Are you going for the snip in Cornwall Ontario? October 18th is World Vasectomy Day!

WVDCornwall Ontario – Vasectomy is being promoted as one way to help control world overpopulation and hunger.  On the 18th, Drs. Doug Stein from Florida and Nick Demediuk from Australia will be performing vasectomies live on a video stream to highlight this project.  In addition, over 173 doctors around the world will be performing vasectomies as part of a global initiative to complete 1000 vasectomies in one day.  Vasectomy, nowadays, can be a simple, safe, and effective means of birth control and is a great way for guys to step up and shoulder the burden of family planning.
In our little corner of the world, Dr. Bob Reddoch is one of those 173+ doctors who will be participating, and he has 5 vasectomies scheduled that morning at his clinic in the McConnell Medical Centre.  There are several other doctors in Cornwall who also perform vasectomies regularly, including; Dr. Garry Weinberg, Dr. Samir Yassa, and Dr. Raj Sharda.

The live-stream will be at This will start in Australia at 1:00 PM on October 18, which will be 3:30 AM London Time and 10:30 PM (Oct 17) USA Eastern Time.

wvd 2013

Will you be getting the snip?  You can post your comments below.


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