I’m Bewildered about Tarek Loubani & John Greyson by Jamie Gilcig – September 20, 2013

cropped-johnandtarek51CFN –  For Canadian Filmmaker John Greyson and Dr. Tarek Loubani these are trying times.  Both are on hunger strikes in an Egyptian prison after being held for over 30 days without charges.  There’s even a website for them tarekandjohn.com

Greyson at least is openly gay which in most Muslim countries is about as scary as hanging out in Russia.

The Minister in charge here in Canada is John Baird who is sorta out himself.

During TIFF the two men’s incarceration has become the cause of the week with celebs making statements to help put pressure to free the Egyptian government which is right now under military control after Muslim Brotherhood poobah Morsi was removed.

In other words this is a total mess.    Were these two Canadian gentlemen on vacation simply looking to purchase a hookah?    Greyson is a strongly Anti-Israel activist and the good Dr. has done some activism himself.   That’s not a crime nor cause for incarceration.

But where does their own responsibility lie?  After all they knowingly put themselves in harms way.  If they were not Canadian would they be safely held in Egyptian jail all things considered?

In gay terms, would an effete mincer jump into a Biker bar in Texas get much sympathy if they were not treated with kindness and respect?   Would Alec Baldwin go running to their defense?

We live in a world where people scream about anti-bullying without really understanding what bullying is.     We live in a dark scary world where some people are really not nice.  They’re nasty.  They aren’t interested in debate or discussion.    It’s why people in LA live with bars on their doors and windows and why some people don’t wander around certain neighborhoods late at night.

Some media are calling for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to intervene and on  the one hand maybe he should; but on the other hand should he?

And would there be as much public support to free the two if at least one of them wasn’t gay?   As some gay activists are pointing out why isn’t their community calling for a boycott of Egypt after a month of captivity like they are for Russia over the Olympics?

When things are taboo or prohibited they can develop an allure or mysticism.   That has happened in many ways over the centuries to being gay and in the last 30 or so years has led up to a crescendo where there are political machines and marketing machines and being gay has almost become a brand.

Pink Dollars and clout are now chased and coveted; but equality simply means being treated just as badly as all of the rest of the world.  There is no special status.    And frankly if two average Canadians were caught participating in political events in a foreign country that weren’t gay would any of us even be talking about it?

The Hunger strike reeks of political stunt in a place that isn’t known for tolerating political stunts.   Does it make sense to try and play hardball politics with a Military government that tossed out the politicians in charge?

Hopefully both are freed safe and sound; but surely this should be a warning to adventurous Westerners that want to play politics in other countries backyards.

What do you think CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Are you flipping kidding me? One of them is there to teach emergency room techniques to fellow doctors, and the other is going to produce a documentary about it. They walked into a police station to ask for directions. How is that in any way political? You’re the one making this about being gay. What is wrong with you?

  2. Whether their detainment is political in nature or regarding sexual orientation is speculation which most media seem to revel in. Big deal. Bottom line they are not being held merely for seeking directions. The truth behind the story will come out eventually and the immediate lesson is that once you leave the safety of your home country things can happen, not maybe always fairly but reality is not about fairness.

    I missed the part that this was about being homosexual. The speculation regarding a possible cause for detainment is sound, not necessarily correct, but given the location and laws it does represent a very real possibility. They knew what they were walking into so let them be responsible and deal with the consequences of their actions as men should. None of this means that we cannot be sympathetic to their plight.

  3. LOL LOL. ROLF! OMG this John Greyson is gay – well I can tell all of you that he will be torchered and killed if they find out about him being gay. All those countries do not accept men or women being gay and that includes my husband’s country of Lebanon. Whether Muslim or Christian neither one accepts gay people at all and the torchure that they experience is something that you would not want to know about.

  4. JULES I do not get the LOL LOL. What is so funny or amusing about a fellow human being enduring torture or facing death as a consequence for sexual orientation ? Most of us understand that the middle east amongst other areas of the world hold a different view point on homosexuality. You live in an extremely liberal country so your attitude suggests intolerance to the plight of a homosexual individual . While I do respect your right to an opinion and acknowledge that we can differ in opinion with respect to tolerance the LOL LOL simple exemplifies a barbaric attitude on the subject that I find personally abhorrent.

    I would hope that you might voluntarily retract the attitude displayed by your remark, however it would only be of value if you were truly sincere and not simply feeling that you had been caught in the headlights so to speak.


  5. Is there a new administrator at CFN???

  6. It does seem a little strange that someone would “LOL” etc about the torture and possible killing of homosexuals.

  7. In all fairness to Jules, does anyone honestly think that this woman gets a thrill out of seeing people tortured or killed.

    The point she was trying to make was that homosexuality is not accepted in the Middle East.

    Her statement “this John Greyson is gay” would indicate her surprise in learning this about him. Her personal opinion is her own.

    No one in their right mind enjoys seeing or hearing about torture and killings……..don’t misconstrue her post.

  8. @ Stella. You are probably right about about Jules, and I hope you are. But we are all well aware that certain people within our community believe that homosexuals will RIGHTFULLY spend eternity in “the fiery lake of hell”.

  9. STELLABYSTARLIGHT you are so insightful, I am humbled by your apparent cognitive powers your ability to know what people mean even when they don’t appear to know themselves. I am awe stricken by your almost god like powers. I acquiesce to your greatness. You raise the bar so high ! Bravo, bravo !!

    Seriously STELLABYSTARLIGHT despite the fact that you can no doubt run intellectual circles around me without so much as breaking into a sweat I believe that JULES is mature enough to speak for herself.

    FURTZ I thought your observation displayed a level headed approach coupled with a certain diplomacy. I mean this sincerely, no sarcasm. Thank you.

  10. @ David. Most people around here think I’m off my rocker most of the time. I tend to agree with them.

  11. @david…….one doesn’t need a Doctorate nor a great amount of common sense to know that Jules was not implying what you accused her of…….that torture and killing was funny and amusing.

    Yes I did reply for jules, your comments towards her were unwarranted, somewhat twisted and that perhaps she was too dumfounded and hurt by your thoughtless accusations to reply herself.

  12. @Furtz…….not off your rocker, actually you have a great sense of humor and a great outlook on life **smile**

  13. STELLABYSTARLIGHT I “accused” Jules of nothing. I stated an opinion based on her statements alone, I read nothing into her remarks they stand in plain view. If the meaning was other than as she stated then again, Jules is quite capable of replying and stating or correcting her position herself.

    My comment was warranted, there was nothing “twisted” in my assessment unless of course you STELLABYSTARLIGHT subscribe to the opinion that the torture or murder of homosexuals in funny or amusing or LOL. It seems apparent that your usual avenue of rebuttal when you disagree with another individual in this forum is to attempt to discredit them or blast them with sarcasm.

    Again, there was nothing thoughtless or vindictive in my remarks. JULES has a voice and uses it here liberally. I do not always agree, like yourself on the opinions or remarks made but I am always respectfully willing to properly debate, defend or if required retract a position or statement that I have made in error or ignorance.

    One thing that we agree upon is that FURTZ is not off his rocker.

  14. Jules has been uncharacteristically silent for a few days. I hope we didn’t scare her away.
    @ Jules. Don’t go away. I enjoy reading your comments even though we seldom agree.

  15. JULES is like the EverReady Bunny FURTZ, keep the faith she will return.

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