Dr. Sheridan Diaz Declared NOT GUILTY in Cornwall Ontario by Judge Bruce McPhee – Oct 2, 2013

Attorney James Harbic
Attorney James Harbic

CFN – One of the most sensational courtroom dramas ended today as Dr. Sheridan Diaz was declared NOT GUILTY by Judge Bruce McPhee in courtroom number 6 earlier this morning in Cornwall Ontario.

Dr. Diaz and her long time spouse had come to Canada after leaving Texas with Dr. Diaz eventually working for Dr. Mary Jane Randlett.    In fact much of Dr. Randlett’s testimony contributed to Dr. Diaz going through what her lawyer has described as a nightmare and many suggesting that it only occurred because of the sexuality of the couple.

Dr. Diaz was a young McGill student when she met the 40 year old woman that eventually would become her wife at their ceremony in Massachusetts.

Like many couples as they enter their Golden years one of them was struck by dementia.

Family politics and probably some very poor judgement in care ended up with law enforcement charging Dr. Diaz, incarcerating her; separating the couple and the eventual summer court case that cost thousands of dollars in legal bills for Dr. Diaz and the legal system.

Lawyer James Harbic raises many questions in video interview.

It was a Summer of allegations with CFN being contacted by people from Texas and upset family members not including one of Canada’s Pop Star legends, Corey Hart,  that was the nephew of  Dr. Diaz’s spouse.

It doesn’t look like it’s over as Dr. Diaz has not had access to her wife since the arrest.

The screenwriter in me raises some certain points.   If Dr. Diaz wanted to do away with her frail 81 year old spouse it surely would not have been difficult to do so.    Why drag her spouse all the way back to Canada?   Previous family friction has raised many questions; but in the end it sounds to a lush tale of many people fighting over an estate and money.

We may never know the full truth of this story that has been grist for the mill for so many.  Watching Dr. Diaz push back tears as Judge McPhee read out his verdict which took nearly half an hour I thought that this video would be a tribute to the ordeal she has gone through.

Judge McPhee went over evidence and testimony which clearly showed that while her wife could have been taken better care of that the Judge clearly felt that Dr. Diaz wife was not abused or mistreated.

Listening to the comments of family members seated by myself also was a peep into the heart of a darker place of human nature.   One member had scribbled a big dollar sign on his note paper….

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?   Were Dr. Diaz and her wife treated differently because of their Sexuality?   Did Dr. Diaz get away with a crime or is she simply guilty of not taking better care of her spouse?

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Such a distorted view……disappointed in this reporting

  2. Remembering reading about the appalling conditions and circumstances that Dr. Diaz’s wife was found in (by police) I can’t help but wonder if a great injustice hasn’t been done.

    Something is off.

    Who lets a loved one linger alone in squalid, fetid conditions when they have the education and means to do the opposite?

  3. @ bigger picture….distorted reporting??? The Doctor was ruled not guilty by a court of law and the video was of the defense lawyer giving a statement. How is that distorted? Do you think it’s distorted because the story was covered here first?

    Please explain yourself and use your real name, not a pseudonym. It’s easy to spew crap from the shadows.

  4. I agree with the reporters version. $$$$$$$

  5. Same sex marriage is against God’s law and against my principals entirely. This is funny indeed.

  6. Jules what in the hell does your ignorant opinion on same sex marriage have to do with this doctors story? Did I miss something in the article or are you just an uneducated boor?

  7. The tragic thing about chronic abuse is that the abuser may not accurately see what’s happening. Things can spiral out of control when trying to care for someone with dementia and result in increasing neglect. Why would an experienced person at Carefor – who made the unannounced visit at the home – summon the police if there was no evidence of abuse? People would be shocked if the SPCA failed to act on behalf of an animal denied the necessities of life.

    I don’t get the feeling there’s sexual orientation discrimination at the forefront of this case. That sounds like a manufactured strategy. But there is possibly a serious form of reverse discrimination. Might the court have been more lenient because Diaz is a doctor?

  8. @ bella. I couldn’t have said that better.

  9. The court found her NOT GUILTY and we have to accept that this decision was made by people smarter than us. Move on please!

  10. Reg, my meaning of distorted view comes from what the defense attorney said in the video….it was not a statement of facts…it was his soapbox speech set out to leave the impression that Diaz is the victim here….he also failed to mention that the daughter who assumed care of the real victim here did so after being contacted by cch and after spending 2 weeks at her mothers hospital bedside caring for her. Yes they had conflict in the past but that was 19 years ago….not the 2 that the defense lawyer claimed…. People grow up and improve their life situations all the time. Finally his lengthy speech on the efforts that Diaz made to get services here in Cornwall and yet no one helped her..please, why did he not mention that the people she asked help from were all being treated for medical reasons at the very time that Diaz was inquiring. Not sure about you but I know that when I go to a doctor for help I do not expect to be put in a position of providing help to the doctor who is in a position of authority over my medical well being…
    Hope this response better explains my position. Found not guilty yes but I would still not want anyone to be subjected to the lifestyle that dr Diaz offered her partner here in Cornwall, in dorval, or in Texas where they lived before. My animals get better treatment and promise of safe, secure living environment…than D was given over many years…only difference is that an outsider finally got a look at the inside. Tell me folks, would you be comfortable caring for your elderly loved one on a bare mattress on a bare floor, isolated, alone and fearful that when you leave you might not come back at all?? Just saying….

  11. Yes Stan and all the people tried for abuse during Project Truth
    were also falseley accused NOT
    During the Mis_truth period i do believe the priest brother of a famous Canadian Tv commentator got off around here but was convicted in Quebec
    So lets wait and see what happens with the god doctor
    ” this decision was made by people smarter than us”
    guess your talking about the local judge…may i please remind you…I do believe this was a Ed Lumley appt

  12. @bigger picture

    “Such a distorted view……disappointed in this reporting”

    If you thought it was a miscarriage of justice you could have just said so. Blaming the reporter for reporting things you don’t like is just mud slinging….or am I being over defensive?

  13. A doctor in trouble for elder abuse? Only in Cornwall you say. Bella “SAME TO YOU AND FURTZ!” AND MORE COMING FROM ME YOU TWIT!

  14. Ohh your true colors are showing Jules! You are a bigot and do not like to understand that all human beings are not what YOU want them to be. Grow up and realize that there are a lot of people out there gays, lesbians, transgendered and bi that do great things for many people but don’t look to be praised for their efforts. They usually remain in the back ground so as to not upset the Applecart.

  15. @ Miss Steak. It’s curious that a homophobic person would take a dim view of racists. I think it’s what we call ironic.

  16. Miss Steak “GO AND STUFF IT – YOU HAVE A BONE TO PICK ON ME EVERY TIME SO TAKE YOUR STEAK AND SHOVE IT”. I am not against people who are strange in ways but against how they live only. I see some that are very nice people and others are mighty weird in their ways. I am not a bigot at all but I am not one who will accept their strange ways of life and don’t have to. I am the kind to live and let live but will not endorse their way of life as my own. Marriage is between a man and a woman and not two of the same sex nor one to change their sex.

  17. Nobody asked you to accept anything Jules, people are asking you to keep your antiquated ignorant comments to yourself. Asking you keep your judgemental opinions to yourself, and to mind your won damn business and keep it out of mine and everybody else’s bedrooms. You have no more business there than you do here.
    You think I’m a twit? Oh honey, you aint seen nothin’ yet!

  18. Author

    Now everyone I know some of this can be sensitive, but please refrain from commenting about each other. Let’s stay on point.


  19. Things always get strange and sometimes nasty when somebody claims that their particular god disapproves of certain people. All logic and reason flies out the window whenever that BS rears its ugly head.

  20. Author

    Well Furtz that’s where either tolerance steps in or simply ignoring what we don’t agree or like come into play. Sometimes that’s way more effective.

  21. She dropped in with a hate bomb, and then was surprised when she got hit with the shrapnel.

    To quote my good friend stella
    “Yep if everyone thought before they spoke
    The silence would be deafening.”

  22. “hate bomb” “bella” I think that you do more than your share of “hate bombs” towards people that you don’t like but at least I know who or should I say what you are.

    Furtz I love and respect God and His laws – at least most of them and I do not accept this strange kind of life. It is not antiquated or archaic but it is eternal. I am no saint but I do not accept or believe in what you believe in.

    About those two people a doctor neglecting her “lover”? A doctor is supposed to help people but that is not the question these days. It is all about money and nothing else. Same sex unions do not work either.

  23. @ Jules. You have no idea what I believe in unless you are familiar with The Flying Spaghetti Monster and His Holy Gospel. He’s a pretty cool god, really. No eternal damnation and stuff like that. Just fun and silliness, and acceptance of EVERYONE.

  24. jules
    October 7, 2013 at 4:07 pm
    “hate bomb” “bella” I think that you do more than your share of “hate bombs” towards people that you don’t like but at least I know who or should I say what you are.


    No Jules you are the master of the hate bomb. The Dr.’s sexual orientation had no bearing on this case, regardless of how you feel about the LGBT community, the Dr.’s sexual orientation had nothing to do with her partners dementia, and the Dr.’s sexual orientation doesn’t give you the right to judge her morally or determine the state of her mortal soul.

    And who do you think I am Jules? What do you think I am?

    I see you too! I can only imagine the sadness you must carry being filled with such hate for so many. Your heart must overflow with grief for the sad state of the world, with Muslims running the streets, gays getting married and raising babies, Indians looking for equality, and Anglos just trying to catch a break. It’s tough to bear it all on your shoulders alone. Release the hate Jules and just let it happen. You never know, you might like it!

  25. Jules who are you to tell us what marriage is? I know of many same sex couples who have stayed together for MANY years and are still happy together. Your response to me, tells me that your ideas are bigotted and you try to speak out of two sides of your face. Please refrain from speaking about something you know little or nothing about.

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