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It was not so long ago that gadgets were mostly bought for a subset of men. Now that the spread of mobile computing has opened up the world of technology to everyone, Christmas gift shopping has got a whole lot easier. Everyone loves gadgets! Here’s a look at some of the best to hit Canadian shelves this year; hopefully it’ll give you some inspiration as the holiday rush gathers pace.



Top Tech 2013



The Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS is one for the audiophile in your life. This tiny little gizmo from the highly-regarded audio specialists is a digital-to-analog converter that effectively upgrades any computer’s sound output. It’ll work with all sound file types, streaming services and games.


Apple’s iPad Air is bound to excite everyone except the hardcore Apple-hater; it’s a beautiful object in its own right. When you switch it on, it just gets better. It’s light and thin, of course, but the graphics are stunning, making gaming a whole new experience. Whether it’s GTA: San Andreas, or casino thrills at’s blackjack page, this iPad’s amazing screen seems to enhance everything you do with it.


Talking of great screens, here’s a phone for non-Apple people. The Sony Xperia ZL is a classy smartphone with a 5” display that techradar magazine described as “beautiful”. It runs Android so there are masses of apps and games available. It comes with a superb 13 megapixel camera and excellent video capabilities.


iphoneA nice little add-on for iPhone 4 users is the Olloclip 4-in-one Lens System, available from the Canadian Apple store. The lenses are: fisheye, for almost 180-degree views; wide angle, for sweeping landscapes; and two macros for extreme, detailed close-ups. It’ll clip on and off the iPhone in a few seconds, and comes with a bag that doubles as a lens cleaner.


For the console gamer, next-gen gaming is now a straight choice between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Check which one they want before you buy, because brand loyalty is everything to these people! The PS4 (like the Xbox, to be fair) will keep gamers thrilled all over the festive season, and well beyond. The graphics are state of the art, of course, and it plays Blu-ray discs. Game choice is somewhat limited right now, but plenty more are coming.


Some people still prefer a dedicated camcorder. If you know one of them, they’ll appreciate the Canon Legria Mini. It’s about as pocket-size as a full-featured camcorder is ever going to be and comes with an ultra-wide angle lens – 160 degrees for video. There’s a nice touchscreen and you can stream your footage straight to a compatible TV.


That’s it – happy shopping!

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