Flyer Deals for the Cornwall Ontario Region for Friday Dec 27, 2013

jg2Cornwall Ontario – Retailers spend millions each year cutting down trees and sending out flyers.  We here at CFN thought we’d share some of the best deals of the week from this week’s flyer load in the Cornwall area.

In these difficult financial times it’s always great to find a good deal!

If you see a good deal in the area email us at and we might put it in each week’s edition!

This will be a regular feature here on CFN!

Staples has a Canon Wireless 4 in 1 printer for only $39.95 which is less than the price of a new cartridge!

For those busy entertaining this Christmas week M&M has Italian Style Meatballs for only $7.99 for a 3lb package and Fully Cooked Chicken Wings for the same price for a 2 lb package.

Freshco has Seedless Cucumbers for .99 cents and Cantaloupe & Honeydew Melons for only $1,99

Jean Coutu has 375ML Heinz Ketchup for $1.99

For those cold winter nights TSC has 18,000 BTU Cabinet Heaters for only $99.99 and 18 gallon totes for $5!

Food Basics has Schneiders Bacon for $2.88 and Black Diamond 500g Cheese for only $3.97

Giant Tiger has Village Chicken Wings for only $3.48 per pound (limit of 6) Flakes of Ham for only .68 cents.

Wal-Mart beats Staples on the Price of an Apple iPad Mini at $276 for the 16GB model.

The Source offers a Canon Wifi All in One Inkjet printer for $29.99 and Toshiba Blu Ray DVD players for $49.88

Independent has frozen Lobster tails for only $1.99 and Mushrooms for .99 cents!

Metro has 16 double sized rolls of Cashmere Bathroom Tissue for only $2.99

Hannaford over in Massena NY is offering Shank portion Ham for only .89 per pound and Florida’s Premium Orange juice for only $1.99

Aldi in Massena NY has baby carrots for .49 cents per 16 oz bag as well as 13oz Tortilla chips for $1.19

Foodland in Ingleside Ontario has Natural Filtered Milk (2L) for only $3.99 and Triscuit Crackers for $1.99

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  1. Shoppers should keep in mind that production standards for most Canadian meat, eggs, and dairy products are much, much higher in Canada than they are in the United States.

  2. Author

    Roger are you sure about that or is simply that we have price supports through our marketing boards? If it was just a quality issue why can I get imported cheese from the UK over the border in Massena for about 1/3 the price here in Cornwall? Exact same cheese too btw.

  3. Thank you admin… I have been fighting with a competitor newspaper for mths now that I do not get my fliers in it’s free edition and I never get an M & M flyer. I have truly had it with trying to get this issue sorted out and have told them so and even posted on their Facebook page but little help ever comes my way.. retailers pay for these flyers to be put in the their newspaper so it is not right that the residents do not get the free copy … I do shop a fair amt at Farm boy but get their flyer by email which is nice..

    Thank you for helping.. A very Happy New year to you and yours …

  4. Author

    Thanks Jane. We’ll be expanding this section and hopefully some of these fine merchants will realize that having a banner on CFN or their actual flyer would have better results and be a better value for them. I live in the Downtown core and many times I don’t get my flyers or adbag. Le Journal hasn’t delivered here on Amelia Street the entire two years + I’ve lived here as well!

  5. Bulk Barn has a bunch of coupons for the next few weeks that offer $3 off any $10 purchase before taxes… Just go in and ask and thy will give you the booklet one started yesterday I do believe..

  6. Author

    Thanks Jane, but we only access deals that are published online. I’ll have to check out the BB website.

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