Patrick Roy Wins Nasty as Avs Roast Ducks 6-1 – Leafs Make it Two in a Row – Alfie nets Zero in Wings Debut – NHL wrap – Oct 3, 2013

420px-Patrick_Roy_1999CFN – Patrick Roy as a player was hard core.   His win at any cost attitude led him to be one of the great goalies of the NHL and now has him head coaching the Colorado Avalanche; the last team he played for in the NHL after his orchestrated tantrum exit from the Habs.

He’s not a nice man which means he’ll probably be one of those coaches that comes in and gets results; but is more built for speed and not endurance eventually burning his bridge.

His first game coaching the Avs led to a 6-1 thumping over the Ducks and in typical Roy fashion he threw a psycho tantrum to end the game trying to push the dividing glass and get at the Ducks bench.


Patrick will win some games this year with his squad.  It’s going to be smash mouth hockey.   They have players who can score and they aren’t afraid to play rough and hard, and many are probably more afraid of their coach than the opposition.

It should be interesting to see how far they can go this year and how long it will take before Mr. Roy gets nailed by the league for his temper.

The Toronto Maple Leafs made it two in a row defeating the Philadelphia Flyers.   Two road wins is a first to start of the season for the Original Six franchise.

And that without new free agent David Clarkson on the ice.

Dave Bolland hit the back of the net twice and Jonathan Bernier was impressive in goal only allowing one marker for a talented Philly squad.

Phil Kessel led with six shots on goal.  The surprise of the night was pretty boy Joffrey Lupal taking on Brayden Schenn and doing pretty well!

Detroit beat Buffalo 2-1 marking former Sens Captain Daniel Alfredsson’s first game.  Alfie put three shots on the net, but came away with zero points for his 16 minutes of work.

What do you think Hockey fans?  How long will it take for Patrick Roy to get suspended or fined this year?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. The NHL should jump on this quick. Roy should get at least a game suspension and a hefty fine for that poor representation of a professional NHL coach

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