Cornwall Memes Pulls in More Facebook Likes in One Month Than City of Cornwall Page!

cwm5ACFN – Human nature is a funny thing.    People can say one thing publicly, but what they do is many times very different than what they say.

cwm 1While many have commented their indignation and outrage over the Cornwall Memes facebook page, it now has more likes in one month the City of Cornwall’s actual Facebook page.

It’s author still refuses to step out into the public light.  Most interesting is that if you click on who likes the page it’s mostly the 18-24 crowd.

In fact some have suggested that I myself was behind this; but am not in anyway affiliated or connected to the page.  I do not know the authors identity.  I simply messaged them through the page.

The author messaged a statement for this story.

It’s hard to believe the support the page has gotten in the past month, I’m truly floored to the fact that it has surpassed in likes of the actual Cornwall Facebook page, it is much more beyond anything I could of ever expected it to become. 

cwm6However, I can’t take all the credit, credit is due to my associates and every single individual who likes the Cornwall Memes Page. I’ve always liked making people laugh, and I’ve always making people happy, I’m very happy that we can all share a laugh as a community.


While totally childish and high school for the most part the biggest question is why do so many people; especially young people feel strongly enough to like this page?  It is just kicking at authority or do our young people really have that much animosity to the city they have grown up in?

Could that be why so many of  our youngest and brightest leave and the city’s population stagnates at under 50,000?


With nearly 5 people employed in the Economic Development department, and with one of the largest budgets  who do very little to develop our economy; especially for young people, maybe it’s time for voters to take a look at not only who we vote; but how those elected run our city?

While mostly funny Cornwall Memes is surely a Canary in a Coal Mine for how this city is run.  Now the question is if some of those young people want to try and help change our city for the better so one day they themselves will have memes about how awesome Cornwall is?

I asked the author for “their” fave meme and they said.

I was honestly disgusted the way that I heard they treated teens at the health care clinic, as if they we’re dirt for being pregnant, I had hoped this meme would of raised more awareness to that fact.

cwm fave Teen pregnancy should in no way be dealt in the manner of which they had dealt it. Even though this meme never became popular, it has always been my favorite because of that.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments…or Memes, below.

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  1. First you have to recognize there is a problem before you can solve it. Hopefully the majority of those who liked the meme will become active in the community to help resolve the problems that are satirized there. Hopefully they will at least go out and vote in the next municipal election.

  2. So this is what I have been missing since I dropped off Facebook.

  3. “Cornwall – Grandma’s turning 30!”

  4. Well I sure am not a young person and my old carcass can sure vouch for that. I was out with my daughter and I am worn out to a frazzle. I sure do know that Cornwall is not a place for the young and even people my age would get very depressed living there. There are opportunities for education nor for employment unless your name is Kilger, Samson, Grant, Lickie, Latour and other families who are the vulchers and cochroaches of the town who suck off of other people to get where they are today. I am 62 years old and in my day there was nothing for me either nor for my family. One of my nephew’s left Cornwall as well as his wife and are successful today. In order to get a job and get ahead you have only one choice and that is to leave Cornwall and don’t look back at all and instead look ahead. Many good people left in my day and never went back except to visit family who stayed behind.

  5. Correction: I meant to say that there are “no opportunities for education nor employment” in Cornwall. All young people in Cornwall think about your future. Cornwall is going to be for the likes of Bare Ass and company and for nobody else. I am a woman of 62 years old and would feel very depressed living among such people and being treated badly by that gang of mobsters. The best thing that we did was to leave. Don’t look back and look ahead. I was only 23 years old when I first left Cornwall and I can tell you that everyone that I went to school with never went back except for a number (like my fingers on one hand) that went back to inherit their fathers businesses, otherwise they would never have gone back like everyone else.

  6. I liked the way the headline could be changed. I realize that there is a clickable banner tickertape style at the top. I just don’t like it man. Too many options!!….. And shit.

  7. A memory and auto-fill remember me log in thing would be nice…..And shit. I just donated my mind.

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