Vigil for those with PTSD who gave their lives in the recent Military Suicides in Cornwall Ontario

Canadian_soldiers_afghanistanVigil for those with PTSD who gave their lives in the recent Military Suicides

Who: Friends of Vets

What: Candlelight Vigil in honor and support for our military heroes and their families

Event is open to everyone.

When: Monday, December 09, 2013 at 17:00 hrs (5:00 pm)

Where: Cornwall Cenotaph (Corner of 2nd and Bedford)


Many Canadians are hurting now after hearing the news recently in the loss of some of our military war heroes who after serving our country proudly in battle return home to end their lives because of PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) Many of us especially those
with loved ones who have served or are still serving are asking what can be done to further prevent this kind of tragedy from ever happening again and to appeal to all soldiers with mental health issues to get help immediately.

Friends of Vets is a local peer to peer support group helping military, RCMP, Veterans and their families and friends to let them know that they are not alone with the difficulties that they may be experiencing. Many of us in Friends of Vets still suffer and hurting with
PTSD issues after our military service.People with PTSD are at high risk for suicide. This recent news of so many suicides in the military is unacceptable to us and we want to stand up for our fallen brothers and to speak out to our government, our military, our community and all Canadians to let everyone know this problem is real so that we may help to prevent any more suicides in our Canadian Forces.

Celebrate South Stormont


  1. Please take a few minutes out of your day to attend this event
    People line the “Highway of Heroes” when our troops come home
    Let us now stand beside the living “Wounded Warriors”

    pls MP Guy Lauzon attend this Vigil Show you really care !!!!!!!!

  2. I will be there representing the United Federation of Canadian Veterans. Tim…

  3. PTSD survivors are a gov’t headache; they can’t be boxed, written off the books, relegated to a line in a Peace Tower book of memorium, and sent back to families with a tight DND story.

    Wives with black eyes, frightened children, drunken rages can’t be romanticized, MP’s, uniformed firefighters, wannabe’s can’t bask in a suicide’s spotlight, and lazy media can’t reycle a rote DND news release.

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