LTE Joe Hueglin on the Perils of Fracking in Canada & Harper Government Deal with Japan September 23, 2013

LTEDear Editor
According to Japanese newspapers a “shale gas deal” may well be agreed to in Ottawa Tuesday,  September 22th. In it “Canada’s envisioned shale gas exports are likely to total 40 million tons a year.” (1)

Anyone reading  “Shale gas in Canada”,(2)  the Harper Government.s presentation of information on the subject of hydraulic fracturing, would read no expression of concern about the process.but that “macroeconomic benefits including improved employment, investment, tax revenues and trade balances, with a reduced dependence on imported energy”  will be the result.
Noted as well is that “shale gas development is a relatively mature industry in the United States (with more than 40 000 producing wells), shale gas is still in its nascent stages in Canada.”

Unmentioned are problems that  have arisen, two being earthquakes in regions that never prior to fracking experienced them and the effects on regional water supplies in quality and quantity.(3)

The benefits, “improved employment, investment, tax revenues and trade balances” will be lauded when the deal is made public. Unfortunately the risk side will not be stated by the Government but hopefully will be by the media.

Yours truly
Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls, Ontario
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      Abe, Harper to agree on shale gas deal

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22 Jun 2012  Now the sustainability think tank Pacific Institute, in a report released on June 21 on water issues offracking, says fracking’s water woes aren’t 
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18 Aug 2013  This is not just a Texas political issue as much as people like to bash Texans. Colorado has the same ground water issues with fracking.
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The massive water requirements for fracking and the potential conflicts with other water  Among the most commonly cited were

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  1. Let’s hope that our next prime minister and government will be more concerned about long term environmental issues rather than the fast approaching second coming of Christ. We have some serious nut-bars who will be running the show for at least another two years.

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