Standard Free Holder Held Accountable by Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Over St. Regis Drunk Slur

Akwesasne – On September 16th, 2013, the Standard Freeholder ran an article that used derogatory language towards the Mohawks of Akwesasne.  The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne (MCA) received numerous complaints from community members and a request for Council to respond.  In very clear terms, Council issued a Letter to the Editor that articulated the ignorance and offensive terms the paper chose to describe a resident of Kana:takon (Saint Regis), and our demand for the Standard Freeholder to issue an apology.


Although the Standard Freeholder never ran our Letter to the Editor in the subsequent paper, they did issue a rather small apology regarding the distasteful article that “may have caused some people to take offense to what was written.” Technically and legally they did issue an apology, however small, but the fact remains that they have fulfilled their legal requirement.  Some members of Akwesasne have chosen to file their own complaints while others have suggested cancelling their subscription. MCA will leave it to individual community members to decide how they wish to address the issue.


(There have been requests for MCA to share the letter that was sent to the Standard Freeholder. That letter is attached, as well as the response from the Standard Freeholder.)


Letter to the Editor: Insulting Remarks On Police Blotter


On Monday, September 16th, the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder ran a police blotter that referred to a resident of Kana:takon (Saint Regis) as a “St. Regis drunk.” In the same article, they refer to a resident that was charged for impaired driving as a “South Glengarry man,” not, “A South Glengarry Drunk.”  When they discuss a resident faced with a domestic criminal harassment charge in the same blotter, they refer to the suspect as “a 49-year-old city man,” not a “Cornwall woman-beater”.  So, it is interesting as to why the resident of Kana:takon was referred to in such a negative manner. Especially when there are frequently derogatory comments and an informed and inaccurate stigma that oftentimes is attributed to Native Americans as “drunks.”


Although we are not condoning the actions of any resident that was acting inappropriately in public and could be seen as a nuisance, we are asking for the same respect that is given to residents outside of Akwesasne facing similar circumstances.  


When we contacted the paper for comment, they responded that they should not have run the article the way it was presented.  There were no indications of an apology of the negative manner that the article was run. The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is formally asking for an apology on behalf of the residents of Akwesasne with assurance that this will not happen again.


Skennen, – Grand Chief Mike Kanentakeron Mitchell

Below is the police blotter that originally ran on September 16, 2013 in the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder:


Below is the apology that ran on September 18, 2013 by the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder:

 townhall meeting


  1. It is funny the Freeholder can write something negative about an Akwesasne resident and apologize and yet refuse say negative things about it’s own city.. So much BS in this city!!!

  2. It’s the Standard-Freeholder….nobody takes it seriously anyway because most of what it publishes is garbage anyway….

  3. Is there some kind of market audience newspapers try to reach? That original Police Blotter piece reads at about grad 8 level. “Drunk” was not needed as it may have been just an opinion, we all are innocent until proven guilty, unless that has been altered.

  4. There was a story a few months ago in the Freeholder and I think CFN too, about an impaired (drunk) pickup driver who wiped out a motorcyclist on #2 west of Cornwall. He wasn’t referred to as a Long Sault drunk. As usual, there was no follow up on the story. The guy on the bike was air-lifted to a hospital in critical condition, and that was the end of the the story. No follow up as to whether he lived or died.

  5. Mr Furtz
    Maybe you can spare a moment away from harassing Pastor Tom as he does gods work…and find out what happened to the bike rider. Newspapers including this one..are working with smaller and smaller staffs as big organizations life Huffington post write headline after sensational headline trying to get people to click on their site.

    Retired old guys have lots of time to sit on the couch and pick apart the news…then share their insights with lucky readers

    Lets see today you “yelled” at old itinerant over at SF made fun of him..although we all know he is a product of project truth
    Pray tell what other service have you provided mankind today unless we get to see you write poo or throw poo quotes as a public service

  6. ALL The News thats Fit to Print…or NOT

    Standard Freeholder runs part of a letter about this incident just enough so that nobody….can figure out what the H-E double LL Chief Mike Mitchell is talking about
    Had to drop by CFN to read the original SIN and the full Mike Mitchell letter.
    My guess…the SF women reporters have left the building..and this was written by a new trainee or Intern…if so…everybody makes mistakes..but this wasn’t funny..light hearted…or the writer is racist…my bet…the writer thought they were being funny..but it was a HUGE mistake

    And…while we are talking about mistakes…Mr Claude McIntosh writing at his new home Seaway Free News…gives a glowing report on Don Cherrys visit to John Wensink roast…this writeup comes two weeks after big MAC wrote that Cherry doesn’t come out to play anymore…in his there is no way- he will be- at Wensink roast.

    Sorry not a big fan of Mr Cherry…he too has had his knuckle wrapped for sexist or almost racist rants on CBC..the way Cornwalls hi-rollers reacted friday night…you would think the new Pope had stopped by. Hero worship…like TRIX…is for KIDs

    One would also have to wonder if the catholic priest at the head table had to go to confession himself later that weekend.
    It was amazing to watch the women in the room…going along with some of the most “vile” comments made about former wives by the head table…but…oh yeah..its for the anything goes
    Of course, the icing on the cake for the night would have been Cherry but he doesn’t make public appearances these days, not even in his hometown of Kingston, but even without the legendary Grapes on hand, it’s an all-star lineup.

  7. “Retired old guys have lots of time to sit on the couch and pick apart the news…then share their insights with lucky readers”

    Anonymous name callers come in all ages and sexes. Some of us old guys recognize problems in our society and want to be part of a change for the better. We get involved in community activities and are an active force for improvement in everything from politics to simply improving neighborhood relations.

    Don’t go lumping all us old guys in one pile of compost. That my friend is ageism.

  8. Reg………you rock!

  9. @ CornwallFreakNews. Not sure what all that was about, but whatever. Feel free to ignore my comments.
    @ Reg. We old farts don’t get no respect anymore. 🙂

  10. Furtz
    September 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm
    @ Reg. We old farts don’t get no respect anymore. 🙂

    Once upon a time respect was earned, lately though it seems like what have you done lately is the thinking.

  11. Sorry Reggie…don’t want to lump all you old white guys together

    Furtz…you complained of no follow up…on motorcycle accident newspapers can’t follow up on every story
    On another occasion you blew up and made a threatening remark to StellatheFella because they wrote that you and pastor tom…”were on the same page”…the comment only said…You and Tommie were on the same web u seemed to infer…that you and tommie think alike..a big difference…
    You claim we can ignore you…but not when u make threats towards our group

    Over at SF you jumped on the same way…
    Feel free to comment…politely NOT as a BULLY
    bullies get people making faartz profiles..and other juvenile pranks against grumpy old men


    You’re in way over your head, Pal

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

  12. I have to reply to CornwallFreakNews.
    First, I made no threat, implied or otherwise, to StellatheFella. We were joking around, as we have done many times.
    Second, itinerant made a crass and cruel comment about the driver of the bus involved in that horrible accident in Ottawa. Here’s a link.
    Third, I made a common observation about the lack of follow up to news stories in the press. You offended by that?
    I’m not sure what your problem is, but I hope you get help for it.
    Carry on.

  13. @ Eric. Yup. Anyone foolish enough to not agree with you deserves no respect. Got it.

  14. Furtz September 20, 2013 at 2:15 pm

    @ CornwallFreakNews. Not sure what all that was about, but whatever. Feel free to ignore my comments.
    @ Reg. We old farts don’t get no respect anymore.

    HEY FURTZ…..Is this your post? Looks weird to me. Just wondering…? I’ve never seen you use SMILLIES before.

  15. Well now my freaky friend you just can’t help making racist remarks can you… “old white guys”…really? That is a derogatory term and is just as offensive as any you could use on other ethnic groups.

  16. Just finished reading this article. Unbelievable!
    Now, first off this letter came from the Police Department. Who writes and approves the Police Blotter releases?
    This is problem number 1
    The Police Department should be apologizing for such a derogatory comment.
    Well, I guess the Standard-Freeholder will now have to police our own Police Department and make certain before they print anything that all terms used are in fact in good taste and are politically correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Furtz says

    Second, itinerant made a crass and cruel comment about the driver of the bus involved in that horrible accident in Ottawa

    The drivers wife said…“He had told me how heavy these (double-decker) buses were. He told me they were very heavy and tough to drive.”On the John Oakley Show on AM640 she said “he said he didn’t like to drive them but he didn’t have a choice

    Everybody knows Itinerant is NOT a words smith …to me…in his own way…he is saying the driver…along with other drivers…didn’t like driving this new bus finding it heavy and hard to stop
    Suggesting the drivers dislike of this vehicle might have been part of the reason this accident happened..does not..seem crass and cruel?????
    Any driver who borrows or drives a vehicle he doesn’t feel comfortable in..might be affected by these feelings thus be more likely to get into an accident than a driver who loved this new vehicle!!!!!!

    Reg…sorry but if u think mentioning old white guys… racist…
    We white folks have every advantage known to man


    read above furtz, it says he did not like driving the bus, and he had no choice. Sure he did he could have chosen not to drive and press it with the union. As it stands now with that comment he was doing something that he did not feel comfortable doing which could have lead to the accident as a result….


    You’re in way over your head, Pal. Let’s show a little respect, shall we?

  18. So Mr Furtz:

    This is suppose to me and you joking around????
    Its funny that i made your skin crawl???
    I took it as a kinda a threat

    How funny is this
    Furtz in SF

    You’re in way over your head, Pal. Let’s show a little respect, shall we?

    Furtz August 28, 2013 at 2:12 pm

    @ StellaTheFella. You’re pushing it, my friend! I’m NEVER in the same book as the preacher, never mind on the same page. You just made my skin crawl in a serious way.

  19. Author

    Julie I don’t think what was published was from the PD or it would’ve been on CFn as well.

  20. OK Freaky have you checked the ranks of the Public Service lately? How many people of European heritage do you think are getting hired? How many seniors are being hired for non-fast food jobs? The only reason “We white folks have every advantage known to man” is because we have earned it. Yes there was systemic discrimination because us “White Folks” built the system.

    By the way I find the term “white folks” as offensive as “black folks”.

    What I find even more offensive is your casual use of ageism like it is of no consequence. With people living longer and longer seniors need to be able to continue to earn a living and to be considered viable and valuable members of the work force and not dismissed as useless, chronic complainers.

    “New research reveals that nearly half of all mature workers want to continue working in some capacity beyond age 65, but employers need to do more to eliminate systemic age discrimination in their corporate culture.”

  21. The kid…Cheryl Brink, at the standard freeholder….handles the blotter.

  22. @ CornwallFreakNews. This is so strange. You seem otherwise to be a reasonably intelligent person. Itinerant made a crass and uncalled for comment re the deceased bus driver, saying that he had a choice whether or not to drive that bus. Bus drivers are assigned the routes they work and the buses they drive. He/she demonstrated a complete lack of class, and a complete lack of respect for the bus driver. Even you should be able to understand that.

  23. So the “toilet paper of record – SF” is at it again. Anybody who purchases the toilet paper of record has to be mighty hard up for BS crap spreading around to have anything to do with that piece of crap. It goes to show you that those who work at the toilet paper of record are not educated at all whatsoever.

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