Head on Crash Outside Cornwall Ontario Highway 138 – November 4, 2013

head on PHILCornwall Ontario – A two vehicle head on crash occurred on the ever dangerous highway 138 at Headline Road in the early evening.  (6PM EST)

Police and Fire services were on site.   A Dodge Caravan struck a VW.  Ambulences  were on scene, but no reports of injury as of press time.

phil HEAD 2

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Photos courtesy of Phil Boyer of Metro Towing

Milena Cardinal


  1. Oh damn we just were on there a few hours ago,hope all is ok

  2. It is not the hwy 138 that is dangerous. It is the speeding and aggressive drivers that use the road. Tailgating, unsafe passing and excessive speeds are the reasons for the accidents not the actual road. If the laws governing our privilege of driving had teeth that properly dealt with offenders than the death and accident toll on this road would lessen dramatically. Insurance rates might also reduce their steady climb as well !

  3. People have to be forced to slow down. What ever happened to photo radar?

  4. Unreal !!! I hate driving on that road and you have to…..Too many aggresive drivers !!!!
    Driving way too fast. Why do you need to drive so frickin fast and be so reckless!!! My family drives on that road. What gives them the right to drive like that….and some people even give you a dirty look as they pass by (or even flip you the bird) because your driving the speed limits….like your a granny or something. Isn’t that what speed limits are for (speed limits!!!) Duh !!! Just not a safe highway at all!!!
    Too many inoocent people are losing their lives for absolutely nothing !!!
    The only way to change this is to have a police patrol car there morning and night to patrol the speed limit. That’s it that’s all !!!

  5. Not surprised.
    People use the turning lanes there to go straight which is against the law for obvious reason and the person turning is not expecting a vehicle to be going straight using that lane and BAMM!

  6. Many years ago, there was a proposal to extend Brookdale Avenue north . . . parallel to Hwy 138 and merging into Hwy 138 near Bonville. The MOT was willing to build the roadway . . . except that the old Cornwall Township vetoed the proposal.

    A possible alternative would be to straighten the road between Avonmore and Casselman so as to encourage some Ottawa-Cornwall traffic to travel along a parallel road

  7. No one has to take the 138 – from Long Sault, take Avonmore Road (Highway 15) to the 417 instead. It adds 9 minutes to your trip – but its a nice quiet road without a lot of traffic 🙂

  8. You talk about crazy, insane people driving and getting into accidents we almost witnessed a huge accident on Heron Road near Heron Gate. A car in front of us a Nissan Altima was driving mighty irradically in front of us at very high rate of speed and almost tipped over and whoever that nutcase was turned right into Heron Gate’s apartments and townhouses. There are many gangs that live there. People think that highway 138 should be widened but that won’t do any good at all. The problem is the stupid, insane, maniacs known as sheeple who should not be behind the wheel of a car and should have their drivers licence revoked permanently. If you had the highway widened at 3 or more football fields wide the crazy sheeple would still continue their accidents. If it were not for the yellow and white lines on the road the stupid sheeple would still not know how to drive and still don’t and never will.

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