Merry Christmas! Cornwall Ontario & Area Naughty & Nice List for 2013 by Jamie Gilcig

jsantaCornwall Ontario – As promised it’s time for my Naughty & Nice list for Cornwall and the area for 2013!

We’re going to start out with the nice list.   These folks get oranges, chocolate, and candy in their stockings this year!

No lumps or coal or cat poo!cmas sock

The hundreds, if not thousands of volunteers at different organizations across the area.    People really give in this community.   While some groups sadly take advantage of the generosity of  those volunteers, the act of giving should never be taken for granted by anyone.    Cornwall and the area truly give as seen as recently as the Dean Laponsee fundraiser!

Reg at the Long Sault Market

Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee.   I’m a bit biased as Reg is the only other shareholder of this newspaper, but he’s also a friend and has endured nearly five years and five percent of the abuse our humble little newspaper has endured including the boycott and beating by Mayor Kilger and his cronies.      Many another soul would have walked, but Reg has not only stood strong; but stayed at the wheel helping as much as he can, as has his good wife Kathy!   Reg also has been a key to the success of the Long Sault Farmer’s Market and is a director of the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce which has started an incredible membership drive!

riley's bakeryRob & Ana of Riley’s Bakery!   (even if Ana facebook likes that other non newspaper and doesn’t have CFN liked 🙂  ) Riley’s is home for most of Cornwall.  Mention Cornwall to those who have moved away and one of the first things they mention is coming home to have a Riley’s sandwich.    As a matter of fact I’m munching on one of their Rum balls as I write this piece!   What’s really special about Riley’s is that their door truly is open to all and you never know who you’re chatting with in line.   It’s one of the most interesting spots in our city around lunch time with all the good goss dished!

port theatre beatles

Jeff Brunet of Alkaline Entertainment & Nancy & Larry Sylvain who are trying to do the near impossible and save the Port Theatre.   After years of decline the roof isn’t leaking anymore.  The place smells way better; has heat, and more importantly action.    2013 saw the first full house at The Port  in decades!   Live Music may just be the saviour of the 70 year old theatre; especially until they can raise the needed monies to go digital.  Now if the city works with them with the project they’re working on now they just might be able to do it…    It’s utter insanity to give Aultsville Theatre nearly $100K per year and nothing to the Port which is probably the best venue in Cornwall and the best value.   Good work guys and keep up the work!    And yes, they still have the best popcorn in Cornwall!

Public Works in Cornwall, and most of our City staff who endure a lot of abuse at times for the wrongs of elected officials and senior management.     In particular Deputy Clerk Manon Poirier who is one of the most consummate professionals at City Hall in spite of how she was treated by Mayor Kilger & Council.


South Stormont Council and Management who stayed on the high road and didn’t get into a slagging match when their Deputy Mayor (see naughty list) lashed out like a school girl who didn’t get her way.    The group have led to strong growth in their community while keeping taxes as low as possible; a rarity nowadays in Ontario!

New small businesses like Tampico’s Mexican restaurant & King Street Percussion.    Funny Man Mark Vincent fits in here too as he tries to bring in some mirthful culture and build up a comedy scene here in our fair city!   In spite of some of the difficulties from City Hall new businesses keep opening here in Cornwall.  While some make fusses about places like Smart Centres (Wal-Mart) coming to our fair city (with $3.5M in corporate welfare) it’s small business that’s the life and blood of any strong community.   Cornwall has seen several small businesses open this year and hopefully some will survive!

Dan Allaire – the talented long time radio vet tries to rise above the clique drama and mooch space on CFN for some of his causes and clients.  While he won’t reciprocate I have a hunch he would if he was allowed.

The Cornwall Police Department –  While not perfect kudos to our force for at least trying; and sometimes even making it easier for me to do my job for our community.    This scribbler prefers working with them to the OPP at this point and while there’s a metric ton of room for improvement the boys and girls in blue in Cornwall deserve Kudo’s for communication including our Chief of Police, Dan Parkinson.

My very special main graphic artist who has to stay in secret for fear of losing their day gig and clients.

My core group of people here in Cornwall who sadly I can’t name again for fear of retaliation to their jobs or situations; but without whose amazing friendship and utter support CFN and myself would have been run out of our fair city years ago.  Thank you my friends.   You rock!

moak3Jim Moak – Not just another pretty Newington face 🙂      Mr. Moak is now 4-0 in cases I’ve had to fight in court (with two big ones pending).  Cornwall’s preeminent Para-legal is also someone I consider a friend and mentor, whose kind and sagely advice has kept me out of trouble at times.    He’s also introduced me to the joys of breakfast at Spinners!

Mary Anne Pankhurst who is the curator of our new The Art of Everything Program which is trying to lift the Artistic bar of the Cornwall area in spite of some area artists and our ridiculous art gallery.

Mike from Autotec (off of Vincent Massey) who not only keeps my winter beater running, but has sold me an amazing car or two.     I have never seen a mechanic diagnose a mechanical issue like Mike.  He truly is a maestro when it comes to cars.   Thank you my friend!     The only down side is that he’s introduced me to some amazing imported cars which can be addictive.    It was really odd the other day seeing the very rare Lexus he sold me in his book of 501 Cars You Must Drive!

Mike from   – Yes, Snogo are clients, but Mike has gone above and beyond with his service so far this year.   It’s amazing watching all that piled up ice from the plows so effortlessly disappear!

All of our amazing sponsors on CFN.    They deserve an award not only for making the decision to advertise with the largest and most read newspaper in the Cornwall area, but to also endure the occasional slings and arrows that the bad guys use to intimidate some of our past and former sponsors.

Marcel Bourgon from the Groomery.    Marcel in between playful insults has been inspirational at times.  Cornwall’s finest Dog Groomer also is never short to share his opinion and advice when I bring Fitzy in for one of his visits.

Former Deputy Fire Chief Rob Hickley who challenged the Mayor with Conflict of Interest charges over the hiring of the Mayor’s son to the fire department.   Mr. Hickley has been said by some to have “settled” with the city by taking an early retirement but the city not asking for legal costs in the proceedings after the judge ruled against Mr. Hickley’s legal costs being covered by the city.

The Waterfront Boys:    The Bills & Gerry have been committed and dedicated to saving our Waterfront in Cornwall.    They have been amazing to work with and hopefully together with the rest of the community we can get these darned Chemical tanks out!

Former Councilor Leslie O’Shaugnessy for simply telling at least some of the truth and outing Mayor Kilger for not telling the truth to himself and council.

Marc Mainville – Another example of how great people are in the trades here in Cornwall.  Marc works for Shaw Direct and not only installed my dish, but has been amazing fixing it after a storm.   Kudos to Marc & Shaw!

Milena Cardinal and the Cardinal Law team!    Milena should be on a billboard showing how people can be attracted to our community and come to contribute and build their lives and businesses.  Not only has Ms Cardinal created one of the hottest boutique law firms in Cornwall specializing in Real Estate and Criminal law, but she’s moved her family into our area including her brother Theirry who is now working alongside of her providing accounting and estate services.

Mark A MacDonald and the Air Force Wing for allowing us to hold our first Town Hall meeting there this year which was an amazing success in spite of a low crowd turnout.  We had one of Canada’s most famous comics, Mike MacDonald talk about life after his Liver Transplant although he ended up providing some very funny comic material!

Dr. Lorne Scharf, Chief of Staff at CCH.    Dr. Scharf, who I’ve interviewed a few times is one of the bright lights for me personally at CCH.    It’s amazing that he’s even at our hospital considering his credentials and the manner in which our Hospital Board has conducted itself towards CFN which it boycotts. (see naughty list as well)

I’m sure there are some I’ve missed.  Some I’ve had to leave out for fear of retaliation sadly; some threatened me with violence if I named them 🙂

jgrinchAnd now the Naughty List

It’s odd how some people can be on both, but I am only putting them on one or the other.

Guy Lauzon for being one of the most unproductive and unprofessional politicians I’ve ever encountered.  Leaving out “old history” our MP has shirked his responsibilities refusing to allow CFN access to Federal service via his office as well as to answer any question from even our interns!    He  has actually told a loyal Conservative that worked with us that he would not grant them an interview as long as they worked for CFN.

His answer and handling of the Chemical tanks on the waterfront shows how urgent Conservative MP Michael Chong’s Reform Act is needed.   Never have I seen an elected official clearly show  a loyalty to his party leader and party over the voters that put him in place.

I don’t know simply doesn’t cut it as an answer when it comes to something as large as the sabotage of the waterfront future of the largest city in someone’s riding.    His failure to gain results after his voters clearly shared with him that they don’t want the tanks clearly show his inability to get the job done.   Even local Conservatives have shared that they are glad that he’s retiring after this term.

David Murphy, our rookie Councilor at City Hall is on the list for simply not having a voice of his own.    His zest for higher office is clear and present, but purely at the behest of others.    Essentially a very scary mouthpiece with a few skeletons hiding in his closet.

Elaine MacDonald – Ms MacDonald gets the biggest lump of cat poo that can be found.   The biggest hypocrite in politics in the area.   It’s surprising that her own party, the NDP haven’t dumped the former teacher yet.   Her strategy is to infiltrate organizations dependent on City Hall dollars like the Agape Centre and Art Gallery where she then installs her party faithful or flunkie wannabees like Alyssa Blais.  Spiteful, petty, willingly ignorant; these are her best qualities with things going downhill from there.  Still hoping to keep elected into political office.

Alyssa Blais; has had a website for her upcoming run for office for ages now.   Another David Murphy type (it’s amazing how many monkeys this city turns out for politics).   The former Business Non Development office leader who actually had to give EC DEV Bob Peter’s wife Tracy a job was promoted to running the Agape Centre, an area food bank.     Her leadership has led to nepotism and cronyism as well as law suits from disgruntled former employees.     After paying for a weekend seminar for staff with Jim & Better Healey put Mr. Healey in place as the chair of her board of directors.   Cut the Snow suit fund while spending more on staff which allegedly includes a Trillium grant going to her hubby and his buddy.    Wherever Elaine MacDonald is politically Ms Blais and hubby are in attendance.     How could anyone whose entire livelihood is dependent on hog troughs lead or participate in a city council?

Under Alyssa’s management Agape has frustrated so many that there is now a meeting being held after the holidays to create a new food bank that actually will focus on feeding those that need it as opposed to running a junk shop that competes with the city’s struggling junk shops.

 Jason Setnyk; another Elaine MacDonald disciple accept for a brief period where he jumped ship and joined myself while I was the Federal Green Party.  Mr. Setnyk’s goal is to be elected to anything.    Apparently bullied while in school he was said to  become a school teacher to gain control over kids, but his complaint of Ms MacDonald not helping him get a gig with our school board ( he teaches at the Hockey School for far less wages) and Ms MacDonald not endorsing him to run either Federally or Provincially.     While I was away from one of our Green meetings Mr. Setnyk tried to commandeer the meeting and focus on his own run provincially.  Upon learning about this I put a motion on the floor at the next meeting that our group would focus just on the Federal list for the next 9 months which would take us 1 month past the next Provincial elections which led to Mr. Setnyk’s snively return to the Orange.    Mr. Setnyk gives Ms MacDonald a run when it comes to pettiness.

Mayor Bob Kilger; the last politician on this list.   Our Wacky mayor kicked off February by having moi removed from Council because he didn’t like my t shirt.   Not happy simply phoning the police he hit the actual panic button which saw seven officers enter council in 46 seconds putting myself and members of the public in danger.

He also led the gang bang private session of council against Councilor Rivette which he and the city were sanctioned for by Stephen Fournier.    With holding mail from council; lying to council, in particular simply by with holding facts like the Chemical tanks on the waterfront; suggesting that the city having a link on their facebook page to our 100 Letter campaign about how great Cornwall is was somehow a security threat and of course allegations that one of our clients was told that if they didn’t drop their ad with CFN that they would not get their patio permit are just some of his highlights for 2013!

Mayor Kilger still has not publicly condemned the Chemical tanks on the waterfront.   He has allegedly spend over $3M in city monies covering up his “Good Friend” disgraced former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick’s(Who he through under the bus in the Hickley case)  affair with another city manager while destroying the careers of as many as five long serving city workers.

Mayor Kilger  also said he knew nothing about the Chemical tanks when the story broke in December even though he discussed them at a Nov 21 meeting of the Waterfront Committee and the city has been confirmed to know about the tanks as far back as February 2013 and June 2013.

And finally for spending more time outside of Cornwall than inside.   And I won’t go into the rumblings about the secret family hush hush stuff with he and Courtney May and their alleged love child.

Councilor Denis Thibault should and was going to be on this list, but we were so entertained about his antics at the Waterfront rally where he crossed a street to enter a conversation I was having with Bill Parisien and Thom Racine just so he can be on camera without breaking his “no talk to Jamie” rule.

Cornwall Waterfront Committee – Yup, the whole group gets on the list from their crabby chair Lee Cassidy to mopes like Keitha Fisher who are simply their to vote as told.   There are at least four members tied to being property developers on this committee.  Can you imagine which direction this group would want anything to move towards?   I mean any group with Roy Perkins being a player in is scary enough.   To talk to Roy is to get a feel for what’s really wrong with Cornwall and holding it back compared to Brockville and Kingston.   I mean we’re talking about a man who led a foundation that’s response to getting free beer for 450 people was to ban the person that made the connection.

Cornwall Ontario Council as a whole:    This year saw the closing of our train terminal having live staff present.  It saw the city give up taking over the Tourism building which would make an awesome Inter City Bus Depot. Instead it will be left for Smart Centre to buy.    The city gave Smart Centre $3.5M in corporate welfare.    They even justified it in that they would get more taxation from the land which is utter pooh pooh in that much of the land will be used for parking.   While yes, it will generate more taxes than if it sat empty the prime piece of land if used for multi purpose development would generate far more dollars.   Council this year seemed far more intent on killing animals that moving our city forward.    Councilor Samson wanted to gas pigeons and council still has a hate on for Geese!

Alison Hudson, Tony Lackroix, Kevin Lajoie, John Earle, Graham Greer, to varying degrees the “Brown Nose” group have succeeded.  Some like Lajoie have a plum city job for the moment; others like Ms Hudson desperately crave one.    All are Stepford Children that in most societies would be caste to where people that overbearingly suck and blow end up.   In Cornwall….well you’d be surprised where some of these Jr. Monkey’s end up.

Rick Shaver, his pet Monkey Todd, and Claude McIntosh:    After Claude pulled a porky one too many times and ended up getting the poor Standard Freeholder sued, again,  (his last column for the Freeholder was when he printed that I had said that Councilor Thibault was fired from the EOTB when I in fact had not) and Claude never wrote another word for them.

He’s on a tighter chain at the Trans Continental owned Seaway News.     Trans Con is a smart company.    Prior to the mono browed  Mr. Lihou  being hired as Editor Mr. Shaver had taken moi out for lunch asking if I’d sell CFN to TC and be their editor.   I’m not sure if Mr. Shaver ever truthfully relayed what was said at this lunch to his employers (Mr. Shaver sold his shares to the company and even lost his title as publisher) but it’s always nice to feel loved and one day I’m sure there will be an offer I say yes to; especially if it’s from a higher up from a company like TC.

Rick this year, after a few pops at the Lift Off VIP tent was railing against the “deadbeats” that sit outside of Lift Off  “mooching”.    So much for community cheer and support.   Mr. Lihou himself was caught not once, but twice regurgitating poop citing the US customs folks as being the cause for the Lift Off Balloons moving to Avonmore.   A few phone calls and emails like I did would have turned up the truth; but Mr. Lihou is far too busy criticizing my “professionalism” to worry about his own journalistic integrity I guess (including his f bombing performance prior council last February) ?

Mr. Shaver and his monkey are at least working hard to compete with CFN.  I guess his thinking was that it was easier to beat us than buy us.   He should read up on the Ebay Paypal thing to see how that usually works out 🙂

City Managers Norm Levac,  Maureen Adams, and clerk Helen Finn.   People are still wondering which reaches of Quebec Liberal land Mayor Kilger found Ms Finn.   Many are also wondering what the heck language she’s speaking when she reads aloud during council meetings.    Ms Finn makes many yearn for the days of the stylish and charming (yet integrity challenged)  Denise Labelle Gelinas.    While many including myself had hopes for “Norm” he quickly showed that he had sold out and allowed the Kilger crew to use up the integrity and good will he’d built up over the years.    Many will be surprised to see Ms Adams name on this list.  Frankly I was very saddened when she refused to answer some basic questions on the City’s ad budget that we will be filing FOI’s over after the holidays.

What these three seem to forget is that unlike their elected council friends they earn Sunshine list dollars to provide service to the Corporation of the City of Cornwall of which we residents are the de facto owners.       And polite requests for simple information should be promptly and professionally answered; especially to the media who are supposed to hold all accountable for the public.   But then I never took any journalism classes at St. Lawrence College, so what do I know?

St. Lawrence College:  Sad.  So much potential; but for the school to play City Hall politics is frankly embarrassing.  Don Fairweather should know better.  And frankly the school should know better.

Steering CommitteeThe Benson University Group:    Imagine a list of some of the wealthiest people in Cornwall coming to City Hall asking for $60K to fund a feasibility study for a University in Cornwall?   Imagine some of them being on a group asking City Hall to cut taxes at the same time?   Insanity!   Imagine a mayor and Councilor not recusing themselves from the council meeting asking for the money and even voting on the issue while being members of the team?   That’s Cornwall.   And get this; months later no report has been provided!    The city even tried to say that they’d take dollars from the EC DV pocket as though all City Department pockets didn’t come from our own at the end of the day!     Two lumps of coal for each of the 30 committee members who among them clearly could afford the $60K ($2K each) .

Mike Bedard:   Mike has gone from promising future leader and business owner to hiding in the shadows from creditors and having no political future.  It’s sad to see someone plunge so quickly.

tammy parkway HSSouth Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart:  The fiery Deputy Mayor has never seen a hissy fit she isn’t willing to throw.   She frustrated her team at South Stormont to the point where they called in Integrity Commissioner Robert Swayze.   Her response to being guilty as charged was to go on a media rampage.    While South Stormont has stayed on the high road some feel that they can’t trust the Deputy Mayor any longer.   After she threw the costs of Mr. Swayze into the air she became eerily silent when it was suggested that because his verdict indicted her that she pay for his fees.

CCVS Principle Patricia Brown & UCDSB David K Brown.    After not removing Swastikas from school washrooms after repeated requests from a Holocaust victim family member we wrote a story about the incident which resulted in Mr. Brown threatening me and questioning my integrity and “agenda”.    The school’s response was to call in a speaker to talk to the class instead of simply calling Principle Brown onto the carpet for her clear lack of good judgment.   Something that suggests what other issues could her judgement be impacting?

Chris Munro of Life’s Little Pleasures:   Ms Munro runs a lovely little shop on Pitt Street in Cornwall Ontario.   She also moves and shakes to try and rah rah the clique at City Hall.    The thing is that you really can’t selectively do that without looking like a total cliquester sell out.   If you want to promote downtown Cornwall, and lord knows it needs it, you need to embrace one and all; not just your friends.   Again, one of reasons our economy is one quarter the size of nearby Brockville’s when we have double the population.

Bob Peters & Mark Boileau, Economic Development:  Rumor is that Mr. Peters is about to get thrown under the bus over the Chemical tank issue as Transport Canada has clearly stated that the City of Cornwall was contacted in February 2013 with details by June.   The City has stated that communication came through Economic Development.   What we will be attempting to confirm beyond doubt this year is who spoke to whom and why Council was not officially notified.     If it’s the Bob, Norm, and Bob game with Denis & Glen advising then Council and the Public need to take action.

If  Chuck Charlebois and the residents of Cornwall would have known in June 2013 does anyone think construction would have started in December?  Methinks not!

Lezlie Strasser & the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce Board.  Never has a group had so much and done so little.   Going hat in hand begging the city to cut the already low rates of the Civic Complex so they can badly run another trade show was utterly embarrassing.   Instead of raising revenue they asked tax payers to subsidize their event.   Some people just don’t get it.   And when they jumped on board to fight the Chemical tanks they did not send the largest newspaper in the city a press release.  Pettiness over Principles.   Again this is not how to run an organization Lezlie.

And finally for now Corey Roach and the moderators of the Unofficial  Cornwall Ontario Facebook page which was created chiefly after the City’s page played monkey games with CFN and others.    The spirit in which it was founded has sadly eroded to the point where Mr. Roaches’s bizarre behavior has essentially seen it mimic the city.    Moderators Rebecca Sorrell, Clifford Stork, Stan Stork, & Ian Wilson, many of whom should know better have gone along with the decision of Mr. Roach which is again another albeit minor, dark stain of why Cornwall is Cornwall.   Sometimes in life we simply have to get that Free Speech is not only allowed for people we agree with and that if we impeach our integrity we have none.   That group also has forgotten how and who helped build it.


Of course this is Christmas

It’s a time for cherishing those we love and sometimes forgiving those that may deserve our forgiveness.     It’s about looking forward while learning from the past.    The glass is always half full and not half empty.

I’m sure there are many names on either list that should be there.  Feel free to post your own choices and why below.

But mostly thanks to all for an interesting and occasionally Merry 2013!    May you, your families and loved ones be safe and sounds; healthy, joyous and smiling this Christmas season.

Or as they say occasionally on Montreal Road  Ho Ho Ho!

The Cornwall Free News


  1. Corey is definitely going to delete this post on the Cornwall Facebook page. He has already deleted all the police blotters posts. The other moderators don’t seem to have any opinion.

  2. Author

    Corey is the problem. Don’t know why as he seemed like a nice guy. He probably is; but simply doesn’t understand how to moderate a board or maybe some right from wrong. Or he’s upset that his life is pathetic or isn’t getting enough nookie, or has gas…or spends too much time listening to Clifford….

  3. Very mature. Not.

  4. Well Jamie i agree with most of your list but is it funny how you bash someone for being upset about in camera meetings while you your self seem to hate them , In this case the very people who are in camera have no problem bringing out in the open limited things said in camera for all to know yet the deputy mayor is hog tied to get out in the open what she was so upset about due to rules and when it comes calling another politician a liar or was it really dirty dirty dirty two different meanings it happens all the time if an apology was given in Camera why did it have to be brought before the public or is this a collective smear because they are afraid she might be standing up for the public she represents .
    I have watched many times in my life during question period words used in the heat of the battle forgotten by a simple apology to the speaker of the house and they move on so why are we crucifying this lady for going against the flow after all if no one questions how do we know the right answers are given. In my books she one spunky lady and she seems generally concerned not many politicians vote NOT TO GET a raise unlike the major who voted for a $8000.00 raise surely now he going to be very kind to all his employees at the next round of negotiations . its seems to me when a group makes a bad decision which the pellet plant appears to have been the group circles the wagons only maybe before you do that you have to sacrifice the one that questioned that in hope the public fail to see the true picture.

  5. Author

    Reality Check to clarify some of the BS of your position regarding Ms Hart, it’s not about closed camera meetings or bringing things out. It’s about leaking information in the manner that she chose to do. It’s about working as a legitimate team and sometimes, especially in a council or group setting we don’t get our way. This is far more about Ms Hart not getting her way at Council than any misdoings by said council and according to some recent documents we have seen perhaps Ms Hart may wish to be more forthcoming about her own agenda and activities? But hey, it’s Christmas! Hope Santa treated you well, and hopefully we one day can live in a world where we don’t give friends free passes no matter what, but actually review details before shooting down doors…

  6. I know nothing about the nasty goings on in Cornwall but I have followed Ms. Harts antics for a few years. She does seem to crave attention, and seems to lack skills like diplomacy and working well with others. Some people are good at politics, and some are good at raising cattle. Ms. Hart should maybe stick to raising cattle.
    Joyeux Noël to all!

  7. I’ve added Jamie Gilcig to my naughty list for being so full of {MODERATED}, the town is starting to smell like it did before Domtar left! Merry Christmas to the victims of your petty hatred!

  8. Author

    Gab that’s not very Christmas like. Hope you’re having a fine holiday and Santa has treated you well.

  9. Mr Furtz has finally admitted it…he knows nothing about Cornwall but continues to comment from his pulpit in Brockville quite amazing really!!!!
    And speaking of the church Its also amazing old Furtzie didn’t take a swipe at our man of god Pastor Tom who posted his comment first…getting old furtz or has that cigaret smoking finally clogging your lungs

  10. @ stellaTheFELLA. I don’t live in Brockville. It’s the last town in Canada that I would choose to live in.
    And a Merry Christmas to you too.
    God bless…

  11. “God bless…” – writes Dr. Furtz- how can a god that does not exist bless? May the spaghetti god rain down blessing of spaghetti o’s and meat balls, and cover you all with a layer of rich tomato sauce.

    Rom 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”.

  12. Author

    Hi Everyone. Hope that those that celebrate Christmas are having a joyous one. Just a note to ask everyone to try and stay on topic.

    Cheers and Happy 2014!

  13. I clicked a link and was on Alyssa Blais’ campaign site. Seriously? She’s should have to resign to run, or if elected. A quick browse of her Facebook friends show how brown her tongue is.

  14. Why are Mission Statements important ONLY sometimes, depending on which way the wind blows? Just wondering…….

  15. Author

    Merry Christmas to you to Stella. Of all people I’m quite surprised by your statement as you have been allowed to spew all sorts of opinions no matter how caustic and wrong they’ve been?

  16. Jamie……..the point I was trying to make was the public bashing of certain citizens who are not elected officials. Does that not go against the grain of CFN’s Mission Statement. It’s not a put down, just a question.

    As for my opinions, they are just that. There is no right and no wrong. They are based on observations, thoughts and feelings towards a subject.

    Happy New Year!!!! All the best to you in 2014, HEALTH, .PROSPERITY, PEACE and most of all LOVE. **smile**

  17. Author

    Stella I do not bash. Btw, isn’t it interesting in that I’ve put over 25% more content into Nice than Naughty we’ve only had comment on Naughty?

    Happy 2014 to you and your family as well.

  18. seems to me not much was said anywhere about the big meeting that was to be so hot about her leaking early a report from the commissioner that was hers to leak and your paper was there and did not even report on the proceedings with regards to this so presume she did not do anything wrong or surely there would have been so much more heard from all sources if she was at fault in releasing the report and the reality is there seemed to be a lot more meat on the structural review consultants report that she leaked on staffing it was very cursory than was in the final report in the press .

    Maybe i need to be a news reporter like yourself you definitely have an insider on your side unfortunately unlike us we have is nothing on things such as the pellet plant all the truth is hidden by in camera meeting so mine is based on observation and in forming my opinion did not realize opinion is BS . I have reread the standard free holder article on line re this famous leak and to me the big thing that was leaked was her desire to have the report released. the article stated ” After a succession of closed door meetings the last two months, Deputy-mayor Tammy Hart said it’s time her constituents got at least a partial understanding of what it could mean to their property taxes”. the article went on to state she said “I think (the review) should be public, but I can’t get council to support it.” , so you see i think she did the right thing for the tax payers and she is paying the price. Sorry Jamie to have to disagree with you and hope you and CFN has a very happy new year

  19. Author

    RC Deputy Mayor Hart was out voted 4-1. I won’t get into the sundry laundry list. I would suggest her own words are clear enough if you bothered to listen to our interviews with her. She simply handled all of this badly, unprofessionally, and frankly in a very petty manner. That’s her choice; but to spin it to anything other is kinda immoral. Sometimes we all mess up in the world. Some people try and make amends; some do damage control and some spin their wheels in a manure pile….

  20. Merry Christmas to all that share the belief and peace on earth to everyone.

  21. 4 to 1 that was a given .

  22. Author

    That should be a big clue RC 🙂

  23. Well Well Stellabyestarlight finally come out of the Closet!!
    Good thing you reminded me to stay on topic Jamie
    After you filled up and accident report page with your items purchased at the grocery
    store I had a big urge for a huge fat pickle
    Speaking of pickles its nice to see all the politicians pulling together to take down the Tanks by the Banks
    Lauzon doesn’t know Bob is away from Town not wonder things stay the same
    Speaking of Witch did Stella ever apologize for accusing a person of theft…NO
    but she comes on here and tells Jamie to play nice..amazin stuff
    Next she will send in a new comment all in CAPS…LOL
    good one Mr Furtz our team is trying to narrow you down so we now know its not Cornwall and its not Brockville….must be spagetti ville de Neiges

  24. Now I truly feel blessed
    Right here on BOXing Day
    Pastor Tom made Furtz a Doctor
    Now that truly is a Christmas miracle
    Now if we could only get stella to stop using that irritating smile every
    time she tries then fails to spear somebody I would start believing
    furtz wasn’t being sarcastic when he wished the other stelfella
    bless You

  25. Here is stellabystarlight on the Brockville Recorder and Times..what kind of nonsense
    are you writing. This is your reply to a Pastor Tom type article about the beauty of Christmas shameful!!
    • 17 hours ago
    God if your there…come and get me…you old fool…i aint scared
    you have banned me seventeen times this year and i keep bouncing back

  26. Jamie:
    While I often disagree with your opinion at least your newspaper has an active comment section
    Free holder short on staff just closes all comment sections especially if you mention local politicians
    Have to agree that its good MP Guy Lauzon is retiring…at least hopefully..this story is true
    Wrote a long detailed letter to him mailed thru CANADA POST about closing down Veterans help offices
    After a week I asked my friend to send an email…he got a reply…I didn’t..but the main point is
    MP Lauzon didn’t answer the question about the office closings in his seemed a repeat of what every single member of his party was saying…we all are responsible for Veterans
    Yes indeed Guy but we don’t control the purse strings like you do
    respectfully Betrayed
    ps…nice to see so many coming to the defence of stella…smiley face…LOL

  27. stellathefella wrote: Speaking of Witch did Stella ever apologize for accusing a person of theft…NO
    but she comes on here and tells Jamie to play nice..amazin stuff

    The thief that stole from me apologized to yours truly. Why should I apologize, I done nothing wrong. **smile**

    @SD/S **smile**

    @Big Mac…..the original, the one and only, stellaBYstarlight is yours truly. The fool who is not creative enough to find his own moniker is stellaBYEstarlight. I hope this is not too complicated for you to understand.

  28. Really Jamie? So you didn’t get your way and wrote up a whiny article to attempt to bash me and a bunch of people who didn’t even have anything to do with the decision to boot you. As if that’s not enough you then go on to say that my life is pathetic and don’t get enough nookie? First of all are you seriously just a little child trapped in your huge body? Who actually says stuff like that? Furthermore what person who runs a business talks like that? Not that it’s any of your business but just because I love proving that you are a blowhard and are wrong 90% of the time I will let you in on the fact that my life is awesome! I have a great job that pays well, I have an amazing and beautiful daughter and I have a gorgeous wife who is pregnant with our second child. It’s going to be a boy this time so our family is complete. Also, not sure if you know this or not but somewhere along the line I had to have had “nookie” to make these miracles happen. How’s your relationship status? Getting lots yourself? I’ve heard of people being married to their jobs but you’ve taken it one step farther and are actually fornicating with it on a daily basis.

  29. Author

    Corey I’ll be brief because, frankly; you’re a bit goofy. I left after you or one of the moderators violated your own guidelines. Your banning me after simply meant I couldn’t respond to some of the leaky drivel that flowed after.

    The role of a moderator is to moderate; not to use their personal opinion to run amok. Rules of any board apply to them as well as the users and frankly less moderation is always more professional than more as you can see here on CFN where I’ve personally moderated over 40,000 comments now.

    You have categorically lied as well which also makes me not want to post to you; but my comment in the story is quite clear. Obviously since your action you have lost two of your five moderators. Not sure whose bum you’re trying to kiss or why the remaining two moderators would allow your behavior, but that is up to Clifford and Ian although for the second time I have been told that you like a predecessor are throwing hissy fits and letting go of control of the board?

    Someone suggested that this was just a limp NDP takeover a board that very few affiliated with that party had anything to do with its success. Frankly if that’s the case I’m sure that’ll work out as well as Elaine MacDonald’s last election campaign.

    The Unofficial fb board was created after the city of Cornwall did exactly what you have done Corey. You with the help of the remaining moderators have dramatically hurt our community. You banned me after I left which I did only after giving your group an opportunity to come to their senses. Sadly that never occurred. Your deleting Reg’s posting of the Police Blotter and explanation to him is frankly even more insane than your comments and actions to date.

    You’re either missing a few chromosomes or willfully making harmful decisions and statements. Even posting here is childish of you regardless of what you post which in this case is even more embarrassing for you.

    Frankly my dear at the end I don’t give a damn. While I’m saddened to see something I played a huge role in dinged in this matter, I’m more saddened to see another example of what happens to good things in Cornwall when corrupt tiny minds get their slimy little hands on the controls.

    Btw, are you sure the new baby is yours? 🙂 And I know you’re not a rocket scientist, but “enough” is a relative term which means that what is enough for some may not be for others.

    Thank you for sharing, posting, and participating on Cornwall’s most read and largest Newspaper and may 2014 bring you health, WISDOM, INTELLIGENCE, and a positive baby daddy test!

  30. Agree with all except I like the fire in Tammy Hart. She stands up for her beliefs. She is strong.

    Very much enjoyed your discription of the others on the naughty list….so true!

  31. {MODERATED because the entire post is not on topic. Please try and stay on topic}

    Stellabyestarlight Furtz
    • a few seconds ago

    @Big Mac…..the original, the one and only, stellaBYstarlight is yours
    truly. The fool who is not creative enough to find his own moniker is
    stellaBYEstarlight. I hope this is not too complicated for you to

  32. Moderation Note: We were simply going to delete Mr. Roach’s latest tirade, but instead will allow some portions of it to show the zeitgeist of his prejudice. CFN will no longer be responding to his tirades as it’s pointless to debate the type of person that Corey Roach seems to be…or one that can’t debate based on facts and has to rely on lies and abuse.


    You were kicked out like a fat kid who has been at the buffet for too long (while we’re trying to hit below the belt which is I guess all you have left) for terrorizing the group.

    Do you really think you did us a favour by flooding our page with your pointless, inflammatory and intentionally controversial “articles”? What do we gain by it? Do I get paid more money for any extra members? No. I created this group and administrate it for free and on my own time.

    Also, did you mention anywhere that I told you that my ear was always there for you should you want to talk? Did you mention that I would never block you because I want to help you? Yes, you do need help. The anger built up inside of you will consume you. You are headed to the emergency room with a heart attack sooner than later. Bet on it.

    I do love how you continually try to grasp at straws in an argument such as suggesting my wife cheated on me. You had problems with your own marriage which ended in an ugly divorce so I guess you assume all women will leave their husbands / boyfriends and not be loyal but the truth is that my wife loves me. She loves me deeply and I love her deeply. She has never strayed and I can confidently say that she never will stray because I make her happy. This is something that I’m sure was lacking in your own failed marriage. If you can figure out how to do this someday then you too may have a successful relationship in the future. I have been with my wife for almost 19 years (since she was 15 and I was 17). I’m pretty sure that I’m doing a few things right.

    Back to the real matter now. I won’t allow Police Blotters because they aren’t fact yet. They are simply an accusation. As I said to Reginald I know CFN isn’t the only media source that uses police blotters but they don’t contain fact and are defamatory.

    We as admins of a group are not bound to any more laws than any other citizen of the world. We lay out our rules and regulations and those that don’t follow them suffer the consequences. I don’t know why you keep thinking that we must allow EVERY SINGLE WORD to stay on the page. When those words are simply hurtful and have no fact then they get deleted. Free speech is a wonderful thing…until some jerk comes along and uses that as a reason to rip everybody apart for no reason. We have our rules, you have yours.

    You are a seriously broken person. Even though you have tried to attack me on so many personal levels with no evidence (as is your usual M.O.) I do truly wish that you get the help you need whether that is anger management, a lifelong partner to finally make you happy or at least just a one-night romp to get your pent up aggression out. I can only imagine that your interest in my sex life means that your own is non-existent.

  33. I sure do remember Riley’s bakery as a kid. I used to watch the doughnuts being fried at the front window and the smell from that store sure opened my appetite which was always mighty healthy indeed. LOL LOL. I haven’t been to that bakery since the early or mid 60’s at the latest and it sure isn’t the same people anymore since the others have long gone. That sure brought back some good memories.

  34. Author

    Mr. Roach and Stork are just raging. It’s very sad.

  35. I would like to apologize to Stan Stork for the misunderstanding concerning the “unofficial” Cornwall Facebook page. While he was listed as a moderator of the face book page at one time, Mr. Stork told me in a conversation today that he didn’t know that he was listed as a moderator and he had nothing to do with the Facebook page. I’m sorry Stan for having involved you in this mess.

  36. Reg
    I think you should do the right thing and take down the posts about this mans family

  37. OK OK OK
    somebody has to step in here
    Reg now says Stan has nothing to do with facebook page
    THEN WHY….Did Stan make this quote??????????????????????????
    “We as admins of a group are not bound to any more laws than any other citizen of the world. We lay out our rules and regulations and those that don’t follow them suffer the consequences. I don’t know why you keep thinking that we must allow EVERY SINGLE WORD to stay on the page. When those words are simply hurtful and have no fact then they get deleted. Free speech is a wonderful thing”

  38. Mr Reg
    how can he say he has nothing to do with the site then make this comment???
    its insanity at its best
    corey roach
    “We as admins of a group are not bound to any more laws than any other citizen of the world. We lay out our rules and regulations and those that don’t follow them suffer the consequences”

  39. This is the first time I really feel compelled to respond to some of the remarks on here. I have a hard time understanding how anyone could support this women (Tammy Hart ) who has to be the worst most untrustworthy, unprofessional person that ever served in public office in our community.

    It seems to me that Mr. Reality Check needs a honest reality check, and an eye opener. It looks like Hart is filling this person with the same BS she tries to mislead the public with. He and Melor thinks it’s ok for the fiery colleague to pretend to agree with her council and administration, and even second the motion to support her own compensation increase, then opposed council the next day to say she changed her mind. I’m for the people….. thinking she is a big hero. Can anyone not see through that???? Are some people that blind and naive????

    How would you like to work with a back stabber like that where you work. Tammy Hart shows no respect for her council, or her administration for their hard work to get reports ready, and to turn around and deceive them. Yes deceive. That does not reflect well for the people who supported Hart in the last election. I have talked to many people who said they made a big mistake supporting her in the last election and would not make the same mistake again.
    She is out of control and council finally called in an Integrity Commissoner who found her Guilty on all accounts, and yet people still think it’s OK that she breach the oath she pledged to the people of South Stormont. Hart filed a complaint to the closed meeting investigator to get back at Council for being remove from a meeting for another breach of confidentiality. The closed meeting Investigator findings were council done nothing wrong, Thats another reality check for you.

    I will never forget when she was against spending money to acknowledge the good people of South Stormont who gives up their free time to volunteer for their community. She did not even go the Volunteer Banquet when she first got elected.

    All of council, including Hart supported the 50 percentile that council received. That means the Council worked for the last 7 years for a lot less than comparators in other municipalities according to the Consulting firm Council Hired. Rather than thanking then…. you blast the Mayor Reality Check. They should pay all retro-active pay for all the years not being paid a Fair rate. Maybe Reality Check and Melor should go to their place of work and break all the rules of confidentiality, Code of Conduct, laws, agreements and work against everyone you are suppose to be working with. A real team player indeed!!! I wonder how long you would be employed? I would say about as long Hart will in the next election. I want to thank Mr. Gilcig for having the brains and for foresight to see through our Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart.

  40. Reg: I thank you for your eloquent words and accept your apology. Thank You.
    stellaTheFELLA: Thank you for your sentiments.

    StopDrone/strikes: I never made that comment! Someone made it using my name.
    David: Read previous line.

  41. Thanks Stan
    Its easy to sit back and say this battle of words never should have started
    Think instead of attacking back you should have taken the high road but what do I know
    People are always saying they would kick somebodys butt…but that is online
    In the REAL world when people like stellabystarlight (smiley face)accuse people of stealing ONLine you would get arrested for washing out her mouth
    That said..I am all for getting a group together to fight back online..mock or take over her online name
    OR…throw a snowball at the head..after checking for security cameras…LOL
    In the end Reg did the right thing by trying to set the record straight…and allowing you to do the same
    The apology made no sense based on the evidence presented here..

  42. Author

    Frankly the only people that should be apologizing are Clifford Stork, Corey Roach, and whichever moderators supported their actions. The fact that Stan and Rebecca’s names were removed after the initial incident without comment on the facebook group surely is not a true indictment of support for Mr. Roach.

  43. Jamie
    How about a link to this unofficial facebook page

  44. ^Why would anyone want to go to that site. What a load of poo!

  45. Do you even read the words you write anymore Admin?
    “The role of a moderator is to moderate; not to use their personal opinion to run amok.”
    “Sometimes in life we simply have to get that Free Speech is not only allowed for people we agree with and that if we impeach our integrity we have none.” You said it!
    Why do you only post some comments? I have heard this over and over from people who often try to post on your site. Don’t say it’s because I’m anonymous. There are many others who post anonymously and personally attack people. I guess it’s easy to write these pieces if you never have to defend your POV, right?

  46. Author

    GAB we have been very consistent. If you want to spew some of the crap that you do you have to step out of the shadows. Sorry dude. That’s the way we roll here on CFN.

  47. Ted looks like you been wronged by her and it has greatly tainted your comments I heard that she only voted to have a consultant in once he gave his report she tried to have it modified thats when the the disagreements started,I it be said she never voted for its content before it went to the meeting if this is true your way off base and therefore maybe your misinformed on many other things but to be honest to the both of us this all took place in Camera and therefore no record for the public to verify this . DO YOU HAVE INSIDE INFORMATION? IF SO WHO IS THE LEAK ??? So both of us are have valid points of view only i never been crossed by her but sounds like you have and maybe trying to level your bullseye at her Everywhere i go i only hear support for her and over the holidays i heard some pretty disturbing news that if true would make her sound like a angel compared to another but again only hear say or is it smoke yet to be blown wide open.As far as the breach the information she gave the Standard freeholder gave no facts just general information what every tax payer needs the real facts came out after she called for the report to be made public the question is would have it had she not thought of her tax payers first and spoke to a reporter who called her .. Just like the report sent to her from the integrity commissioner if it was a breach they would have been all over her and we would have heard all about it. Maybe she was right the report on hers was hers to share . Ted calm down you might rest for later when your taxes reach the levels we pay in Cornwall which once the unionized employees are brought up to par will surely happen. surely they should also be on a par with others ARE THEY NOW?

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