Verger Maniadakis – All Organic & Bio Dynamic Award Winning Ice Wine & Apples, Pears & Cider! VIDEO

maniadakis AACFN – Emmanuel Maniadakis of Verger Maniadakis in Franklin Quebec had a vision.    In the 90’s when he bought his hill top run down orchard he saw the future in Organics and rebuilt and turned his stunning property into fields of Apples and pears.

Nestled near the Covey Hill Road near Ormstown Quebec (about an hour from Montreal and less than two hours from Ottawa) the vistas from the orchard reach all the way to Montreal on a clear day!

He also creates award winning Still Cider and Ice Wines.

As he puts it, it’s all about the terroir; the magical soil mix that grows and infuses the fruit with the rich flavours that emanate in each bite and then sip of Cider or wine.   Acres and Acres of plump pesticide and herbicide free fruit grow.  You can definitely taste the difference as you bite into a Honey Crisp or Ambrosia apple as I did the day we interviewed Mr. Maniadakis.


He also talked about some of the competitive challenges in his industry where the government allow up to 40% of foreign content and still allow product to be labelled made in Canada.    manny orch 2

His Ice Wines are made from whole fruit left to freeze on the tree as opposed to some of his competition that cut up fruit and process it before making their wine.

He’s also competing in the Suburban and CBC’s Vote for your Favorite Local Business in the Montreal area so please vote for him!  LINK

And to purchase his fine fruit, Still Cider, and Ice Wine his facility is at

1150, Rte 209
Franklin Centre, Quebec
J0S 1E0
Cell: (514) 946-3414 (at the farm)
Fax: (450) 827-2359


and on Facebook.

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