Ian & Coco Roll Into Morrisburg at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage on 5 October 2013 by Reg Coffey

The Stage 5Oct13

CFN – Saturday night Ian Sherwood and Coco Love Alcorn performed their “Ian & Coco Roll Into Town” show at the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage. They each have their own highly praised and awarded separate careers but together they have a synergy that makes their performance both comfortable and thrilling to the audience. They flawlessly moved through folk, pop, jazz and soul tunes with a blend of stand up comedy. At least I thought it was flawless. If they made any mistakes they covered it up as part of the act, but that’s what true professionals do.


Coco and Ian alternated singing songs that they had written for their solo careers but they also backed each other up with harmonies and instrumental.

Ian & Coco Harmonize 5Oct13

Coco’s voice is amazing and to quote Chatelaine “As sweet and cool as a tub of Hagen-Das”. Ian’s is smooth and strong and has been described as “Traditional Singer/Songwriter at its essence.” by Cameron Phillips, host of CBC’s Freestyle. They both played their musical instruments with competence and comfort but I thought that Ian’s sax playing was outstanding.


At the end of the evening the members of the audience went home with a smile on their faces, their toes tapping, still chuckling at something Ian did that made Coco stop singing, and at least  a couple of CD’s to help remember what a great night of entertainment they had.

Ian & Coco close the show with their version of the Jazz standard “My Funny Valentine”.


Once again the directors of the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage have brought great talent to Morrisburg for our entertainment needs. The next concert promises to be just as great. The 24th Street Wailers, a highly acclaimed Toronto Blues band, will be taking the stage on November 2, 2013.

The complete schedule of the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage can be found on their web site:


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