Family Discovers Over 40 Central Public School Report Cards in Cornwall Ontario UCDSB

even more report cardsCornwall Ontario –  Imagine waking up to a front and back yard full of pages of paper?  Bewildering, right?  Especially if you live in a quiet residential neighborhood?

more report cards

Well Sunday a Cornwall Ontario woman sent her husband out to see what was littering their yard and was shocked to find school report cards from Central Public School; part of the Upper Canada District School Board.

report card stack

Over 40 of the report cards were collected, all from the same school.   Policy dictates that personal documents are shredded so it should be interesting to find how and why this happened?   Principal Anne-Marie Bulbeck, and staff will probably have some answering to do; but if School Board reaction to{CENSORED} for nearly a month is indicative the students and staff will probably have to attend an Anti-Littering day….

We will be updating this story when more information becomes available.

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  1. OMG how could something like this happen? This is a terrible breech of children,s security

  2. Principals and Teachers are human, loss of documents, not handling them properly exists. Which doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we all hear about it. School Boards, and any other types of businesses out there, should go PAPERLESS. This would save a lot of time and important documents wouldn’t get disposed improperly.

  3. These are not Report cards and this is NOT human error. These are highly confidential IEP Reports for students that have intellectual, behavioral, physical or psychological learning problems at school and therefore need assistance. That principal in question is someone that I myself as a parent have had to deal with and if I find out that MY child’s IEP was in that pile… me…there WILL be words!

  4. I’m sure these documents have now been returned to Central for proper disposal, right Chris?

  5. I mean Jamie 🙂

  6. Author

    Julie these documents were never in our possession.

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