Julie Bilotta Landlord Tries to Take Case to Tribunal on Day of Baby Gionni Garlow Funeral – Oct 18, 2013


Cornwall Ontario – The day of little Gionni Garlow’s funeral his mother’s heartless landlord was at the Landlord Tenant tribunal in Cornwall Ontario seeking damages.

When asked if there was a reason why Ms Bilotta was not in attendance he responded that he didn’t know.

The tribunal was notified of the funeral and the case not heard.

An autopsy of the baby was conducted on the 15th, but the results have not been released yet.

The Landlord has not responded to this story as of press time.

Condolences to the family of baby Gionni from CFN.

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  1. Who is the landlord? The public should know.

  2. Did the landlord have to schedule the tribunal appearance in advance or is it a walk-in, first come, first served sort of affair? Was he or she aware of the funeral and / or circumstances of the renter? The tribunal was notified? How and when? Says who? Did the tribunal notify the landlord? I’m all for a public shaming when it’s deserved however this article needs to present some more facts and information before calling anyone out as heartless!

  3. Well said Newt, I’ll wait it out, to find out the reasons why the landlord brought forward this case to the Tribunal ? When, did he bring forward this request ? Is their a formal application to commence these types of action ? IMO, the landlord in this case, is being portrayed as a heartless individual ! Not fair Jamie.

  4. I remember a friend of ours in Cornwall once said that you have to be a real SOB to be a landlord these days and how mighty true that is. One thing is that he or she should have waited until after the funeral was held. No matter what kind of a person this woman Julie is there is a time when you do not file charges because of what the mom and family are going through. It is something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody.

  5. You don’t just walk into the Tribunal and have a hearing. There is a process to follow. The landlord has to provide documentation to the office and pay a fee. A date for a hearing is then set, usually several months down the line, and a summons is served on the tenant advising them of the court date and the reason for the hearing (e.g. non payment of rent). Even before any of this happens, in such a case, the landlord would have had to serve the tenant with notice of his intention and given a chance to to get their rent payments up to date within a reasonable time.

  6. She is obviously trouble. Was jailed, and now in trouble and court with the landlord. These types never learn. Sooner or later will end up back in jail.

  7. Dennis Please Don’t Judge !! This Girl Has Ben Through A lot In The Past Year And Loosing A Child ?? God Please Help Her Get Through This My Thoughts And Prayers Are With The Family .

  8. I’ve worked in Property Management and Landlord tribunals are not spur of the moment things, they take time to book so don’t hold the landlord accountable for being spineless! Now as for the mother….I have nothing to say but yes, going to jail usually means you’ve been up to no good and I did see the photo of the parents w/ child in hand and I have nothing nice to say about the father….if you saw that same photo, you’d have to know right off the bat that the father was definitely on some sort of illicit drug! I don’t condone that sort of behavior for parents. If you’re single with no children…do whatever you want to do to your life but when you choose to bring another life into this world…you better think twice about your actions.

  9. Give the man a break. A tribunal hearing is not scheduled by a landlord.
    And what was he supposed to do? Not show?

    This tragedy is the result of a freakish excuse for parents whose irresponsibility ended in the death of an innocent.

    Don’t drag another victim of these fools into the mess.

  10. I would give the Landlord a break also. The Tribunal date was not in his control and if he failed to appear himself there would be consequences. Bilotta was the party that had a legitimate reason for requiring that a new date for the hearing to be set. As for Bilotta herself, perhaps something positive will come from the tragedy of her actions. I wish her well with her choices in the future.

  11. Well the verdict is in the landlord did not sneak in the backdoor to set up this meeting it takes weeks or months and a lot of red tape before one is granted and he does not set the date the luck of the draw put it on the same day as the funeral .
    To not knowing? does he have a defence ? Does anyone one know if he might be from out of town if not does he have a subscription to any of local newspapers does he look at Cornwall free news as we do , does he watch CBC etc etc??? , there many times i have missed some pretty important news only to find out several days later.I
    In a court of law not guilty if there is any reasonable doubt. For me the only sad thing is that fate has dealt both these people a bad hand. they both deserve their day in tribunal.

  12. Author

    K, I’m going to clarify this as best I can. Of course it takes awhile to set a date. There was a question of where one of the parties was. The landlord allegedly said they did not know; thus trying to move ahead with the hearing. The mediator told the adjudicator about the funeral.

    Maybe the landlord didn’t notice the attention to his tenant? Maybe he just didn’t care? The rest is up to people’s opinion.

  13. Jamie, you can clarify this quite quickly. Just talk to one of your advertisers, James Moak. He is a paralegal who frequently attends the Tribunal. He can tell you the process for getting a hearing and can verify that if the Landlord had not shown up, the case could have been thrown out. This clarification should have been done before the article was written and the landlord branded as heartless.

  14. We all know that this woman Julie and her boyfriend or husband is not suitable but as a woman I can tell you that when you lose a child or almost lose a child part of you dies inside. This woman may not be suitable and I would not argue with any of that but I am not going to judge this woman because she will be judged by the Good Lord who is the real judge. I feel very sorry for the baby that died but in a way his life was spared and is with the Good Lord because he doesn’t have to put up with the racism, poverty and the hell on earth. I pray that he is in a good place.

  15. @ Jules. You just did a pretty thorough job of judging the woman you say you’re not going to judge. Un freakin’ believable! Not suitable? What the hell is that supposed to mean? You and your “Good Lord” are quite the pair of judges.

  16. You people are sick my scum bag landlord asked that I drop our rent money off in a mail box slot n the next day says he has the envelope but no money are you kidding me and how dare you judge us! You don’t even know us, we changed our whole life around we were drug tested twice a week n never failed one so try again I have the Copy’s here if you wanna come look u ignorant sicko!!! We are grieving the loss of the most important thing to both of us our beautiful baby n you think you have the right to speculate and judge us? How pathetic!!!

  17. @ Julie Bilotta. It is sad how many “holier than thou” people on their high horses pass judgement on people they don’t even know. Let’s hope they never run into rough times.
    Best of luck to you, and I hope the rest of your life is smoother sailing.

  18. Its not the first time i heard this kinda story it has happened to two very good friends over the years who faithfully paid there rent by cash to a property management company then one day they were told they had missed a payment but they knew they had not so facing conviction they paid up of course and never made another payment with out a rent receipt in hand. what was funny in both cases several years apart the property management company was the same when i asked so makes me think its could be a form of skimming the rent by a unscrupulous worker in there cases . makes you wonder if someone other than the landlord has access to the mailbox hopefully he will man enough admit it Julie will have her day.at the tribunal but i know it will be a uphill battle to prove.

  19. We always pay cheque and there were a couple of times that we paid cash and the supers wife gave me a receipt on the spot since I told her that I was going to pay in cash and she was there to give me a receipt. Cheques are put in the mail slot here in high rise buildings and the super collects the cheques and money for the owner and he deposits the money and chques in his account for his vast payments that he has. As a previous home owner the landlord has a great deal more payments to make than a tenant and when one sees what comes in the owners mailbox every month to pay your eyes would twirl. There are good and bad landlords and we have a good one but they all demand their rent on time and I don’t blame them one bit since it costs an arm and a leg to keep a place going. I sure wouldn’t want that job at all whatsoever. Many landlords are selling to get rid of the problems.

  20. The point is we paid our rent and never had this problem before and we aren’t rich I mean we do ok bit we don’t have 800$ to throw away especially when we have a baby to support also.

  21. All u {MODERATED} say ” I’m not trying to Judge, or I’m not one too judge” but ur here judging someone u don’t even know. Of corse all the media is going to talk about is the “bad” shit ppl do, for {MODERATED} ratings! So ll u ppl out there talking shit and u only know what the media tells u.. And who the {MODERATED} are you to say anything about anyone anyway like ur some god sent critic! Mind ur {MODERATED} business and stop making urself look like discusting pigs by saying evil shit about someone who just lost they’re child. How would u feel if this happened to you and ppl wanted to bash u about things they know nothing about? Just mind ur damn business, we’re all adults and I’m shure Half of you are older than me and I have to be the one to tell u to grow up and use ur damn head?? How bout you take all that energy ur using to talk shit about someone u don’t know and use it to try ur hardest to mind ur {MODERATED} business and keep ur evil thoughts to ur self, ppl these days get keyboard gangster and don’t realize it’s a small world and u an be caught up with..I highly doubt any of u {MODERATED} would say all that shit to Dakotas face. On that note.. Take what I said into consideration and think about maybe acting like a human with morals one day, cuz god don’t like ugly! Oh and by the way I’m not trying to talk shit to you guys n tell u your pieces of shits.. No never! It just looks that way 😉 {MODERATED} hypocrites!

  22. Author

    SWS you really can’t drop f-bombs on CFN. There are highly sensitive old people that read occasionally.

  23. not every one is allowed to have a bank account or are highly restricted and many other use cash. So using cash to me is not an issue , the landlord has the envelope collaborates part of the story 100% but interesting “who had access ” to that envelope from the time the money “went in into it” to the time it was deposited into the mail box “to the time it was opened” is a big question therefore everyone is suspect and making judgement calls is not acceptable in fact some one might even be hoping that would be the case to cover up their tracks.
    A lesson learned to everyone is trust no one when paying large sums of money , get a receipt !!! never send money by mail as mail boxes are not secure just how many people had access to that mailbox slot? This is truly a case for Solomon.
    in my mind Ii can’t make a judgement. if you can then join the ranks of Solomon even he could not make a clear decision I seem to remember.

  24. Having your family’s most painful and personal details trotted before the public is extremely difficult. It seems at the time, that the media is gleefully exploiting your suffering – this is excrutiating. When combined with the feeling of helplessness it can bring an individual to question life’s worth. Each new piece of press is a provocation to relive the painful event(s) that are in question. It is an ugly,crippling feeling that seems like it will never go away.

  25. Author

    To be fair the landlord has not officially been paid until they have the cash in hand if that’s the form of payment. I occasionally pay my rent in cash but my landlord hands me a receipt each and every time.

    Could be a very expensive lesson learned.

  26. Free-authorized payments would eliminate all problems.

  27. “Someone with sense
    October 21, 2013 at 12:59 am
    All u {MODERATED}… ,ppl these days get keyboard gangster and don’t realize it’s a small world and u an be caught up with..I highly doubt any of u {MODERATED} would say all that shit to Dakotas face…”

    For someone with sense, this sure sounds like a threat in my books.

  28. Whatever. These poor “unsuitable” people, as Jules describes them, are yet again being dragged through the dirt by the local press and commenters. Maybe it’s time to leave them alone to grieve and heal.

  29. @jules can you please explain to me how we are unsuitable? We both work legit jobs, my fiancé is a construction worker and in the labourers union. I’m in school and also working at a clothing store. We have a beautiful home we provides Gionni with everything he needed and wanted made sure his milestones were always met. Had a nurse from healthy babies coming once a week. Due to rumours we were drug tested twice a week by CAS and you can confirm that with Andrea pilon who is our worker! Yes I broke the lie but despite what people think it was in 2010 almost 3 years before I was even pregnant so stop judging us when you probably couldn’t even pick us out of a crowd! We are trying to mourn the death of are beautiful little angel and we are barely making it threw this so please have some respect I don’t think I’m asking to much 🙁

  30. Ms. Bilotta,
    You don’t have to answer to those that would cowardly condemn you while hiding behind a nom de plume. Let these misdirected individuals stew in their ignorance.
    Those of you that would rush to judgement: heaven help you should a tragedy occur in your life that receives this kind of attention. If you wish to step-out and throw down your high and mighty analysis, at least have the courage to own your comment, otherwise it’s worth exactly what we paid for it

  31. You nailed it Michael Clifton, but comments can be hurtful, even by anonymous people, if the victim is vulnerable.
    What say you, Jules?

  32. Julie Bilota you have made plenty of mistakes and not just one mistake but plenty. Oh yes we all make our own type of mistakes in life but you keep making them and yes the media does get hold of all stories and lets everyone know about it and it is their job to do just that. I am not some high and mighty person who is here to judge you and I can’t put myself in your shoes at all for what you are going through but I almost was in your shoes 34 years ago when my daughter was born 2 months premature and was induced because if she were not induced we both would have been dead. The doctor told me then not to have anymore children and I didn’t have any. At age of 37 I had a tubal ligation. As for breathing difficulties yes my daughter was born with a hole in her right lung and we didn’t know if she would make it alive and the nurse baptised my daughter before she was transported in an ambulance to the neo natal unit at CHEO and was there for three weeks in an incubator without me being able to hold her. She was so mighty small and tubes running in her nose and little mittens on her hands so as she would not touch herself and the tubes. Julie I went through my own hell during that time and my daughter has health issues today. Do not think that when you have a child that everything will disappear. I went to school with a girl in Cornwall whose father was one of the leading citizens down there and she had a child who lived until age of six years old (what they call crib death – stopped breathing in her sleep) so don’t think that you are the only one that this has happened to.

    I do feel sorry for what you went through. There are many people who are abused in this life and they go on in life just the same. I was bullied as a child and I never forgot it and I am no longer shy at all. You have to change your life and nobody else can do that for you. I felt sorry for your little son but I do know that he is in a better place whether you believe or not. Julie as an RC I know what goes on in my church and I haven’t stepped in the church in a long time for what I know but I have found religion all over again on my own. I am not trying to push you down any further than what the papers are doing but I do not approve of your actions and the majority of people wouldn’t either. You have to face the consequences and learn from them. That is all I will say to you Julie and best of luck to you.

  33. I agree with you 100% mr. Clifton. If you don’t have the guts to leave a comment with your real name you should really keep it to yourself you pathetic people.

  34. @ Jules. Calling someone unsuitable is as judgmental as it gets. You did judge Ms. Bilotta, someone you don’t know, rather harshly.

  35. OMFG JULES STFU!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Jules, as you tell us you have gone through your own hell, would it not be better if, we, as fellow humans, would just say, how can we help? And mean it of course!

  37. Come on everyone do you really thing Jules would change her opinion she has already stated she would never do that in fact in her explanation she even tries to become the center of attention trying to get us to have sympathy for her when in reality she is a pretty judgemental person who seems to have a deep underlying hate for the Cornwall area like many here . Its people like that that cause Cornwall to fail to move forward.
    there are two people that know the truth about the rent maybe three as the landlord said he had a empty envelop a thief I do not have a crystal ball. I do not judge the situation on the past it must be on the present and the facts. the first fact is about the original article the landlord is not a slime ball for sneaking behind her back to have a tribunal it took time to set up. Now the facts at that trial are another thing in the end or based on reality that slimeball might be a true statement but nothing here points to that .at the moment
    As for Julie she is a tenant that claims she made a payment the landlord says she paid by empty envelop solomon may have to judge that one unless he has a crystal ball. Julie needs the benefit of doubt that all of us count on in our lives . Our past yes does come in to bear thats just a fact but Facts and evidence are tantamount to our society when in arriving at legal decisions . OKAY I DREAM . a crafty lawyers trumps

  38. @Jules
    Madame, if that’s what you are – you are a fool and an incredibly insensitive one at that.
    Don’t you realize that the only reason anyone reads your posts is for the comedic value (unintended on your part I’m sure).
    I speak only for myself when I say I find your logic and values absolutely lacking in any trace of an “intellectual through line”. You consistently lower the IQ of this forum with your ridiculous yokel gossip that you try to pass off as wisdom.
    Also, your pandering to Admin is sickening and a strong indication of your weak charecter.
    Cornwall doesn’t need your brainless ramblings. It’s got enough problems already.

  39. @jules it’s funny that you had so much to say and nothing at all to say now! I’ve read other comments you’ve made about other people you don’t know on other un-related articles I think you need to come down off your pedestal and shut your sickening mouth. Unlike you I choose not to judge you because I don’t even know you, I don’t even know what you look like! I shouldn’t waste my time on people like you but I couldn’t help it. I mean who in there right mind who say the things you did knowing what’s happened in the past two years!!! What I went threw this year alone you could never handle so think before you speak!

  40. My mistake I missed your reply. What part of my life should I change? Let’s see I delt with all my charges, I did my time, I was not guilty on more then half the things I was accused of, I finished school, I have a legit job, I do not live off the system, I took care of my beautiful baby and I mind my own business so please tell me what I should change miss perfect?

  41. I don’t know Julie Bilotta only from what I have read in the press. To me what’s most important is a sweet little boy passed away and his memory is more important then people slinging mud. I think the time has arrived for the stories and press to go away. What the landlord did or didn’t do? and whether the rent wasn’t paid or paid is not the public’s business.

  42. @jules,
    You’ve expressed how you went through your own hell 30some odd years ago, how would you feel if some tw@t was invading your personal business telling you that you’re unsuitable and accusing the father of the child to have been on some illicit drugs? We all take bad pictures….get off your high horse you’re no better than anyone else in Cornwall. Grow up you l{MODERATED}…
    Julie, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but I couldn’t imagine how difficult this past year and a couple months have been for you. From being ignored while giving birth, to losing your child, it’s unconceivable how much pain you and your hubby must be feeling, and from the bottom of my heart, I send my sincerest sympathies. I hope you both find happiness in life again, and know your beautiful baby boy is watching down on you, proud of his mama and daddy.

  43. Thank you Lynds from Dakota and I <3 It has been nothing but painful from the time this started and had not stopped. Fortunately, we have so much support from family and friends to strangers who have been nothing but kind and showed us the up most respect! As for "Jules" she's absolutely ridiculous, she's completely out of line to say the very least. It would be different if she knew us but to look at a couple pictures and I don't even know why she would be creeping my Facebook anyways which leads me to believe that she has way too much time on her hands but back to the point you can't tell me that you know someone is on drugs by looking threw a couple photos and making a comment that Dakota is using illicit drugs and that I'm unsuitable lol I laughed at her comment and how stupid she sounds and judging by everyone else's reactions to her I'm not the only one. We have been drug tested from the time Gionni was born up until this tragedy happened and twice a week at that and it can be confirmed with CAS and life labs in cornwall. She really needs to mind her business and think before she says these hurtful things because one day something may happen to her and then will see how she likes being judged by people who she has never even seen in real life!

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