Only Two More Fridays Left for the Long Sault Farmer’s Market by Reg Coffey – September 28, 2013


CFN – There are still plenty of fruit and vegetables to buy at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market but time is marching on and soon snow will be on the ground. Unfortunately there is no more corn available at our market but as you can see in the picture above locally grown strawberries are still available. Who knew you can still grow strawberries in September? Root crops and brussel sprouts are at their peek right now and of course there are apples, lots and lots of apples.



While the market does revolve around fresh locally grown produce there are still lots of baked goods, canned goods, Thai food and coffee available. It’s all locally baked or roasted or canned so not only will you be buying great quality products but you will usually be looking in the face of the person who makes it. These are the people who work in your community and contribute to the local economy by spend their money here.

There are only two more market days left so be sure to come out on the grass in front of the Long Sault Shopping Centre to buy locally produced quality products and help support the local economy. The Long Sault Farmer’s Market is open on Friday afternoons from 2 PM to 6 PM, rain or shine, until October 11, 2013.

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