Is Celine Dion Becoming the Leni Riefenstahl of Quebec? Singer Embraces Quebec Charter – by Jamie Gilcig

celine dionCFN – That fount of political wisdom, Celine Dion, has apparently come out in favour of the new PQ Charter which has been roundly condemned world wide including Amnesty International.


I remember when long time family friend Benny Kushner would show up at our home bringing albums of the artists he worked with way back in the 70’s.   He was very very proud of this young girl he had started to work with.   He was also known as impresario Ben Kaye and the big reason that a skinny girl from Quebec who is alleged to have been involved with her manager and now husband way before the age of 18 decided to sing in English.

That decision led to her vast fortune, and fame.    Her roots and love for music might have come from la belle province, but her bankroll and estate didn’t.    Her talent took her where many Quebec artists never have went; but not without working with and support of some of the very minorities this charter would persecute.

How hypocritical is it to espouse a racist charter on the dime of the people who made you?

As for her quote in the above video about wearing veils, she herself could never have the life she has living in those countries.

Something that maybe she and her handlers should think about before going political in a world where you can’t say one thing in French to Quebec and something different in English to the rest of the world without people picking it up.

I know this writer won’t be setting foot in Schwartz’s the legendary Smoked Meat restaurant she purchased any time soon…

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  1. Celine says: If you go to the hospital…you have to adapt to our rules. What is she talking about? The proposed charter doesn’t talk about patients going to hospitals. And then she says: You have to adapt to our country. Uhhh, Quebec is not a country.

  2. When I was younger we used to go to Schwart’s often. As a young adult we often went to the West Island for fun. Now we stay away from Quebec. Never really liked Celine Dion anyway. “They” can have her…..she is an embarrassment to Canada.

  3. Screw her and the horse that impregnated her mother.

  4. Go to Smoke Meat Pete’s instead. You get live blues music and the meat is in my opinion, better than at Schwartz. Or, if you are in the vicinity of Schwartz, try out Frites Alors just down the street a little bit. You might be surprised at where the concept for Truffles may have come from.

  5. Author

    Frits Alors is awesome

  6. Let’s see…. I watch Leni Riefenstahl films in order to build and reinforce my knowledge and passion for great cinema. … I play Celine Dion music to scare away vermin in my backyard, vermin with very good musical taste mind you.

  7. Well, since both Marois

    and now Celine Dion

    are now publicly referring to “the province” of Quebec “A COUNTRY” it is indeed time that the rest of us in the real “COUNTRY OF CANADA” make it clear to our FEDERAL government that THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE and the federal government must either …

    A) make a public statement which forcefully reigns in this absurd “over exaggerated and ridiculous” sense of grandeur that is coming from the political powers in “the province” of Quebec so it does not continue to warp the brains of celebs and the public in general into believing the UNTRUTH that Quebec IS A COUNTRY.


    B) The rest of Canada should simply refuse to continue to send billions of dollars in transfer payments etc to this — OTHER COUNTRY — called QUEBEC which are supposed to be funds that ONLY go to helping “provinces” inside Canada.

    What’s even worse is these we are not just sending billions of dollars to this self declared “country.”
    It appears that this “self declared country of Quebec” is actually against Canada’s best interests and detests the common language and flag of Canada and thus should be considered a hostile country at that.

  8. Celine should really not et involved in this debate.. she has earned millions all over Canada and abroad… I never liked her and right now i like her less..

  9. Celine is a talent, no question. However as a fan the party was over years ago when she proclaimed her support for the separatists. She should have stuck to just singing.

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