Paul Fitzpatrick Leaves St. Lawrence College – Maybe CFN can now work with Interns or have the School Advertise with us?

CAO Paul Fitzpatrick - student of the Pierre Gauthier school of higher management.

CFN – Scandal ridden former CAO of Cornwall Ontario, Paul Fitzpatrick, is no longer the President of the Board of Governors of St. Lawrence College.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, in court papers, was alleged to have had a relationship with former Glen Stor Dun Lodge manager Donna Derouchie.  Ms Derouchie was fired from the City of Cornwall, but given nearly two years pay in settlement negotiated by Mr. Fitzpatrick before he himself retired.


Mr. Fitzpatrick was CAO of the City during the period when the City spent vast sums on money helping the retrofit of the School as well as instrumental in having the city spend nearly $100,000 per year to rent its auditorium to be used as the Aulstville Theatre.

Fitzpatrick Under the busMr. Fitzpatrick was allowed a large settlement from his “Good friend” Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger and his council before heading off on a six figure retirement package.

There was no response from Mr. Fitzpatrick for this story.

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  1. A little off topic Jamie but maybe the “new” Cornwall River Kings can have the little boy that almost lost his life drop the puck at the first game of the season
    Such a class act would help- if only for a little while- us forget the stink caused by current city council

    “The Cadieuxs were taking in the Cornwall River Kings’ practice at the civic complex around 1:20 p.m. when Clayton choked on some coins

  2. Perhaps my alma mater has seen the light and is retreating from the dark side.

  3. Did he get caught with his pants down again in some closed room? I’d say the probability is high that he did.

  4. Many people in our Town are of the opinion that Fitz should have been fired as Cornwall’s CAO . Why didn’t that happen ?
    Were there not grounds for City Council to do just that ?

    It seems instead of Firing him they gave him a Big Fat increase in Pay the question then has to be was that justified or not ?

    With all the currently yet to be decided issues before the court were in for a very interesting 2014 .

    It would be nice to say have pity on the taxpayers however it’s a tad to late for that as Fitz , Mayor Kilgor and Council have put us in a position we can do little about .

  5. Speaking of Kilger, what is the latest with Rob Hickley’s fight against the city?

  6. Author

    Shotgun we’re all waiting on the judge. The delay is probably a good thing.

  7. Personally I think that man that saved that little boy should be dropping the puck at the next game. That little boy is lucky to be alive…..all because of the man that helped him!

  8. Well this is the best news since quite a while now but there is something in the back of my mind that says that he didn’t just get fired. There is a great deal more to this story than what we are being told. I wouldn’t be surprised that more and more students opted out of going to that college and going elsewhere instead. When there is a huge lack of money and Fitzy has a lot to blame about it then they tell him to leave for the good of what is left with the college. I think that there are other reasons as well. Fitzy, Bare Ass and the clique have made a terrible reputation for Cornwall. Whoever can leave will leave and not go back again.

  9. Yes, 2014 should be very interesting for Mr. Fitzpatrick and all of Council. Unfortunately, as in the past it will be at the taxpayers expense, but at least in the end they will have all the facts and be able to make informed decisions in the 2014 election.

    As to why such horrendous cost became the taxpayers burden as I said before it started with two individuals who believed they were above the law and now Council who as of 2011 had the facts or had no excuse not to have them are in self preservation mode because I didn’t go away.

    I always have and will continue to defend what I believe in and plan to take this full circle which the current administration and Council are fully aware of.

    Whistle blowers need protection in order to protect others which for all intensive purposes doesn’t exist today and hopefully my actions will play a small part move our government to provide practical protections for those who come forward in the future.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  10. Author

    Wish me luck Diane. Tomorrow is our Settlement hearing with the City 🙂

  11. Jamie,

    I do hope you success today. It is important that they learn there are consequences to their behaviour and that BULLYING is NOT acceptable by anyone let alone our community leaders.

    Take Care,


  12. DIANE I hear you on the monetary costs and certainly agree that the price tag is high and will unfortunately get higher. However how do you put a price on principle and clearing you name and the reputation of the city. When people stand up against the odds and incredible adversity and have the patience and perseverance to succeed then we all feel like winners because our faith is renewed.

    I do not know you personally, DIANE but I do know what type of individual you are, and I have the greatest of respect and admiration for you for having done quite simply what was right and necessary. You have been inspirational to a lot of us. Again, Thank you.

    I do not expect that our former CAO will be fondly remembered, I feel bad for his family.

  13. Would justice be served if a class action suit was brought about against the former council to recover money wrongfully spent and handed out?

    Although it would set a precedence I am sure and draw attention to Cornwall, the resulting success of such an action would have a profound positive effect on politicians and the political decision making process in general.

    Perhaps something to ponder now and revisit in 2014 when the fan has been cleaned off so to speak.

    It would be a cost effective manner in which to recover tax dollars and render justice to those who have failed in their duty to represent us and maintain the trust of their positions.

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