Seniors Situation Room Do You Have a Just in Case File? by Dawn Ford November 6, 2013

DawnFord_SSRCFN – I received a sample of Good Times Magazine. In their column “Your rights” was an interesting article  from their January 2009 issue written by Lillian Newberry about having a ”Your Just in Case File”. After I read it, I realized how important it is to have such a file handy for a caregiver who might need it, everything in one place in the event of illness or death.  You can read it on their web site in full. Among the documents Lillian lists for us to have in the file are info on bank accounts, wills, safety deposit box, pensions, types of insurances, any investments and RRSPS, and other documents important to you and your family.  Also listed, if any have ever been taken ,as well as the name of any dentist who stores your x-ray files. Quite a list but in case of an emergency, could be very helpful to a caregiver and save a lot of time


One senior, whom I have admired and respected most of my life ,is Alison Maitland, affectionately known to a lot of us old Guides by her camp name “Skip”. She was my sister’s and my Brownie, Girl Guide and Sea Ranger leader at the Trinity Church Girl Guide Company. To quote that old song, she took us from “crayons to perfume”. She taught us many values of the Guiding movement reinforcing ones my Mom was giving us as children growing up. We camped, canoed, sang wonderful songs and were taught dance reels. We had to acquire knowledge on many subjects such as astronomy to earn badges for our Gold Chord. Besides learning to be of service to others, we were taught to have fun, be grateful and enjoy our lives. The Motto “Be Prepared” was the hard one for me because I didn’t know what we needed to be prepared for except for maybe having a flashlight handy. That one took awhile. Skip was always patient and made learning fun.

Skip’s friend, the late Simone Blais, affectionately known by her camp name as  “Bick” , was the leader of the St. Columban’s  Girl Guide Company. We were often two groups together camping and dancing. Bick had a great sense of humor and fun and we loved her very much as well as we all loved Skip.

Skip went on in her later years to teach Guiding and later to take up Clogging. Well into her nineties now, she was still clogging with a Cloggers’ Group who entertained at many nursing homes and other facilities in Cornwall. An accident last winter has put a lull in active clogging, for now at least but she told me that she still drives her car and gets to clogging practice.  Amazing  woman.

For all the love, guidance and good times, Skip, thank you. Kudos

Skip with Trinity Church Sea Ranger Company

Skip getting ready for a  Guiding meeting at the old Trinity Hall

I attended a bit of the Seniors Fair at the Seaway Valley Community Health Centre on Oct. 8th.  I caught the demonstration of the “Falls Prevention Program” being offered at the centre. It was very informative and looked like it would be fun as well. There are many programs offered under their Community Health and Wellness Programs including Nutrition Counseling for a variety of health issues including Diabetes and other, chronic conditions, groups for social times, stress management, exercise as well as a program for men and singles to learn good cooking methods. There is a Green Food Box program which offers fruits aand vegetables for $10 or $15 a box which you can order on the first Friday of every month with pick up on the third Wednesday of the same month. Also other interesting programs are offered such as making your own baby food and a social support group for Homosexuals. There are also many brochures on community programs to help people get direction for anything they need.   For info on any of these programs call 936-0306.

One of the things I liked about the center is that the staff are very friendly, helpful and smile at you which makes you feel welcome. With all those programs running at any given time, the staff must be very busy and yet, very much available for their clients and anyone who seeks information.

There was a book launching and signing on Friday, October 18th, 2013 at the St. Lawrence room of the Ramada Inn. Karen Tyrell , once a  local resident who is now a resident of British Columbia, was present to launch her book “ Breaking the Dementia code”. Karen is a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP). She has a consulting firm in the field of dementia training, called Personalized Dementia Solutions (,  phone 1-788-789-1496. Emcee  for the evening was Craig Smith, Social Worker from the Lodge and Villa (St. Josephs’ Continuing Care Centre). He was a great choice because his down-to-earth manner gave a very friendly atmosphere to the evening .He made it seem as if we were all a gathering of family and friends instead of strangers. His jokes lightened up a rather deep subject.  $1.00 from each book sale will be donated to the Cornwall and district Alzheimer’s society.  Karen spoke about the field of dementia being her passion and that the book had resulted from the curriculum of her training sessions.  Christa Pare, from Variety 104.5 and Dawn Thomas, Family Caregiver and RCMP Seniors Safety Coordinator, from Digby, N.S. , also gave brief personal stories of their involvement with family members with dementia.  It was a very interesting and informative evening. The book is available at as well as local bookstores and library.                     

Karen Tyrell                                       Craig Smith

Here is a video which made me laugh out loud. Hope you enjoy it also. Have a good week, Dawn


  1. Hello Dawn,
    Do you remember me? We were in school together and also in Guides and Sea Rangers with Allison Maitland. I was just googling different people from my past – namely Allison Maitland and found your article. You’ve become quite the writer. I remember you became a nurse, now long retired I’m sure. I live in Woodstock now with my husband Don. Love to hear from you.


  2. I am trying to find on line a new copy to print from Lillian Newbery’s article in 2013 your rights file … but I can not. Can you give me a clue as to where I might find it?

  3. Gloria: I went on line and couldn’t find an update for it either. It was from the 2009 issue of Good times Magazine. Perhaps try contacting the magazine Editor to see if he could help.

  4. Gloria: I tried to find it also on line. Perhaps you could contact the Editor of Good times Magazine for information. It appeared in the January 2009 issue.

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