those in the organizations shunned them and didn’t want their services. I remember that so very well and that it is implanted in me and yes I believe that fully since I was born and grew up in Cornwall. I was a teenage volunteer at both Cornwall’s hospitals and the work that we did then would make your stomachs turn and we did it for nothing. What did I get in return? No job and no real thanks. The community didn’t care and the ones that were put up on a pedestal were those who belonged to certain families like the clique.

    My son was in the Lions Club here in Ottawa “Barrhaven” is where he was going and my husband laid in to him how I volunteered and got the shaft and he got to see that his dad was right. My parents and eldest sister were very upset that I dedicated 5 whole years of my time working for nothing and risking disease working with bed pans and cleaning instruments, cleaning after people (I do not have to stress what I did) and many other things. I watched people die of cancers and other diseases and it sure wasn’t pretty to look at. I did more than my share but no more. Yes volunteer work comes from the heart but the community does not see the hard work that others do.

  36. Jamie,
    I read this and my first thought was that you must be related to Rob Ford…which means 1) you will certainly reply and 2) you will find someway to rationalize your b.s.

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