Fall Fest 2013 Flat as Fans Flee Is the Kinsmen Brand Tainted in Cornwall Ontario? by Jamie Gilcig

Fall Fest 2013 Flat as Fans Flee  Is the Kinsmen Brand Tainted in Cornwall Ontario?  by Jamie Gilcig

kinsmen cornwallCFN – I was bewildered when I got a missive from Terry Muir last winter or so.   After all I’d had to issue suit against Ribfest for reneging on our promotional contract.

CFN had been first media sponsor in for the travelling pigfest, a professional show that you really would have to screw up to fail.   The public really seems to like to  lineup for over priced pork slathered in sugary sauce munched out of styrofoam containers.   I get that.

Terry was upset with Phil Shorey, which I can get because Phil frankly is a detestable little toe rag.   Terry had all sorts of juicy allegations; but without him stepping out into the public or providing hard evidence there wasn’t much we or any media outlet could do.

The piggly wiggly Lion’s club or whatever Phil is running broke with Terry or vice versa.

Lift Off meanwhile, responded to the success of Ribfest by cutting their talent roster.   They were smoked, cooked, steamed, and served in styrofoam containers themselves as they drew the lowest crowd in a decade and stand on the precipice of folding in time for their 20th Anniversary this year.

I actually contacted Jason Jesmer prior to this year’s LO and asked if they wanted our promotional assistance which if Mr. Jessmer is to be believed, and why not, he’s got that stoic manner, has tattoos, and likes live music, his board rejected our offer which was the same deal as we had in 2010 when we helped Lift Off have their biggest crowd ever.

After this year’s disaster I officially offered my experience of having run over 200 live events including being co-promoter of the 1994 NHL All Star Game event at the Palais des Congres in Montreal.   So far I have not had a reply.  (am not holding my breath, but at least some of the drattier members of the kool aid drinkers can’t say I didn’t sincerely offer to help)

Back to Terry Muir.    I was apprehensive when Fallfest was announced because of that Kinsmen thingy.   Our local group are a swiny clique with Rick Shaver and his snout leading the way; but it’s my job to try and support the community I call home no matter how discombobulated some of the poobahs can be.

A sheepish Terry suggested I could write free stories about Fallfest if I wanted and then signed up with Corus radio, and of course the Rick Shaver managed Seaway we don’t really cover news because it could upset Bob Peters who then won’t give us $20K per year to produce Cornwall Living which only the clique read  News .

So I ignored Fallfest, as most of Cornwall and the area did.  (Contrary to some lies and rumors I don’t write bad things about people just because they refuse to advertise or work with CFN)   The weekend event drew about 3,000 people with a high total suggested of 5,000, far less than the 10,000 that Mr. Muir hoped for.

We live in a town, ney world even, where for some odd reason charities and groups seem to have zero understanding of why things work.  I mean the Children’s Treatment Centre gives exclusivity to the Freeholder.   It’s kinda insane if you think about it…

If you want a community event to work you have to reach out to all media; not just one outlet.  You really do have to be inclusive or be really really good at faking it.  But mostly you have to offer someone more than cover bands in the rain on short notice.

I know Terry had issues; for example we had reports come in that Ribfest told its vendors that if they did Fallfest they could not come back to Ribfest.    Phil Shorey refused to answer our queries on this one.

Either way hopefully one day people in this wonderful city will learn that you get more by playing nice with each other than trying to feel superior to others when you yourselves really are inferior for the most part (don’t believe me?  Check out the VIP tent at Lift Off!  Who dresses these people?).

If you are asking people to volunteer to help your event.  If you are claiming to represent the community.    If you are trying to look cool; why on earth would you exclude any group that wanted to help?

See, the Kinsmen and some of their silly cliquester friends don’t like myself.  I get that; but what do they have against our 60,000 unique visitors per month, the most of any media in the region?   Foot, bullet holes, shot…I know you smarter viewers shake your heads and get it and the cliqsters just froth at the mouth and giggle.   Like I said, it’s a silly world, and sadly not just Cornwall.

Bob “Vienna Sausage” Peters (and stop emailing me asking what Vienna Sausage means) They’ve already sent me one threatening legal letter about pinchy cheeks above.

Will a 20th Lift Off happen?  Will it be any different than the 19th?  Will Bob Peters get a hair piece?   I just don’t know…

Will these rocket scientists trying to run events figure it out or will we have more Cornwall duds?  Is there any hope for a city that draws more facebook likes in two weeks to a page that utterly trashes itself and should we change the slogan of Cornwall from “a City of Possibilities” to perhaps “a City of Possibilities if you get along with the corrupt cliques?”

Things can and will change.  The question is will they happen in our lifetimes or not….

In the meanwhile the Kinsmen have attached their name to another dog event.   Another failure at the hands of Rick Shaver and his friends.   It’s kinda sad….

You can and I know most likely will post your comments below.

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