Mark A MacDonald on Cornwall Ontario Police Budget – Letter to the Editor – Dec 6, 2013

mark sept 2013Over the past few years the Police Budget has ballooned from $13 million to near $18 million.  I think the time has come to start living within our means.
It is getting more difficult for seniors to be able to afford high taxes and people are being squeezed to the limit.
It’s time our elected officials took control of the situation.  “Revenue Based Budgeting” is the answer.  All it mean is — here is how much money you have, make it work.
Ordinary people are not getting these kinds of increases.
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  1. What are his thoughts if the city’s budget questionnaire results in

    1. The taxpayers want a decrease of taxes by 10 % for less services


    2. The taxpayers would be willing to increase taxes 10 % for better services

    If his comments is to item 1 (should the survey indicate this) would he support the wishes and where would the cuts be ?

    Would he follow the wishes of the people. His comments would be interesting to hear

  2. The taxes in Cornwall are way overblown and very soon many people will not be able to continue paying those taxes and will leave Cornwall for better places that offer more for less. There is no reason for such taxes to be the way they are whatsoever. Someone is dipping their dirty, gritty paws in the cookie jar. I am so glad that I am gone and never to ever go back there again. There are much better places to go and get much better service. Who wants to live on a land that is highly polluted with so many poisons that you die very early in life.

  3. @Jules
    OK I”ll BITE!!!
    C’mon @Jules what really happened in your past in Cornwall to make you such a bitter person?
    Don’t be ashamed. I use my real name and “let er go” – what have you got to lose?
    Go ahead, use your cowardly nom de plume and just let the shit fly!!!
    Your ongoing slurs against Cornwall are simply humour and a waste of space if you don’t step -up and own the accusations personally..

  4. Michael I have been down that road and found it to be for me, a dead end.

  5. Come and join us @Jules.
    We are the “wild ones ” the crazy mofos that actually stand by our controversial statements and use our real names. And you know something… nobody’s hauled me off to jail yet!
    Michael Clifton – “Kickin’ against the pricks since 1966”

  6. @David Oldham

    I know David, I know. I’m sorry!

    It’s just so freakin’ tempting … it’s like …… bacon!!!!

  7. Michael Clifton I don’t need to use my real name because no matter what name we use we are all scrutinized and the powers that be know who we are including our Jamie so I am not running from you but I want to keep things the way they are.

    Yes I am mighty bitter indeed about the things that go on in Cornwall and it has been going on for way too long and the little people like ourselves are shoved aside from the powers that be that run Cornwall, that run the provincial government as well as the federal government. I am fed up of all the pollution and the harm that the big ones (the rich people of Cornwall and beyond) have done to the town and no work at all whatsoever that so much so that people have to leave town to find a job. I am fed up of that clique that runs Cornwall and so many people cannot pay the humoungous taxes nor the humoungous utility bills, etc. Many people go to bed hungry in Cornwall and yes right here in Ottawa as well. All the jobs have gone overseas to China, India and such places and it is all because the rich want more and more money (they are mighty greedy) and the little people pay the price. I am angry Mr. Clifton and much more than you can imagine. I always found Cornwall as a nice little place to live but it has always been laughed at and neglected something awful by people who held the big bucks in the community and most of us of my age, even older and the younger people had to leave. I am so mighty annoyed at Bare Ass and his gang that I could eat nails. The same dirty gang is elected year after year and the town became like “Boss Hogg” type of a place where certain people rule and the hell with the rest. Well I said my piece Mr. Clifton, Mr. Oldman and everyone. I am mighty upset indeed and nothing changes for the better but instead for the worse. Look at other towns like Brockville (a town half of Cornwall’s size), look at Belleville (another town half it’s size) and I can go on and on and no town has the bad reputation like Cornwall and it is about time that the town gets cleaned up once and for all.

  8. I understand……. So basically, although you hold these feelings of extreme regret and anxiety towards Cornwall, you are held back by fear of reprisals from powerful people.

    Perhaps, if you found a way to express yourself that isn’t full of wanton childish hostility and loose unproven accusations against others, you could, in fact, know the warm feeling that comes with comment ownership. You see @Jules, when you confront the problem (people) with reason and control , you just might force them a little closer to answering for their crimes. At this point, you are a compelling reason for others to endorse the very forces you oppose because you express yourself with such an utter lack of dignity and organization.

    By the way, David Oildham is a stranger to me, as is Jamie Gilcig, but I hold tremendous respect for the courage and intelligence both these individuals express in their views. I’ll go down swinging as one of those people who didn.’t allow the pricks to silence me.

    I know that in some rarified social circles in Cornwall my name summmons rolled eyes and comments about congenital mental illness. That’s okay, a wise person once said “I’ve been called far worse things by far better people”.

    I invite you to think about how feeble it is to fling brickbats at others from behind a blind.

  9. Mr. Clifton I say my piece the way I think and what other people think doesn’t matter to me. I am expressing how I feel and if the “jerks of Cornwall – those who run the town the Boss Hogg” can find out easily who I am and I am not running from them at all. I am right here in Ottawa and I am not budging. I used to long to live in Cornwall and that is the upmost truth but Cornwall didn’t improve but went into decay. If the people in Cornwall are afraid of Boss Hogg and his gang of jerks then Cornwall will not move one iota ahead. I can assure all of you that. Yes there are many who jump on me for whatever their reasons and if that is the fun that they get out of it then so be it. I tell it like it is and I am not buttering up the place making it look so good when it isn’t. So many of these jerks have their eyes on some sort of a high perk seat on Parliament Hill and don’t give a rat’s behind for the constituents that they represent and then they become more and more corrupt than ever before like Bare Ass and Fitzy and all the rest who have been in Ottawa. That man Guy Lauzon doesn’t care at all about Cornwall and area and yes all he is good for is to cut ribbons and have his mug shot in the paper doing just that. I will never forget when he sent someone some sort of a bereavement not and the person was alive and I still cannot help laughing every time I see his picture in the CFN.

    About Jamie Gilcig I can tell you Mr. Clifton that I don’t know Jamie personally at all but have the greatest respect for the man and yes he is a mighty brave person and so is Mr. Oldman and that is so very true indeed. Without Jamie in Cornwall you would not hear one iota of truth from the toilet paper of record SF since the presstitutes are all controlled by the powers that be. Some people jump down Jamie’s back and I just boil with anger at this end. I can say that I do know Bill Parisien from school at CCVS way back when in the 60’s era. Those were the good days Mr. Clifton compared to today but it is also the power of the internet why we come to know a lot of the realities that were hidden from us in the past and hidden from public view in the toilet paper of record. I do respect you and many others and when I come on strong or hard or sounding funny or crazy or whatever I state how I feel and I do not back down on my feelings. I respect the good people who live in Cornwall and believe me there are many and there are also the jerks of society like everywhere.

  10. Mr. Clifton I would like to see Bill Parisien throw his hat in the ring whether as mayor or councellor. There are others as well but I would not want to see anyone follow Bare Ass and his gang. I want people with good open minds who can lead Cornwall in a much better path in life. I do not want to see Cornwall go down and that is why I am mighty angry at this end. I am mighty upset at some people and that is so true. There are many good people in Cornwall and its surrounding areas and I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it because Mr. Clifton I mean what I say and I am not posting something out of the blue. I post what I think. I miss the good days of Cornwall and even Ottawa was better in past years and we all say that here as well in my household including our friends who say the same thing. Cornwall needs a real cleanup, needs by laws imposed on the people. People don’t need a yard full of junk and dirty. Keep a place clean and you have some respect for yourself and not to see some sort of a derelict house falling apart. Being poor doesn’t mean that one has to be dirty. People have to have respect for themselves in order for others to have respect for them. Mr. Clifton you are not crazy at all nor are many others who post here. I am more than upset and angry at people who let Cornwall decay.

  11. mmmmmmm…. cool ok. Let’s let people discuss the real issues on this story now.
    This is already very boring.

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