Two Car Collision on Pitt & 9th in Cornwall Ontario – Down the Road, but nowhere near Freshco’s! Dec 24, 2013

pitt 9th accident

Cornwall Ontario – A two car collision occurred this morning at the busy 9th and Pitt intersection.   A car driven by a pregnant woman hit an oncoming police cruiser, lights on, that was enroute to a call.

No injuries were reported by Cornwall Police Services!


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  1. I bet she’s been to Freshco at least once! Yeah, that’s the cause, lol

  2. Author

    I was actually at Freshco’s today. It was near empty. They did have some great specials on herbs. I picked up some mint for .99 as well as some dill at the same price. Cilantro was only .69 cents and they carry good breads without insane prices. I was able to get good deals on Rye for $1.99 per and it wasn’t the fake air filled rye either. Pate was on sale for half the price of Farm Boy as well.

  3. Jamie (admin) fresh herbs are so good to cook with and mint WOW. I used to grow that here in Ottawa when we had a townhouse and then when I was in the buildings I grew that in pots on the balcony. That is one herb that I will be putting out as well as others. Thyme is an excellent herb as well and great in salads just like mint. I dry the mint and roll it in my hands until it is ground and I put it in a bag and use it in salads, etc. Rosemary is great in chicken and such a wonderful smell and I will be growing that as well. I am already planning my garden in pots.

  4. Author

    Mint and dill are two of my faves. Cilantro is another fave Jules.

  5. Herbs are very healthy in the diet. Thyme is known as a brain food. Mint and dill are some of my favorites as well. The majority of the time we put mint in our salads. This spring we will be growing our herbs again and nothing like fresh herbs in the cooking and salads. Cilantro is being used as well lately and very good as well. We sometimes went to St. Laurent Fruit and Veggies and we noticed that it is closed. There was construction being done there but that particular store is closed. We go to Farm Boy every now and then to get good produce. We don’t shy away from the prices because all stores are very expensive but we noticed that Lablaws and Metro seem to be the most expensive of all. Merry Christmas to you Jamie and to your staff and to your dogs which I love to see. Last Monday while going to the doctor we noticed a dog with boots on and so cute. I thought about you and your dogs right away. The very best company at all times. Happy Honaka as well – I don’t have the right spelling but my wishes are there.

  6. Author

    Ditto to you and your family Jules; and all of our CFN viewers, even the haters 🙂

  7. That’s what happens when you hire young cops big chip on the shoulder probably got a call for a shoplifter and decided to floor it through one of the busiest intersections on Christmas Eve wow priorities are set there either the taxpayers will be forking the bill for this one but odds are the pregnant woman will be the one at taut because cops do no wrong in Cornwall.

  8. @ Dan. You are a witness to the accident? You saw the whole thing?
    If so, I trust you have reported your observations to the proper authorities.

  9. Is it necessary to have four police cars at this accident?
    What a waste of money.
    I guess the emergency was not all that important.

  10. Grumpy said something that I was saying yesterday but Jamie (Admin) didn’t print it. I said something about it being a waste or the “Barney Fife PD” had nothing else to do that day and showed up to pretend that they are doing something and are a useless bunch. Most likely they were all there to protect one another and make up some sort of a story to cover their behinds. They are a useless bunch indeed and they sure do protect their guilty hinds indeed.

  11. No information is given it’s impossible to tell who’s at fault. He hit her but he was on a call with his lights on, as a motorist you should be aware of your surroundings and get out of the way when a cop has its lights on going through an intersection. – but so should the cop. What’s with the title “Down the Road, but nowhere near Freshco’s”?

  12. Yes get out of the way of the cops because when they are hungry and hear about the specials on at Tim Hortons you are bound to get run over. LOL LOL. ROLF! Getting serious here Cornwall’s drivers are no worse than Ottawa’s when it comes to pulling over to the side and let the emergency vehicles go by and then proceed when they left. This is a very serious problem here in Ottawa whether the cops are racing to Tim Hortons or going to a call just let the fuzz go through.

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