BREAKING – Fire at Olymel Plant Reported in Cornwall Ontario 4:13 Sept 19, 2013

olymel cornwallCFN – Fire is reported at the Olymel plant in Cornwall Ontario – we will update as with info as more comes in.

Traffic is blocked off near the site off of Boundary Road.

Update 7:41 PM

No injuries are reported and night shift is cancelled.



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    What I found most puzzling was that Cornwall City Fire trucks arrived at the site- driving south on Boundary Road as if they came from highway 401 into the city…It would seem the fastest route would have been thru the city? lots of question.i don’t have the answers
    My first thought that maybe road construction blocked the “fast route” from East End Fire sub station to Olymel..or..hopefully address mixup like happened when they arrived at the wrong apartment recently????????? The two large fire trucks had to sneak by crews paving the road out in front of the plant

    What I find wrong..the twitterworld..where Mr Matt Buxton is making a bacon joke(at 4:13pm) when maybe an employee got an arm cut off…this happened to my friend at a Cornwall furniture plant…or somebody died from toxic smoke…not such a joke then..right??

  2. FYI Half the trucks respond via the 401 while the other half respond via the city. This ensures you don’t have a delay as a result of a mile long freight train blocking the route as the train crosses boundary road. If there’s no train the trucks coming from the east end arrive quickly and begin to mitigate the incident.if there is a train blocking their path the trucks coming from downtown arrive shortly after. Always haves plan B.

  3. Thanks for that straight…its busy time for Cornwall Fire…the day before the John Wensink roast three unit rolled into Parkway Hotel…yesterday I followed two units into Olymel
    but things looked pretty big story here
    And in buxton was just tryin to be funny I am just sensitive after the injury to my friend.

  4. Author

    Freak why are you following fire trucks?

  5. Maybe he’s a new lawyer and hasn’t learned that its Ambulances and not fire trucks!

  6. admin September 20, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Freak why are you following fire trucks?

    Never know when your going to get the news story or photo of a lifetime..sorta like the night they burnt down the police station on First Nations land 40 yrs ago
    Or when news men from all over Ontario came racing to Cornwall after the manager of Bank of Montreal was kidnapped
    Or the horrible week in Munich during the 1972 Olympics..if you don’t have your camera..or follow your instincts…somebody else makes the front page

  7. Forgot to mention my friend Paul Watson- Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist- from Toronto Star
    Paul took the Black Hawk Down photo that changed American foreign policy
    Watson didn’t follow “fire trucks” that day..but he did follow a mob of Somalis dragging an American soldier thru the streets

    Three journalist had been beaten to death a few weeks before– but the American military– had called Mr Watson a liar for claiming the same thing had happened to another Black Hawk pilot.

    Paul, who only has one arm, braved the angry mobs and took a photo…once back in the retaliative security of his car…he realized his photo showed the private parts of the dead soldier.
    Watson knew newspaper editors wouldn’t run this he..once again waded into the mob crazed on Khat( a plant that acts like speed) to take his prize winning photo.

    To quote Mr Watson..the American military called me a liar before and I wasn’t going to let it happen again…Shortly after this photograph was taken President Bill Clinton pulled all troops out of Somalia

  8. “CornwallFreakNews” that is quite a story and yes Somalia is a mighty dangerous place for anyone to be and your friend was lucky to come out of there alive.

    I will say this – look at Sammy Yatim’s case in Toronto and the cop is charged with second degree murder. If the people did not use their cell phones that day to take pictures of what happened then we would have another DIRTY HARRY COP get off scot free with murder instead of having him charged.

    Not much goes on in Cornwall except a lot of BS and child molestation, crooked politicians, and the like. We sure have to dig deep enough to get some real news.

  9. NYT photojournalist Tyler Hicks..and his wife…run into danger
    when terrorists attack mall in Kenya killing innocent men women and children

    I was at a framing shop in an adjacent mall picking up some photographs that had been given to me as gifts by photojournalists who attended my wedding. I was very close. I didn’t have all of my equipment, just had a small camera that I always have with me in case something happens.

    I ran over to the mall and I was able to photograph until my wife [Nichole Sobecki], who is also a photojournalist and was at our house, was able to collect my Kevlar helmet and professional cameras before she came to cover the news herself.

    thats why i chase after firetrucks…u just never know

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