BREAKING – Reported; Habitat for Humanity Thief Nabbed by Undercover Police in Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall Police ON  BEAVCornwall Ontario – Reports on Social media have people buzzing that an undercover action nailed the perp that robbed a Habitat for Humanity build here in Cornwall Ontario earlier this afternoon.

Police are not confirming any details as of press time.

“3 Cheers for the Cornwall Police, looks like they just napped the thief who ripped off the Habitat project. Make the bas?ard work on the project!”

A generator and other build items were taken from an onsite trailer.   The poster, who asked CFN to remain anonymous stated:

In my yard LOL, I approached them thinking they were up to no good. They produced police badges said they were watching out for someone and I backed off. Not long after they cuffed a guy on my side street. I was going to take pics as they cuffed him, but, I thought since they were undercover officer, not a good move. Cheers \_/

At first the person thought that they undercover cops were hooligans.

I was shocked when they showed me the badges, so I am not sure what they said, or should I say I don’t remember what they said. I returned inside pretty fast.

When I probed a bit further trying to confirm whether this was in fact the Habitat perp;

it is possible, but, the guy was on a bike and one of the officer returned to bike to the apt. building right next door to the Habitat House…

We will update this story when more information becomes available.

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  1. Typical Cornwall trash to do something so low. I hope they catch the person and release his or her name so that trash can be shamed by everyone. If Cornwall trash are not stealing or doing something illegal they are not happy. Get a job scum bags and work for what you want in life.

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