Dr. Sheridan Diaz Declared NOT GUILTY in Cornwall Ontario by Judge Bruce McPhee – Oct 2, 2013

Dr. Sheridan Diaz Declared NOT GUILTY in Cornwall Ontario by Judge Bruce McPhee – Oct 2, 2013
Attorney James Harbic
Attorney James Harbic

CFN – One of the most sensational courtroom dramas ended today as Dr. Sheridan Diaz was declared NOT GUILTY by Judge Bruce McPhee in courtroom number 6 earlier this morning in Cornwall Ontario.

Dr. Diaz and her long time spouse had come to Canada after leaving Texas with Dr. Diaz eventually working for Dr. Mary Jane Randlett.    In fact much of Dr. Randlett’s testimony contributed to Dr. Diaz going through what her lawyer has described as a nightmare and many suggesting that it only occurred because of the sexuality of the couple.

Dr. Diaz was a young McGill student when she met the 40 year old woman that eventually would become her wife at their ceremony in Massachusetts.

Like many couples as they enter their Golden years one of them was struck by dementia.

Family politics and probably some very poor judgement in care ended up with law enforcement charging Dr. Diaz, incarcerating her; separating the couple and the eventual summer court case that cost thousands of dollars in legal bills for Dr. Diaz and the legal system.

Lawyer James Harbic raises many questions in video interview.

It was a Summer of allegations with CFN being contacted by people from Texas and upset family members not including one of Canada’s Pop Star legends, Corey Hart,  that was the nephew of  Dr. Diaz’s spouse.

It doesn’t look like it’s over as Dr. Diaz has not had access to her wife since the arrest.

The screenwriter in me raises some certain points.   If Dr. Diaz wanted to do away with her frail 81 year old spouse it surely would not have been difficult to do so.    Why drag her spouse all the way back to Canada?   Previous family friction has raised many questions; but in the end it sounds to a lush tale of many people fighting over an estate and money.

We may never know the full truth of this story that has been grist for the mill for so many.  Watching Dr. Diaz push back tears as Judge McPhee read out his verdict which took nearly half an hour I thought that this video would be a tribute to the ordeal she has gone through.

Judge McPhee went over evidence and testimony which clearly showed that while her wife could have been taken better care of that the Judge clearly felt that Dr. Diaz wife was not abused or mistreated.

Listening to the comments of family members seated by myself also was a peep into the heart of a darker place of human nature.   One member had scribbled a big dollar sign on his note paper….

What do you think dear viewers of CFN?   Were Dr. Diaz and her wife treated differently because of their Sexuality?   Did Dr. Diaz get away with a crime or is she simply guilty of not taking better care of her spouse?

You can post your comments below.

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